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In ‘Harry Potter isn’t over – but what happens when a fandom grows up?’ for NewStatesman, Elizabeth Minkel wrote For me, it wasn’t a “hurl the physical text across the room” sort of ending, but more of an anticlimactic emptiness. My favorite fan fiction writers were decamping to new fandoms at a frightening speed; I wearily packed up and followed them. And because online Harry Potter fandom had grown on-pace with the way the web expanded and changed over those years, I had a template for my online enthusiasms now.

From Rob Grant in The Mirror: Coronation Street obsessive writes Carla Connor fanfiction story longer than the Bible.

For Marketing Magazine Australia, Dr. Bernardo Figueiredo wrote Some consumers even create alternative storylines and plots with [video game] characters. Such fan fiction then circulates informally among fans and some even gains commercial status.

J. E. Reich wrote A Tale As Old As...Twitter?: A Breakdown Of Twitter Fanfiction for Tech Times.

According to Matt Kamen in Wired, BBC wants your Doctor Who fanfic and fan films.

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The Daily Cougar (University of Houston) featured Carol Cao’s Fanfiction: The underutilized artform.

In ‘Why Adi Shankar's Bootleg Universe is ruffling feathers in Hollywood’ for The Independent, Chris Evans wrote [Movie analyst Robert] Mitchell believes it’s all about how far fans push the boundaries of acceptance. “Fifty Shades of Grey allegedly originated from Twilight fan fiction. If EL James had kept the Twilight character names that would obviously have caused problems. It’s about being careful.”

Dubuque Telegraph Herald’s Anthony Frenzel wrote that Somewhere, possibly in a landfill, sits the hard drive from my first computer. In a dank, disturbing corner of the hard drive there is a text file that contains a "Chrono Trigger" fan-fiction story I wrote.

Among the Ten Thousand Things author Julia Pierpont discussed why she chose Seinfeld as the vehicle for a fanfic-writing 11-year-old with Anna Shechtman in LA Review of Books.

Finally, for The Nerdist, Blair Marnell observed that someone has essentially hired the MythBusters to produce fan fiction about themselves. (Seriously, click through for details).
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The headline for a piece for The Providence Journal by staffwriter Bill Van Siclen read The horror! Lovecraft contest brings flood of fan fiction -- and 13 finalists.

New York Post’s Sara Stewart reported that As a home-schooled kid in Huntsville, Ala., [Felicia Day] penned her own “Anne of Green Gables” fan fiction and mastered early computer games.

From Thaddeus McCollum in Orlando Weekly: Local writers pay a little respect to a derided genre at There Will Be Fan Fiction.

From a piece on “young adult media industries” for LA Review of Books, Jonathan Alexander wrote In more sophisticated instances, fans create their own remixed content through fan fiction and even video production, such as trailers depicting their own movie versions of their favorite books.

In a USA Today review of Julia Pierpont’s Among Ten Thousand Things, Kevin Nance wrote that one character launches into writing some pornographic “Seinfeld” fan fiction that, when discovered by her schoolmates, brings down a new host of unanticipated consequences. (Note: After this week I'm going to pass on refs to this book unless they bring something new to the discussion of fanfic.)

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In “The Montana Book Festival gets ready for panels, pies and other literary treats” for Missoula Independent, Erika Fredrickson wrote They plan to do the expected panels on such things as the nature of the West, but also are bringing in some fresh ideas like a "pie and whiskey" reading, literary trivia, authors reading from early embarrassing work and new erotic fan fiction based on Nancy Drew that was written with humor by festival authors.

For Straights Times, Oo Gin Lee wrote that her daughter has read grammatically horrifying fan fiction on her tiny smartphone screen.

In a Missoula Independent review of Zach Dundas’s The Great Detective: The Amazing Rise and Immortal Life of Sherlock Holmes, Chris La Tray wrote The whole fan fiction/art culture is where things get weird, with lots of stuff with Sherlock and Watson as lovers and things like that.

Finally, from Indian Country Today Media Network: Here's an interesting one for Native Americans in Oklahoma (of which there are a few) who happen to be Star Trek fans. ICTMN was contacted by a friend of the Star Trek fan-fiction web series Starship Valiant regarding a casting call posted to Facebook.
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The Kansas City Star's Meredith Newman shared that One Direction, in KC tonight, is No. 1 in the teeming world of fan fiction. Kara Nesvig informed City Page’s readers that There’s a huge fandom for 1D “slash” fanfiction, if you didn’t already know. And, from Madison Malone Kircher on Business Insider regarding Anna Todd: This woman wrote One Direction fanfic on her phone and ended up with a major book deal.

Forbes contributor David Gonzales wrote, regarding a remake of the Nosferatu story, Brooklyn-based director Robert Eggers will now become the third director to take on this Bram Stoker fan fiction character.

In a piece for The Guardian, Blur’s Graham Coxon told Tim Jonze that caring about intraband relationships [is] a stupid soap opera for [fans]. It’s obsessed people writing fan fiction and spinning it into some bullshit on the internet, when actually they don’t know anything about it at all. It’s some weird thrill for them. In the old days, they probably wrote it in a letter and it went into a big sack that was never looked at by the band. Now we have to read all that shit ... Well, you don’t have to, but sometimes you click a button ...”

From Men’s Journal’s Gear Lab: The best episode of the podcast Mortified is "Jurassic Park Fan Fiction" […] a brilliant episode in which a reader named Jordan shares his ode to what he once considered the greatest movie ever made.

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For Herald Sun, Alice Clarke wrote that libraries have computers and internet connections that can be booked for free, so it’s a place people can go to do their online business, read their fan-fiction and consume their cat memes.

Denver Post’s Susan Clotfelter quoted Author Carrie Vaughn on fan fiction, female heroes, and writing life.

In a piece on Galacticon IV for Queen Anee & Magnolia News, Valeria Koulikova wrote that A writers’ workshop will help those who want to pursue fan fiction and talk about how they can bring life back to the worlds no longer exciting on TV screens.

In a piece about Outernet, which seems like the ultimate TV-meets-net-nanny for as-yet-uninternetted, Klint Finley wrote that what will be available is determined by a public vote. In other words, you can upload your Ant Man fan fiction, but it might not ever make it onto anyone’s Lighthouse if no one votes for it.

From “Fun unlimited at college fest!” in Times of India: Calcutta Boys' School fest, Concord '15, presented by The Times of India was a happening affair. A variety of contests were held that saw participants from different schools of the city battling it out. Oneof-a-kind events like blogging workshop, comedy show, fan-fiction drama, Asian parliamentary debate were also held.

Finally, for Radio New Zealand piece about the deficits of kids today, John Gerritsen quoted Marlborough Girls' College librarian Colleen Shipley: "They're reading off social media, they're reading fan fiction and if you have a snapshot look at that type of reading that they're doing, it's bad - the grammar's bad, the spelling's bad."
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In a New York Times review of Julia Pierpont’s Among the Ten Thousand Things, Sarah Lyall wrote that one young character has become obsessed with, of all things, “Seinfeld” fan fiction, and in an episode that can only make you glad it did not happen to you, incorporates some of her father’s smutty email into a fan-fiction scene she writes.

In Fan Fiction for Jerusalem Post’s Through A Glass Darkly, R.P. Nettlehorst made shit up, provided a useful review of Eliezer Yudkowsky’s Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality, and concluded, "Think of fan fiction as training wheels for authors."

From Ian Chant in Library Journal: University of Iowa Libraries Begin to Digitize Decades of Fanzines.

In an A.V. Club piece subtitled “Great Job, Internet!” Marah Eakin invited readers to Take a deep dive into disturbing fan fiction about your childhood heroes.

From Jessica Roy on TV Guide: Fan Fiction Comes to Life: Loki and Scarlet Witch Are Dating IRL. Ms. Roy also posited that, instead of having sex, today’s kids are Probably Snapchatting about their Paper Towns fanfiction (New York Magazine).

Mr. Holmes, Hannibal, Teen Wolf, Wesley Chu, James Franco&Lana Del Rey )

In “Spring 2016 Children's Sneak Previews” for Publishers Weekly, Shannon Maughan wrote that Scarlett Epstein Hates It Here by Anna Breslaw [is] the story of a teenage girl in New Jersey who starts writing fan fiction about the kids in her high school when her favorite TV show is canceled.

Finally, in a Chicago Tribune piece inspired by recent news stories, Rex W. Huppke wrote All I can suggest is to follow these simple steps: Don't have any affairs; avoid potentially embarrassing Google searches like "erotic LEGO fan fiction" (hackers, I'd appreciate it if you'd keep that between us); and drive older cars that don't connect to the Internet, or possibly horse-drawn wagons.
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TIME’s Nolan Feeney wrote that Cara Delevingne’s high-profile friendships with pop stars Rihanna and Rita Ora inspire fanfiction and generate headlines, and she made tongues wag when it was first reported that she was seeing current girlfriend Annie Clark, the musician better known as St. Vincent.

Denny S. Bryce compiled Must-read fan fiction from fandoms of 'Harry Potter,' 'NCIS,' C.L. Stone series for USA Today’s Happy Ever After.

For TV Guide, Robyn Ross wrote Arya Stark and Harry Potter's Selfie Made Our Fanfic Dreams Come True.

Palo Alto Weekly’s Michael Berry wrote [Ernest Cline’s] fan-fic script for a sequel to '80s sci-fi cult hit, "Buckaroo Banzai," made him Internet-famous while he worked in IT, but it took 10 years for "Fanboys," his script about a break-in at George Lucas's Skywalker Ranch, to be filmed, re-shot by the Weinstein Company and then released to general indifference and disappointment.

For The Coast, Melissa Buote wrote But like Scully and Mulder, or Johnny and Baby, or Harry Styles and every teenage girl who has written first-person fanfic about him, there is one true pairing for shortcake. And a new Yuletide fandom is born.

Mr. Holmes, Gronk, Anna Todd, Anne Jamison, Harper Lee, Teen Wolf, (more!) Ernest Cline, Terminator: Genisys, Smosh, Prozzäk, The Simpsons )

IGN’s Jesse Schedeen wrote that The idea of Batman teaming up with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is no longer [only] the stuff of fan fiction and action figure roleplaying.

For the Indian edition of International Business Times, Mangala Dilip wrote Fan-fiction sites light up if you search for a "Doctor Who", "Sherlock" cross-over, but so far neither of the BBC shows have teased up the possibility of something like that.

From “Best moments from the 'Woman [sic] who kick ass' panel at Comic Con” on Daily Life: In case you're also not familiar with 'shipping', it's when fans want two characters to get together. It often results in fan fiction or a portmanteau of their names.

Finally, Meg Cabot told The Guardian’s Petrova Fossil that, as a teenager, I collected Star Wars comic books (and action figures), all of which I still have. I wrote a lot of Star Wars fan fiction specifically because Princess Leia was – and still is – super inspirational to me. She led a successful rebellion against an evil galactic empire, after all.
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In a Chicago Tribune review of Harper Lee’s Go Set a Watchman, Julia Keller wrote that At times, the novel reads like "To Kill a Mockingbird" fan fiction. That is, it's as if a lesser author has commandeered these beloved characters and put them where they don't belong. But then — just when you're rolling your eyes and shaking your head and wondering why a publisher would imperil Lee's reputation by releasing what seems like a first draft — along comes a phrase of startling beauty.

In a New York Times piece about nostalgia for the shows of ones youth, Maris Kreizman noted that “Full House” was also one of the last shows that existed solidly off the Internet during its seven-year run, from 1987 to 1995. Today, GIFs of Baby Michelle saying “You got it dude” can be found quite easily along with episode-by-episode recaps, and even steamy fan fiction titled “Uncle Jesse’s Adventures.”

For Tampa Bay Times, Phyllis Day quoted Dorothy in Wonderland director Miranda Griffin: "This is obscure fan fiction, a reimagining of the stories we grew up with."

According to “From big screen to big stage, Alien vs. Predator gets dance treatment for Frankston Arts Centre show” in the Herald Sun, choreographer Larissa McGowan has “always been fascinated by the fan fiction side of things."

From Aja Romano in The Daily Dot: Fanfic panel at Comic-Con explores the genre's layered history.

In a piece on Jason Collett’s Basement Revue for The Varsity (University of Toronto), Sean Smith wrote The night offered an array of performances ranging from independent music to literary readings [including] Lynn Crosbie, an author, Globe and Mail columnist, and U of T English professor, reading from her new book, Where Did You Sleep Last Night. The novel is a raunchy, magical realist love story that, intriguingly, doubles as Kurt Cobain fan-fiction.

Big Bang Theory, Shark Week, Terminator Genisys, Grey, Game of Thrones, Peppa Pig, Minions )

In a review of Julia Pierpont’s novel Among the Ten Thousand Things, Moira Hodgson wrote that one character, an 11-year-old girl, tries her hand writing a pornographic version of “Seinfeld” in her school notebook.

KSL’s Amanda Taylor quoted artist Leslie Duke: ”I tell my students all the time to 'follow your feelings,' whether those feelings are telling you to illustrate Harry Potter fan fiction or move to Mongolia or paint still lifes, your feelings will guide you better than anything else can.”

The Bachelorette, Sherlock Holmes, Twilight via Sophia Jackson )

In a Phys.org piece on the online lives of children, Lelia Green wrote Fanfiction writing hones imagination, creativity and composition.

Finally, for Guardian Liberty Voice, Krystle Mitchell wrote about a petition that a fan of the band Creed has put together, aimed at the producers of the upcoming film of the same name. The petition begins: The movie is making it difficult, if not impossible, for the still-vital online Creed fan base to exchange thoughts and discussion regarding band developments, song interpretation, rumors, non-erotic fan fiction, and deeper insights into the expanded universe of the band.
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For a Deadline Hollywood piece on the upcoming film Slash, Ross A. Lincoln wrote Directed by Clay Liford (Earthling), who also wrote the screenplay, the coming of age comedy focuses on a teenage erotic fan fic author; the title is a reference to the fan fiction genre that imagines sexual relationships between fictional characters who aren’t canonically an item (think Kirk/Spock or Spider-Man/Batman).

Luke Reilly began IGN AU PUBCAST 118: FAITHFUL FAN FICTION With E3 done and dusted for another year, what better way to celebrate than a sultry reading of that Buffy fan fiction that Lucy wrote as a teenager we mentioned was dug up recently?

A Melissa Locker Vanity Fair review of Jenny’s Wedding was subtitled Best Grey's Anatomy - Gilmore Girls fan fiction ever.

For National Post, Joseph Brean wrote Online retailing behemoth Amazon is changing its pay structure for self-published authors. Rather than pay once for a whole book, it will now pay each time a page is digitally flipped. It’s a subtle tweak to business strategy that could change both the style and profitability of self-published books, from fan fiction to memoir.

For New York Magazine’s News & Politics, Jaime Fuller wrote that, regarding Bernie Sanders, [Elizabeth] Warren was as reticent to pick presidential favorites as she was to play along with her supporters' 2016 fanfic.

Terminator: Genisys, Sophie Jackson, Sprouse twins, Sherlock Holmes, Jurassic World )

Breaking News carried more details about the publisher-rejected erotic The Good Wife fanfic novel (idea? I’m foggy on the details) by rugby pundit and Newstalk presenter George Hook.

Meg Cabot told Miami New Times’s Shelly Davidov that, as a child, she wrote reams of fan fiction about [Princess Leia] and Han and going through Jedi academy school — she was the best shot, by the way — and then it morphed into my own kingdom after my mom told me about the copyright thing…

For SportsNet, Dave Zarum wrote that some of the stories (read: fan fiction) surrounding [Raptor DeMarre] Carroll is flat-out Chuck Norrisian.

In a Windy City Times review of The Who & the What, Mary Shen Barnidge wrote So what has Zarina done to upset her kin? Well, she's written a historical novel depicting Islam's foremost prophet, Muhammad, exhibiting distinctly human emotions and hormonal urges. This framework of deistic fan-fiction enables her to speculate on the facts behind her religion's orthodoxy, inviting reinterpretation of its sacred tenets.

Harry Potter, Suits, Magic Mike XXL )

In a piece for The West Australian on author Brendan Ritchie, William Yeoman wrote while Perth author Brendan Ritchie is clearly no purveyor of fan-fiction, he acknowledges the precedents for his debut novel, Carousel.

From ‘Sun shines on successful students at Hartlepool college graduation’ in Hartlepool Mail: As part of his degree, Adam [Bouabda] produced a new fan fiction movie which is now filming at locations across the North East, including Hartlepool’s Historic Quay.

Nick Cannata-Bowman wrote How ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ Misrepresents Fanfiction for Cheat Sheet.

Finally, Rebecca Monk informed readers of The List that flash fiction is not fan fiction dedicated to Flash Gordon, the music of Queen, or any of the associated characters and contributors to the Flash Gordon series. Would that it were!
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In Irish Examiner, Shaun Cronin wrote Rugby pundit and Newstalk presenter George Hook has hit the headlines today by revealing he "made a stab" at an erotic novel, but it had been rejected by a publisher. The 72-year-old hit the front page of the Irish Sun today after a conversation about fan fiction on his Newstalk show The Right Hook last Friday took a strange left turn. The Herald provided more details.

Bruce Handy prefaced a ranking of 2016 campaign logos for Vanity Fair Disclaimer: “best” is an inherently relative word and doesn’t necessarily imply endorsement; that is especially true here, just as it would be in a ranking of tuna melts or Entourage fan fiction.

Allen Pierleoni, who has either been living under a rock or left the house one morning without his comma bag, wrote “Fifty Shades” can be traced to when Leonard was posting online fan fiction involving characters from Stephenie Meyer’s book “Master of the Universe.”

Biopics, Game of Thrones, Sherlock Holmes, geek girls, Maleficent, Big Game )

Dhruva Sahasrabudhe reviewed Eliezer Yudkowsky’s “Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality” for Pune Mirror.

Alice Clarke wrote Old stories reimagined by the fans for the new fans for Herald Sun.

In ‘5 TV Shows With Some of the Most Loyal Fan Bases’ for TV Cheat Sheet, Nick Cannata-Bowman informed readers that You can even find merchandise, custom-made t-shirts, and an entire library of Supernatural fan-fiction, with just a couple short Google searches.

…And I’ll call it quits here, folks – it’s Tuesday morning and I need to get this posted. I’ll catch up this coming weekend.
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In ‘Fifty Shades’ Fan Fiction Assumes a Life of Its Own for The New York Times, Alexandra Alter wrote about Christian Grey-centric fanfic which predates this past week’s release of James’s Grey. And, The Washington Post’s Sarah MacLean wrote It is not every day that an author has a chance to recast a polarizing character, and James works hard to do that. The book is framed with emotional flashbacks to Christian’s youth, from his early years with a “crack whore” of a mother, abused by “her pimp,” to his later childhood, learning to be a part of the loving family that adopted him. Christian’s “nice” family is perhaps the strongest vestige of the “Twilight” fan fiction from which “Fifty Shades” was birthed, and the scenes with the Trevelyan-Greys make one wish this family were still adopting children.

Natacha Bertrand informed the readers of Business Insider that ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ started out as ‘Twilight’ fan fiction before becoming an international phenomenon.

For Yahoo!, Jordan Zakarin descripted porn parodies as fan-fiction taken to the ultimate extreme — and evidently, there’s a pretty strong demand for it.

USA Today’s Happy Ever After carried refs for Must-read fanfic from 'Bones,' 'Castle,' 'Sherlock' compiled by Denny S. Bryce.

Student filmmaker James Campbell told Darlington & Stockton Times’s Andy Walker “Influenced by fan fiction, my inspiration is to make something I want to see first of all, then to create a piece of work that is a little different. My goal for Ripper is to bring fans of Batman, Jack the Ripper and Italian horror together for what will hopefully be the coolest fan film ever made.”

Orange is the New Black, Sherlock Holmes, Sophie Jackson (Twilight), After, Game of Thrones, Jurassic World, cover dancing, Heroes of the Storm )

A from letter to the editor of The Toronto Star by Nick Moreau: Given the quality and variety of real travel writing available, the use of a Bloomberg writer’s fan fiction about “visiting” Jurassic Park was quite the disappointment.

Finally, for The Telegraph, Jonathan Liew wrote In a fortnight's time we see the opening of the transfer window, and yet despite the two being ostensibly unrelated, it strikes me that there are certain similarities between the millions of stories that teenage girls tell each other on Tumblr, and the millions of stories that football will tell itself over the next three months.
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For Cosmopolitan UK, Claire Hodgson reported There's a lot of very weird fan fiction out there. This we know. But we did not know that there is fan fiction involving dinosaur sex.

In a Globe and Mail review, Liam Lacey wrote In effect, Jurassic World is the sequel as fan fiction, with a nostalgic technical glow that hovers over the proceedings – romantically lit and shot characters, jungle scenes captured in the rich colour dynamics of film, not digital video, and a score that frequently refers to John Williams’s rousing Jurassic Park theme from 1993.

Headlines & Global New’s Irene Cabrera reported that Fans of the popular One Direction fan fiction novel "After" will be happy to hear that plans to make a film based on the story will push through.

For Telegraph, Kat Brown wrote A fan fiction story about the band One Direction is getting a film adaptation from the writer of the Alison Janney sitcom Mom. And, Fashion&Style’s Jordianne Cornejo compiled 'After' Fan Fiction Movie Cast: 5 Actors Who Could Play Character Based On 1D's Harry Styles In Anna Todd's Film Project.

Smash, Pretty Little Liars, My Little Pony, drinking human blood, Star Wars, Game of Thrones )

Goodnight Desdemona (Good Morning Juliet), more After, Planet of the Apes, Orange is the New Black, being a fangirl, The World Series of Zombies )

In Willamette Week, Lizzy Acker wrote that a recent letter to the editor in The Oregonian read[s] like your Republican grandpa's post-apocalyptic Portland fan fiction, placing a particular emphasis on the writer's wish that he was better armed.

From Molly Mulshine in Business Insider: "What 'fan theories' have blown your mind with their devastating logic?" user Exdee1 asked. Redditors were happy to deliver their answers — a special kind of fanfic lite where back stories are invented by avid readers and watchers of franchises like "Star Wars," "Harry Potter," and even "The Fresh Prince of Bel Air.”

Speaking about a library book club for teens with Auburn Villager’s Allison Blankenship, Youth Services programming specialist Valerie Temple said, "We did biographies, and it was great because we had people bring in typical biographies, and we had people bring in fan fiction biographies about characters from Harry Potter."

For Marketing Magazine, Rob Gray wrote At Squad we advocate positioning brands through a looser central narrative. Think of it like fan fiction. Stories like Harry Potter and Star Trek have huge communities of fans creating their own stories. But it’s all based around a narrative and set of characters defined by the original author.

Finally, in a Letter to the Editor of the Okanogan Valley Gazette Tribune, Annie Wilkison wrote I would like to thank the volunteers who donated their time and expertise to help with Tonasket Choice High School’s “mock” job interviews. Students in ninth, tenth and eleventh grade participated in the interview process for jobs ranging from Ultrasound technician to Mechanic and from a fan fiction author to travel agent.
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For the story of the week, I’ll post a chunk of Leanne Italie’s Associated Press piece as found on ABC33/40: The new EL James book "Grey" shot to the top of Amazon's best-seller list ahead of its June 18 release on the promise it will flip the perspective of her hard-sex "Fifty Shades" story from innocent Anastasia Steele to kinky Christian Grey. But her hordes of fans may not realize it's not the first time James has explored her massively popular trilogy from Christian's point of view. The new book, due out on Christian's birthday, began like the previous three novels, as "Twilight" fan fiction using Stephenie Meyer's original characters, hot vampire Edward Cullen and clumsy innocent Isabella Swan. James wrote about 50 pages as an "outtake" from Edward's point of view for a fundraiser that benefited a charity in 2010 as she toiled in the FanFiction.net "Twilight" community of writers under the pen name Snowqueens Icedragon. And, from Natalie Robehmed in Forbes: All told, James is set to make millions from “Grey” if it carries a modicum of the success of “Fifty Shades.” For a trilogy that started as fan fiction, “Fifty Shades” has already had a happy ending.

According to, among others, Brenna Ehrlich at MTV.com, One Direction Will Hit Screens Everywhere As This FanFic Becomes A Flick. For Hollywood Reporter, Rebecca Ford explained Paramount's adaptation of the One Direction-inspired fan-fiction story After [by Anna Todd] is moving forward with Susan McMartin hired to adapt it for the big screen. And in The Independent, Jess Denham observed that There are instant comparisons to EL James' erotic novels, which were themselves inspired by Twilight fan fiction.

Community, Fury Road, The Bachelorette, Dark Sanctuary, shipping, Hannibal )

Once Upon A Time, I cannot figure out what this guy's point is, Jurassic World, Sherlock Holmes, Big Bang Theory, Mugglenet, Steven King )

In a review of BBC4’s “When Pop Ruled My Life: The Fans’ Story” for The Guardian, Filipa Jodelka wrote It’s not fashionable to give these saucer-eyed fans much credence, and I’m thankful that Kate [Mossman] has. As two 1D-ers explain, the now-notorious genre of Larry Stylinson fanfic, I’m also firm in the belief it’s not for you or me to understand. Just be thankful you’ve not seen the Fab Foursome stuff knocking about.

For Cincinnati’s CityBeat, Nicholas Korn wrote Here’s the premise for Occupational Pleasures, presented by Cincinnati’s Homegrown Theater: Dan and Louise (played by Dylan Shelton and Lauren Showen) work in the same office and are having an affair. They believe their romance remains a secret until they find copies of fan fiction-style stories that have been written about them, each from a coworker who views their relationship differently.

A caption on an image of the Grinch on CBS Local reads Now that we know we can use this picture anywhere we want, expect some slash-fiction with Star Trek: the original series.

The Brooklyn Paper’s Noah Hurowitz wrote A local comedy troupe will debut a fan-fiction sequel to the hit musical “Grease” at Downtown’s Actors Fund Arts Center on June 5–7 — but without the lily-white cast of the original.

From Vashthi Nepaul in Daily Maverick: Writer-director Joss Whedon opined “There's a time and place for everything, and I believe it’s called 'fan fiction'.”

Finally, for New York Magazine, Jaime Fuller wrote On June 8, Run Warren Run will officially disband and stop providing the 2016 election cycle's most imaginative fanfic — but not before the group delivers one last petition to her office, complete with 365,000 signatures, begging her to run.
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Alex Garofalo wrote 'Mad Men' Finale: Where Will Everybody Be In 1980? Fan Fiction Predictions For Every Major Character for International Business Times.

On MSN.com: The 'Last Week Tonight' host [John Oliver] drops by to read an excerpt from his erotic [Sex in the City] fan fiction screenplay.

Denny S. Bryce shared Must-read fanfic for 'Lord of the Rings,' 'Scandal,' 'BtVS' on USA Today’s Happy Ever After.

A Globe and Mail review by John Semley was titled Lynn Crosbie’s Where Did You Sleep Last Night is magic realist fan fiction.

San Francisco Examiner’s Nato Green wrote If you have a million people wanting to protest peacefully and 20 dudes who want to set cars on fire, those dudes should stick to writing “V for Vendetta” fan fiction.

For the UC Riverside Highlander, Robert Lees wrote I’m sure we’re all familiar with the “best friends that are also a couple” motif present in both life and fiction. There’s Marshall and Lily from “How I Met Your Mother.” There’s Harry and Sally from “When Harry Met Sally.” There’s Kirk and Spock in some fanfiction I once read (on second thought, that probably wasn’t canon).

In a review of Return to Sender for The Guardian, Benjamin Lee wrote Before Rosamund Pike was cast in Gone Girl, she made this cheapo thriller, which almost acts as a piece of lurid Amazing Amy fan fiction.

Melina Marchetta, Moby Dick, A Brief History of Portable Literature, Star Wars, Jonathan Franzen, Brandon Flowers, Lucy Saxon )

Union College Concordiensis’s Jenna Salisbury spoke with senior English major Thomas Arcuri ’15 [about] his senior thesis project, “The Somewhat Less Than Super Adventures of the Gargoyle and the Sparrow, Including the Pseudo-comical Incident of the Fanfiction and What Transpired After,” a comedic play revolving around two retired superheroes seeking to recapture the fame of their glory days.

From Catherine Townsend in the Daily Mail: From the dad who accidentally fed his son brake fluid to the mom whose teenage daughter writes smutty fanfiction on Tumblr, a new Reddit thread, aptly-titled ‘Moms of Reddit’, is full to the brim of parents who clearly feel that some skeletons should remain in the closet, at least where their children are concerned.

For Los Angeles Times’s Ministry of Gossip, Nardine Saad wrote It appears that Leighton Meester and Adam Brody are becoming parents, which, in the fan-fiction universe, means Queen B and Seth Cothen are having a baby. Well, no, it doesn’t.

Finally, in a review for Burley Express, Rebecca Hay wrote that I Love One Direction features the chance for fans to match the band member to their famous tweets, discover your own 1 D theme song, write your own fan fiction and imagine a dream interview with your favourite band member.
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Wired carried Davey Alba’s Fanfic Star Anna Todd on How the Internet Made Her Famous.

In a piece on a con at a local library, News Tribure staff writer Rachel Stella defined fan fiction as Stories written by fans featuring already-created fictional characters.

For Livingston Daily, Jennifer Eberbach wrote about a local pastor/whiskey reviewer: Thoma’s [reviews] “tell stories, quote literature, dig into history,” capture moments with his four children and wife Jennifer, sometimes come in the form of fan fiction, and “there is a lot of theology in there, too,” he said.

Roanoke Times crime reporter Tiffany Stevens used to write fan fiction – mostly Teen Titans and X-men related novellas. I recently made the (probably unwise) decision to return to fan fiction, this time spurred by the Faustian anime series “Puella Magi Madoka Magica.”

Where Did You Sleep Last Night, Jonathan Franzen, Amtrak, Frozen, The Familiar, Margaret Atwood, One Direction, Sufjan Stevens )

From Elle Australia, regarding the reported real-life romance between Tom Hiddleston and Elizabeth Olsen: Bad news for us - and probably all the fan fiction sites and Avengers fan Tumblrs - Elizabeth is a bit of an anon. Of course, we don't mean this in terms of talent or beauty, we're speaking strictly in a social media sense. Huh?

Concordiensis (Union College) reported that a recent senior thesis was titled “The Somewhat Less than Super Adventures of the Gargoyle and the Sparrow, including the Pseudo-comical Incident of the Fan Fiction and What Transpired After.”

Star Wars Episode VII )

From Aashna Prakash in The State Journal-Register: Tumblr gives users the ability to share links to media. Some people on Tumblr are writers who pen fanfiction. Some are artists who create fanart. And some are technologically savvy enough to make fanvids or GIFs (which are animated images) from the original medium.

Finally, in ‘How fanzines escaped the indie ghetto and learned to love Taylor Swift’ for The Guardian, Laura Snapes wrote It could be a fanfic brunch date between Taylor Swift and Ellen Page or a quasi-academic essay on a collaboration between Ronnie Wood and One Direction. The subjects of 2015’s most exciting underground publications are a world away from the stapled-together, photocopied, fanzines of yore. The new wave of fanzines care not about dusty seven-inches and blokes in T-shirts, but instead the Technicolor world of pop superstars such as Taylor, 1D and Kanye West. Especially Taylor.
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According to Christopher Borrelli in Chicago Tribune, Blackhawks fan fiction takes Toews off the ice.

For Campaign Asia-Pacific, Adam Nelson and Scott Teng wrote Fan clubs, fanzines, and fanfic all pre-date the web; just ask the Beatles or The Observatory or even Fann Wong.

X-Files, Kurt Cobain via Lynn Crosbie, Collabro, JRRT, Creepy Pasta, Grace and Frankie )

For UT-Arlington’s The Shorthorn, Delarecia Washington wrote Whether it’s running a marathon, learning to swim or collecting stamps, hobbies are great ways to keep busy in the summer. Besides, it can be difficult to update your “Doctor Who” fan fiction with exams and papers weighing over your head during the school year.

Regarding rumors of a New Zealand-based version of The Bachelorette, New Zealand Herald reported Much though we would love this to be true, inside sources tell us it's pure fan fiction at this point. Word is it took producers weeks to find just one attractive, articulate, eligible male willing to go on the show and they hold out zero hope of finding the 21 needed to make The Bachelorette a reality.

From India Times: What happens when you mix sports, comic book heroes and fan-fiction with some virtual reality concepts to create an ad? It becomes Legen -Wait for it- Dary!

Avengers - not really spoilers, but not really not, either )

To get kids excited about reading, author Tui T. Sutherland suggested encouraging them to create original art related to the stories—I’ve seen incredible dragon drawings and fantastic fan-fiction, too!, according to The Washington Post’s Amy Joyce.

Indigo Trigg-Hauger wrote Sex positions: Fanfiction for The Daily (University of Washington).

Finally, for Economic Times, Hitesh Raj Bhagat wrote that Wattpad offers what they claim is an 'unlimited' library of free books and content. This is because there are loads of people who write for the fun of it - so non-commercial content and fan fiction is aplenty.
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From Gavia Baker-Whitelaw in The Daily Dot: The BBC confirmed last month that the next Sherlock episode will be a Victorian spin on the regular series—which is itself a modern-day fanfic of the Victorian Sherlock Holmes stories. Happy wneleh is happy!

For Toronto Star’s Books, Deborah Dundas wrote [in] her latest book, Where Did You Sleep Last Night, Toronto writer Lynn Crosbie creates what she calls an “haute fan fiction” novel about a girl named Evelyn whose love for Cobain is so strong she summons him back to life. In a review for the same paper, Patricia Dawn Robertson wrote Kurt Cobain fan fiction is a popular category of the genre. These online tributes appear in the form of love stories penned by yearning sweet things who cast a youthful Cobain as their devoted swain: Kurt’s back from the dead and he’s their teenage lover. Many of these stories read like amateurish diary entries while Crosbie brings a sophisticated poet’s sensibility to the task. And, when asked by The Globe and Mail’s Elizabeth Renzetti, Crosbie said that her “favourite pairing in fan fiction” is me and Malcolm McDowell, having met via the intricacies of Dr. Tim Koslowski’s recent theory of time as a series of arrows, moving simultaneously. He lets me wear the eyelashes. I also like Michael Jackson fanfics, the porny ones and the shockingly tender ones, where Michael “softly kisses” his future wife/the writer.

E! Online’s Kristin Dos Santos wrote As much as we loved Glee, we think many fans will agree that the final season felt at parts like fan fiction (that surprise double wedding?), because the writers wanted so much to give the fans what they wanted.

Twilight, Mad Men, Gronk, The Flash, Orphan Black, Cthulhu )

The Essex County Standard carried Students try their hand at fanfiction after being inspired by the Essex Book Awards.

Jenna Mullins included a fanfic ref in a piece about Age of Ultron for E! Online.

In “Learning from your failures” for Dakota Student, Kjerstine Trooien wrote Recently, I’ve been reading a fanfic (don’t judge) that got into the idea of forcing its main character to learn how to lose. The character couldn’t admit defeat — this made him dangerous to not only himself and others.

Finally, Melissa Joan Hart told E! Online "I know the fans say they want [revivals], but then—then they're really hard on you after. It never turns out as well as the fan-fiction does, you know?"
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On Business Insider, Madeline Stone shared a casting call for a 'Mark Zuckerberg fan fiction'.

Forbes contributor David F. Carr authored Skrawl Wants To Go Hollywood With Collaborative Fan Fiction.

From The Stranger: Redacted Erotic Fan Fiction—Seattle City Politics Edition.

Claire Nally made a game attempt at explaining fanfic for readers of The Conversation.

Star Wars, Anton Chekhov, Anne of Green Gables, The 100, lots of BBC shows (are they all BBC?) )

Tufts Daily’s Anjali Nair wrote that a new novel imagines a reincarnation of [Kurt] Cobain in the modern day. The book, written by University of Toronto Professor Lynn Crosbie, is a fantastical tale about teenage heroin addict Evelyn Gray, who ends up in a hospital. There, Gray starts a relationship with a fellow patient, Celine Black, who just so happens to be Kurt Cobain reincarnate. And not in a metaphorical sense — in the book, Black really is Cobain’s ghost. Before writing off the novel as yet another middle-aged women’s unsettling fanfiction – which it may well be — it’s important to note that Crosbie is well-regarded for her prose. With multiple poetry collections and novels published, as well as acclaimed journalistic works, she may have the writing chops to execute this strange plot line. And, for National Post, Emma Healey wrote In a café in Toronto’s Parkdale, Lynn Crosbie tells me that her latest book was originally supposed to be a young adult novel, “but,” she says, “I started to write it and within three pages she was f–king and doing heroin and I thought no, no.” So, Where Did You Sleep Last Night is instead indebted to other genres, especially fanfiction and prose poetry; its language is dreamy and shifts like quicksand, and the plot can be difficult to grasp; early moments – like the one where an English teacher sits on a student’s lap to weep as he quotes Shakespeare – are a pretty clear tip-off that the ratio of magic to realism in the novel is a little skewed. It’s a novel, certainly — but to call it just that seems inadequate. You read about it here first, folks!

Ed Miliband, Full House, Undisclosed, Power/Rangers, Brickleberry, Patton Oswalt )

For The New York Times, Eric Kaplan noted that On social media sites like Twitter, video distribution sites like YouTube and fan fiction sites like fanfiction.net, we create our own kind of characters and new possibilities for who we want to be and share them with like-minded people.

Finally, BBC reported that playwright and critic Bonnie Greer is planning a "Jane Eyre fan fiction" workshop in London.
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For The Facts, Ian Goodrum wrote about Reluctantly becoming a fan of fan fiction.

For Wear Valley Advertiser, Sarah Scott called Wicked the ultimate fan fiction achievement.

The Times-Picayune’s David Lee Simons wrote about the upcoming "Pulp Science Fiction: A Star Wars Burlesque Play", a "live action fan fiction" play, co-written by Zeit-Geist and fellow Sinner J. Alfred Potter, [which] will take characters and settings from the George Lucas classic and plop them into scenes taken from Quentin Tarantino's neo-noir pastiche.

Badfic Love (Harry Potter), Man Men, The Royal We, British Royals, Futuro Beach, 5 to 7 )

An upcoming con at Johns Hopkins will feature a panel on the ins and outs of writing fan fiction, a Super Smash Bros. Melee tournament, an 18+ talk on Japanese fetishes, a Legend of Korra role-playing game, a Dungeons & Dragons Eberron session, and showings of anime movies, including The Girl Who Leapt Through Time (2006), according to Johns Hopkins News Network’s Katie Pearce.

For The Federalist, Sean Davis (who is probably a blast at parties) took Ohio Gov. John Kasich to task for authoring heavenly fan fiction, complete with an implied scene in which he brilliantly passes St. Peter’s works test while all his antagonists fail. Kasich does not preach compassion; he preaches a false gospel of redemption through political activism.

In a Las Vegas Review-Journal piece about upcoming library events featuring author Marie Lu, Michael Lyle wrote that when she was younger while she was writing mostly fan fiction and learning to create her own stories, she wished she had someone to show her the way.

From James Rael in The Falcoholic: Say what you want, but eleven-year-old me thought Star Wars figurines and fan fiction were the bee's knees.

For Good, Tasbeeh Herwees wrote I don’t know about you but when I was a teenager, I mostly spent my time racking up neopoints on Neopets and writing Harry Potter fan fiction and angsty poetry for my Xanga site! Not making videos educating people about the important social issues of our time!

The author of this piece has obviously never heard of SGA, but given the subject matter, the murder of a teacher, I’m not going to say more.

Finally, for Brisbane Times, Elizabeth Andal quoted author Lynette Noni: "As a writer, being surrounded by people who love fantasy and fan fiction improves passion and motivation…If writing is something you love, don't let anyone stop you, accept rejection and hardship."


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