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From a The Swanee Purple (University of the South) piece by Frances Marion Givhan on a recent '"Litter"ature'-focused gathering: The members of the Writing House requested that attendants bring a piece of badly written literature to read, which ended up including excerpts from fanfiction, poetry, and one particular shampoo bottle.

In 'Quit Calling Them My "Internet" Friends' for GOOD Magazine, Tasbeeh Herwees wrote my parents prohibited me from MySpace, monitored my AIM chats, supervised my NeoPets accounts. But this didn’t stop me from posting Green Day-inspired political poetry to my FictionPress page or penning short stories about Harry Potter for FanFiction.net under an anonymous screenname (LibyanPrincess92, if you must know).

In 'Examining Celebrities in the Age of Internet,' Washington Square News’s Hailey Nuthals wrote Facts, fanfiction and speculation are all compiled to form the most complete portrait possible of their favorite celebrities in 2016.

From Nathan Smith in Knoxville Mercury: Backward ‘Slash’: Coming-of-Age Flick Offers a Half-Hearted Defense of Fan Fiction.

In a piece about really, really, really being into Lost, Chris Silvini noted that the show premiered back in the days where downloading shows was in its infancy and the idea of streaming seemed like something ripped from the pages of Star Trek fan-fiction.

For The Weekender, Mike Sullivan wrote that Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children is Based on a gimmicky Ransom Riggs young adult novel that tied eerie Victorian photographs into a story that played like a barely reworked first draft of a Steam Punk/X-Men fanfiction novella.

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Sequim Gazette Reporter’s Matthew Nash wrote that local author Calinda B.’s "Meeting With My Maker" a paranormal romance, comes out Oct. 24 online with preorders available at Amazon or Barnes and Noble. Her science fiction tale "Night Whispers" comes out Dec. 2 online, too. Her Kindle World Book "A Twist of Love," a romance fan-fiction based on Melissa Foster's "The Remingtons" series, also comes out this year on Amazon.

In a profile of author E.K. Johnston for Waterlo Region Record, Jeff Hicks shared that The Laurier-schooled forensic archeologist had many occupations while she honed her writing craft with a slew of fan fiction projects over the last 15 years.

Been wondering what happened with ClintonKaine.com? According to CNET’s Laura Hautala, The former fan fiction site no longer features a cartoon portraying Hillary Clinton as a wizard much like Harry Potter. Instead, you'll find links to news stories and commentary that criticize and critique the Democratic presidential candidate.

Finally, in 'Margaret Atwood explains why she rewrote Shakespeare' for The Globe and Mail, J. Kelly Nestruck wrote In Hag-seed, the prisoner-actors offer up a series of possible aftermaths to The Tempest – a succession of chapters I suggest reads like Shakespeare fan-fic. "Of course, much of what we think of as classical literature is fanfic," Atwood notes, quite correctly. "We have the Iliad. We have Chaucer’s Troilus and Cressida. And then we have Shakespeare’s Troilus and Cressida."
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From Ram Sarangan in The Indian Express: Fanfiction: A billion-word phenomenon.

According to The Frisky’s Kelly Kanayama, Romance fanfiction about Rihanna and the French president is now a thing that exists.

For Financial Times, Matt Trueman wrote By grouping plays by their extremities, in-yer-face theatre risks reducing them to the shocks they spring. They start to sound like warped Friends fan-fiction: The One Where Someone Shits Onstage, The One With the Cannibalised Baby.

For The Inquisitr, Chanel Adams explored How Taylor Swift’s Love Life Has Turned Into Fanfiction. And, for Vanity Fair, Kenzie Bryant wrote Of course, if you ask Swift and Hiddleston, or Styles and Tomlinson (and somebody did), they would say that it’s not harmless; that it disrupts their lives. But for the majority of people, it’s ultimately a way to get more bang for your buck out of your stars—a fan fiction that involves a really good twist and a never-ending thread—at a minimal cost.

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In a piece about what it’s like to have a winning football team – a VERY winning football team – for The Specturm (North Dakota State University), Benjamin Norman wrote It’s as if God decided to write some fan-fiction about some nobodies at NDSU, and then published it for craps and laughs.

For The Film Stage, Mike Mazzanti reported that Fan Fiction is Brought Vividly to Life in Trailer for SXSW Hit ‘Slash’.

In ‘Being a young obsessed fan once is part of who you are now’ for Herald Sun, Alice Clarke wrote I can’t imagine what it would have been like in the days when Star Trek fans were exchanging printed magazines of fan fiction.

Wired’s Clive Thompson wrote if you really want to explode the possibilities of a mode of communication, you have to make it easier for amateurs to get in. There are more of them, and they have the time to try crazy stuff. When scientists and researchers created the web, many of them figured it would be for formal, professional communication. Then GeoCities came along, and everyday people barged online—creating sites for bands and fan fiction and diaries. They paved the path for blogging.

Christine Laskodi listed 11 TV SlashFic 'Ships That Never Sailed for TV Fanatic.

From The Federalist’s David Harsanyi, regarding last week’s POTUS debate: I don’t care if [Lester] Holt writes Ronald Reagan fanfic in his spare time, he consistently let Hillary off the hook.

Finally, in ‘A "Harry Potter" religion? Count us out’ for Indiana Daily Student, the Editorial Board reminded readers that Fan fiction fills the Internet, hundreds of thousands traverse The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios and many waited in line at midnight release party when Rowling contributed to a spinoff play in July, “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child,” then went on to pan some podcast for being boring.
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(Shorter than usual because I was away all weekend; I have a cold; and a soccer board meeting in an hour. I’ll catch up next weekend.)

In ‘Dublin Fringe reviews: Fan Fiction Comedy and Finem Respice’ for Irish Times, Sara Keating misinformed readers Harry Potter is a particularly fertile source of fan fiction: there are more than 748,000 spin-off tales on fanfiction.com, the central compilation site.

From Daniel Megarry in Gay Times: Gay boyband fan fiction explored in new series Truth Slash Fiction.

For The New Yorker, Evan Osnos observed that [a Trump] victory is no longer the stuff of dark comedy or fan fiction. And, for The Guardian, Lindy West wrote we have to start acknowledging that even if we scrubbed Trump from this universe altogether (buy my fan fiction!), Clinton would still be an excellent one.

In a Cursed Child review for The Hoya (Georgetown), Paolo B. Santamaria wrote That this work now exists as fact in the beloved world of Hogwarts is not only disappointing, but also feels like an attempt to cash in on fan-fiction. And, for the Yeshiva University Commentator, Benjamin Koslowe opined Any consumer of fiction appreciates the convention of canonicity. The “official” works of a storyline. A “fictional universe.” The “real stuff” as opposed to “fan fiction.” While it is difficult to determine an objective standard for canonicity, the most basic element is usually assumed to be a consistent author (or producer/director for a movie).

For The New York Times, E. A. Hanks wrote The “[Fear the Walking] Dead” universe (or really, any genre universe) is littered with female characters who get nothing but the audience’s ire. Memes are dedicated to how these women are the worst. Fan fiction in which these characters are killed off with relieved glee flourishes.

Finally, from Ben East in The National: By common consensus, Jack Falahee has the world at his feet. One of the young stars of the stylish OSN First HD drama How to Get Away With Murder – yet another drama from the Shonda Rhimes television hit factory that includes Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal and The Catch – the 27 year-old American has struck such a chord with his ­depiction of ruthless but alluring law ­student Connor Walsh, there is even fan fiction delving deeper into his story.
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Here’s a shocker from CBS Sacramento: ‘Fifty Shades Darker’ Trailer Promises Continuation Of Twilight Fan Fiction.

In ‘The Best Pizzas In Los Angeles’ for laist, Julia Wick wrote It's bread maven Nancy Silverton plus Italian food king Mario Batali—a combo that almost reads like food-world fan fiction.

For Russia Beyond the Headlines, Phoebe Taplin wrote that Dmitry Glukhovsky’s Metro series has inspired volumes of official fan fiction, set in the same invented universe and written by authors from around the world.

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Austin Chronicle’s Wayne Alan Brenner wrote that Like many things in this world – wars, businesses, families, feuds, civilizations, relentless amounts of Rey/Finn/Poe fanfic – [comic merchant David Wheeler’s career] started because of romance.

From Melissa Locker in TIME: James Corden is one of Beyoncé’s biggest fans, and like many superfans, he used his free time to write a little fan fiction. Of course, Corden isn’t just an average fan though, so on Monday night’s episode of The Late Late Show, with the help of Adam Scott and Meg Ryan, he turned his fan fiction into quality television, transforming Beyoncé lyrics into the plot of a soap opera called The Bold and the Lyrical.

Finally, Kola Weisbrich advised readers of Elite Daily to pick up as many books as you can. It doesn’t matter if you’re reading free Kindle garbage, trashy fan fiction or the latest Stephen Hawking novel; nobody has to know. I had to look this last bit up; it seems Hawking has, indeed, co-authored some children’s fiction with his daughter. So there you have it.
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According to WMUK’s Zinta Aistars, Michigan author Linda Sienkiewicz was first inspired to write when ”I was surfing the Internet when I stumbled across Russell Crowe fan fiction.”

In ‘Fan Fiction — The New Jane Austen?’ for The Boar (University of Warwick), Sohini Kumar wrote fan fiction can be a place of creativity and innovation, especially for people who, wanting to see more of their favourite stories, have set out to create them themselves.

For USA Today, Mike Snider wrote that the fan production Star Trek Continues carries on a long tradition of fan fiction that has evolved as digital video and streaming media provided Trekkies with better tools to create and share their own Trek stories. And, for The Guardian, James Walsh wrote As I've grown older, Star Trek has stayed with me. I've gone back to discover the wonders of the original series, from Nichelle Nichols' groundbreaking portrayal of Uhura to Kirk & Spock and the beginning of slash fanfiction (even Gene Roddenberry shipped it!).

Hillary Clinton, USC football, Willy Wonka, Ronaldo )

For Vanity Fair, Kenzie Bryant quoted celebrity reporter (?) Bobby Finger: “You want Britney Spears to be shading Taylor Swift and you want Mariah Carey to be shading Jennifer Lopez because that’s what makes celebrity gossip interesting: imagining all their interactions and being convinced that your own personal fan fiction is canon[.]”

Finally, from Beth Spotswood in San Francisco Chronicle: A night of erotic fan fiction demands a fan to cool you down.
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A piece in Marianas Variety announced that ‘Dreams Fan Fiction’ winners [will appear] on ‘Your Humanities Half-Hour’.

In ‘A History of the Fan Mutation, YouTube’s Strangest Art Movement’ for Filmmaker Magazine, Dan Schoenbrun wrote “Fan film” or “fan fiction” doesn’t seem accurate, because the creators aren’t really paying tribute to the works they pull from.

In ‘Father John Misty Is the King of Trolls’ for Portland Mercury, Ciara Dolan wrote Last year, following the release of I Love You, Honeybear, I wrote him into some nonsensical apocalyptic fanfiction (originally published at (klc-theumbrella.tumblr.com)—because that’s what Father John Misty embodies.

For Business Insider, Rafi Letzter wrote Of course [actual data, or the lack thereof] hasn't stopped a cottage industry from springing up and hawking claims about the diseased minds of celebrities and politicians. But the stories spun in that world are much closer to fan fiction than science.

Star Trek at 50, Harry Potter, Secret of Mana, The Killing Joke, Victoria, Star Wars )

For The Tab, Roisin Lanigan wrote, of J.K. Rowling, She’s got 8.07 million Twitter followers, and instead of using that influence to say anything useful, she’s turned it into some sort of bizarre safe-space fan fiction. I suggest, Ms. Lanigan, that you go get your own 8.07 million followers and do with them as you wish.

Finally, I don’t often include references related to the show “FanFiction Comedy,” but this one by Peter Crawley in Irish Times is a worth it: Slavish devotion and unbridled imagination combine in the internet phenomenon of fan fiction, which is to say noncanonical contributions to the expanded universes of intellectual property.
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Tanya Kini delved into Sports fan fiction: Where fandoms script the lives of their favourite sportspersons for First Post.

In 'One amazing time at FlameCon 2' for Amsterdam News, Rubin Richardson wrote The opening ceremony started off with a very humorous reading of a piece a fan fiction featuring none other than Harry Potter characters Ron Weasely, Harry Potter, Draco Malfoy and a Mercedes-Benz.

In a Forbes review of No Man’s Sky, Dani Di Placedo wrote, of The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, the dialogue was poorly written, the quests were simplistic and the history of the world felt like Lord Of The Rings fan fiction.

Annabel Stafford defined slash as fan fiction in which the characters in an iconic tale become gay lovers in ‘What's not to love about romance novels?’ for The Sydney Morning Herald.

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From Bhargav Prasad in New Indian Express: What if the Creationist theory was true and human beings just landed on the planet, and my fan-fiction addition to that is, what if every single species on earth looked like human beings and only differed based on the species’ intelligent quotient, and given how the only human beings as a species can come up with absurd theories about their own existence, humans are the ones that are obviously on top of the intelligence chain (the hypothetical equivalent of the food chain).

Finally, from Michael Hill in Daily Freeman (via the Associated Press): [Fan film creator James Cawley and his friends] were pioneers in the flourishing culture of Star Trek fan films. But the atmosphere in their little universe chilled in December after Paramount Pictures and CBS Studios filed a copyright infringement lawsuit against the makers in California of a planned fan film that raised more than $1 million on crowdsourcing web sites. Six months later, the companies — calling themselves “big believers in reasonable fan fiction” — released guidelines on how fan filmmakers can avoid objections, such as not raising more than $50,000 and keeping individual episodes to under 15 minutes. Though he was never sued, Cawley felt it was a good time to move on.
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In a review for The Daily Star, Sarah Anjum Bari wrote that The Cursed Child is More Fan Fiction Than Sequel.

Gaby Dunn told The Washington Post’s Gene Park and Alex Laughlin that she met her first online friends as a 12-year-old on messages boards and on LiveJournal, where I met a lot of people through writing fan fiction.

In an interview for LA Review of Books, Richard Grusin told Melissa Dinsman I think there are two places where digital work in the humanities is being done, and often being done outside the academy. One of these places is participatory culture. There has been an explosion of students writing online, be it blogging or fan fiction or whatever.

Twilight, Clinton, Austen, Badminton RPF, More Harry Potter )

In a piece about college clubs for The Guardian, Allison Dickinson wrote, of Dumbledore’s Army, This society for Harry Potter fans at the University of Derby has quizzes, online roleplaying, fan fiction and origami sessions.

Holland Sentinel’s Justine McGuire wrote that an upcoming film festival will feataure fan-fiction movies with a focus on superheroes and sci-fi.

In a Post-Gazette review of Hannah Moskowitz’s Gena/Finn, Morgan Suity wrote that the main character writes fan fiction, stories about the characters that exist outside the events that air on TV.

From Christopher Hooton in The Independent: BoJack Horseman creator pens fan fiction on the sadness of Marge Simpson.

Finally, from Oliver Franklin-Wallis for Wired: From Bieber to K-Pop, how fanfic predicts popularity.
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In 'Finally, a new Harry Potter story worth reading' for The New Yorker, Jia Tolentino wrote Skepticism awaited Rowling’s latest addition, "Harry Potter and the Cursed Child," because, with […] previous forays, she has been playing to a small, fan-fic-friendly audience. The Observer’s Dana Schwartz wrote that Cursed Child is fan fiction, in the sense that the text wasn’t written by J.K. Rowling. For DNA India, Ritika Jain wrote By the time the seventh book came out, and the three companion books Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, Tales of Beedle the Bard and Quidditch through the ages, I was almost completely immersed in the world of Harry Potter – through the books and with a little help from Fanfiction. And, in 'The Magic Is Gone but Harry Potter Will Never Die' for TIME, Sarah Begley wrote Others felt the plot read like fan fiction, with its revisiting of the original novels’ plot points, its cameos of beloved characters, and its too-satisfying outcomes.

From Marga Buenaventura on The Philippine Star: Author Kiera Cass visits Manila and serves up some realness on wrist tattoos and sketchy fanfic writers.

For CBS Chicago, Tim Baffoe wrote that Tim Tebow in the outfield would be teenage White Sox fanfic come true.

Sachin Dev told Deccan Chronicle’s Pooja Chandraprabhan "I initially started writing (pretty early — around eight or nine) just to see if my own version of the Famous Five or Hardy Boys would be more exciting (for me, and no one else!). I have always been trying my hand at this sort of 'fan fiction'."

Stephen Hillard, Paul and Yoko and Kanye )

In a piece about a teen jobs program for The Recorder, Jack Evans wrote, of one participant, Before starting at the Ware River News, where she writes a column about teenage-dom, takes photos and works with the paper’s archives, she’d published stories on the website fanfiction.net and was only interested in writing fiction.

From Brian Logan in The Guardian: The Danish standup Sofie Hagen is one of the flag-bearers for a new era of mental-health-aware comedy, having won the best newcomer award at last year’s fringe with Bubblewrap, a show addressing her teenage self-harm. It was also about her Westlife obsession, which usefully anchored the riskier material in extracts from her adolescent boyband fan-fiction that couldn’t fail to amuse.

Finally, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette carried Atiya Irvin-Mitchell’s Fan-fiction writers can't help wondering what if?
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Another week of Potter refs! According to Jacob Shamsian on Business Insider Australia, Years-old fan fiction accurately predicted a key character in the new 'Harry Potter' sequel. Danielle Fox informed the readers of Grand Haven Tribune and other Tribune papers that There are more than 746,000 fan-created stories on fanfiction.net, in addition to Kickstarter-funded films detailing the back stories of characters, such as “Severus Snape and the Marauders.” For Daily Dot, Gavia Baker-Whitelaw observed 'Harry Potter and the Cursed Child' includes plenty of fanfic tropes, but ignores queer representation. And, from CBC: By Monday, as the script is released worldwide, expect a flood of Scorpius Malfoy fanfiction.

The Rumor of a Putin-Trump Political Axis Is the Laziest Kind of Slash Fiction - Andrew Ryvkin, Village Voice (with an illustration I will never be able to unsee).

From 'Florida Grand Opera Celebrates a Successful First Year of the New Youth Artist Learning Academy' on Broadway World: Traditional classes such as "Opera Fan Fiction" libretto study, "Opera in Infamy" appreciation course, and "Sound Like a Local" diction class gave students a foundation in the stories and language of opera.

Trudeau , Suicide Squad, Time Caine, Hawthorne/Melville, The Big Lebowski, Stranger Things, Ghostwriter, The Rock for POTUS, 21 Pilots, Donald Trump, Sailor Moon )

From Yohana Desta in Vanity Fair: Your fan fiction about Channing Tatum as a merman is swimming closer to reality.

In ‘Women start to make their voices heard in podcast world’ for Belfast Telegraph, Katie Wright wrote Acast's new offering includes Joblogues, a weekly career advice show, and Toku, in which journalists Holly Nielsen and Kate Grey chat about everything from video games and TV to fan fiction and periods, because they "had a lot to say, and we thought people might want to hear us".

Artist Jeremy P. Bushnell told Harvard Crimson’s Ha D.H. Le When I was real little, I used to make comic books that... you would call “fan fiction” nowadays. They were based on a Japanese television show character called Ultraman.

In ‘7 LGBTQ YA books worth checking out’ for CNN Philippines, Carina Santos wrote A self-published title, "How to Repair a Mechanical Heart" was personally delightful, as it occurs in a setting that I have never seen in books — a sci-fi convention! The main characters, best friends Brandon and Abel, vlog on YouTube! Fanfiction! Real Person Fanfiction! — without making me cringe.

In a New York Times review of the Folger Shakespeare Library’s exhibit “Will & Jane: Shakespeare, Austen, and the Cult of Celebrity,” Jennifer Schuessler wrote That’s Jane Austen, you rattlepate. True, she and William Shakespeare never met in person (outside the kinkier reaches of fan fiction, that is). But their parallel cultural afterlives illuminate the process by which some great authors are transformed into icons, beloved almost as much for their imagined personalities and our feelings of intimacy with them as for anything they wrote.

Finally, from Allison Needles in The News Tribune: "Geeks in the 21st century are using social media as activists,” said [writer/media critic Jennifer] Stuller, “through memes, through hashtags, through fanfiction and cosplaying. They are finding community, family and friends online."
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In 'The myth of the Entitled Fan' for NewStatesman, Elizabeth Minkel mentioned that Fandom Is Broken (in Birth Movies Death) author Devin Faraci took a bizarre swipe at fanfiction, suggesting that fans’ desires to spend time in fictional worlds, writing explicitly for other fans, was the height of entitlement.

In a short review of Julia Pierpont’s Among the Ten Thousand Things for The New York Times, Joumana Khatib wrote [the] two children, the true stars of this insightful novel, turn to literature to cope: Simon begins toting Ayn Rand books around as protest, while Kay writes erotic “Seinfeld” fan fiction.

The Times-Independent’s Jeff Richards wrote, of local author Christopher Cleveland, that he said he honed his writing skills by writing fan-fiction stories online for the past several years, drawing inspiration from a range of sources, including Star Wars, Rick Riordan’s “Percy Jackson and the Olympians” series, and various mythologies.

Harry Potter, Sherlock, Marjorie Liu, Me Before You, ice hockey, Clinton-Kaine, Star Wars, Star Trek, Manson Family )

In an autobiographic essay for Arizona Daily Star, librarian Jessica Pryde wrote Whether I was in the aisles of B. Dalton or the teen section of the MLK Library in Downtown D.C., or spending way too much time harassing my high school librarian about “Pride and Prejudice” fan fiction, you probably couldn’t find me not reading as a youth.

From Dan Hodges in The Daily Mail: Corbyn’s supporters seem to put great store in their hero’s character. So let us present people with the truth, not the fan-fiction.

And, finally, in ‘Why Pokémon Go matters’ for Christian Today, Talisa Pariss wrote Whether it's Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, chess, writing novels or fan fiction, speaking in Elvish, watching Doctor Who, Star Wars card battles or cosplay, the world of geek-dom celebrates creativity and imagination and storytelling in extraordinary and vastly different ways. The greatest argument against Pokémon Go making the rounds is that it is a silly thing to be obsessed with. An argument that is usually also applied to the things listed above.
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In 'Online Fiction Becomes Chinese Cultural Force' for The Wall Street Journal, Li Yuan wrote User-generated fiction is gaining traction in the West, too. Toronto-based story-telling site Wattpad claims 45 million active users and some two million stories uploaded per month. Fan fiction, romance and mysteries are among the most popular categories.

The Jakarta Post’s Adil Akbar wrote Star Trek fans, or “Trekkies” as they are known, are believed to be the first fans to devote themselves to their beloved series — producing fanzines, fan-fiction, holding conventions and much more — breaking ground for other fandoms to follow suit.

In a review of Ghostbusters for The Clarion-Ledger, Dustin Barnes wrote It's like going to see "Harry Potter" with someone who read all the books and writes Potter fan fiction on the side — you can't enjoy the movie because all you hear is "that's not how it was here..."

From Cristina Arreola on Bustle: ClintonKaine.com Is All Harry Potter Fanfiction, And This Is Why You Should Always Buy Domain Names. And, for Above the Law, Joe Patrice wrote ClintonKaine.com: Your One-Stop Shop For Election-Themed Harry Potter Fan Fiction.

The Dark Tower, Borderlands, Jennifer Aniston, Jane Austen, The Neon Demon, Lights Out, Sachin Dev )

The Bakersfield Californian’s Stefani Dias wrote that Those inspired by [Vanta M. Black’s] tale can enter an “Oubliette” fan fiction contest in which first prize is a trip to France.

In ‘A paranormal LGBTQ werewolf romance: How some Canadian fan authors find success’ for Toronto Metro, Genna Buck wrote Annie Harper co-created Interlude Press, which has its roots in fanfiction culture but has become a bricks-and-mortar publisher that specializes in LGBTQ fiction..

Finally, in ‘The political erotica of 2016’ for The New Yorker, Talia Lavin, noted Melania does not feature prominently in the less elevated works that dominate political fan fiction on the Internet. Online, you are much more likely to read about a romantic connection between Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz—a pairing popular enough in political-erotica circles to have a Kimye-style nickname: Crubio.
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In 'Remix, rewind, reinvent: predicting the future of media' for Wired, Kevin Kelly wrote [E]very creation that has any value will eventually and inevitably be transformed - in some version - into something different. Sure, the version of Harry Potter that JK Rowling published in 1997 will always be available, but it is inevitable that another thousand fan fiction versions of her book will be penned by avid amateurs.

For New Republic, Alex Shephard observed Newt Gingrich has been touring colleges, speaking to Fox News about touring colleges, and writing Civil War fan fiction for a decade and a half.

For Forbes, Seth Porges wrote Visiting The Wizarding World of Harry Potter can feel like stepping into a mixture of fan convention and fan fiction.

According to Jacob Pramuk on CNBC, Owner of Hillary Clinton sites fills them with Harry Potter fan fiction. And, for CNN, Dan Merica wrote Cybersquatter transfigures Clinton's possible VP candidates as Harry Potter characters.

My Little Pony, Pokemon Go!, Woody Allen, Jane Austen, Star Trek, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, Star Wars, Sherlock )

From The Toronto Star’s Sarah Murdoch: Picture perfect: Fan fiction for the art brigade, short reviews of several novels set in the art world.

For Washington Free Beacon, Joseph Bottum described LitRPG as something akin to fan fiction at an online appreciation site—the kind of site, it’s worth noting, where Fifty Shades of Grey got its start, before becoming the first book of pornography to make the bestseller list.

In ‘Saddam Hussein Wrote A Book That Was Described As ‘GOT’ Meets ‘House Of Cards’’ for Elite Daily, Alec MacDonald wrote Basically, he wrote a fan fiction set 1,500 years in the past, about what was to happen in his future.

According to Jessica Pressler in New York Magazine, [Ivanka Trump] is not, as a piece of fanfiction in the Times recently postulated, secretly donating to Hillary.

Finally, from Allison Sadlier on Entertainment Weekly: Anna Todd is turning her attention from fan fiction to the March sisters. The best-selling author of the After series has reimagined Louisa May Alcott’s classic novel Little Women for the modern era. Ummm, that’s still fan fiction. Really, really.
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From Lorraine Berry on Raw Story: Obama and Trudeau’s NAFTA bromance: Inside the strange world of political fanfiction. And for Town Hall, Christine Rousselle gave us This picture, which sparked a whoooole lot of fanfiction.

In a new column for ELLE.com, R. Eric Thomas reads the news. Here, his inspired fan-fic conversation between President Obama, birthday girl Malia Obama, with some interruptions from Valerie Jarrett, Vice President Joe Biden, and Moby, naturally.

From Kassandra (legendary EU insider) in New Europe: The power struggle and Selmayr fan fiction.

Donald Trump, Ghostbusters, Romancing the Stone, more Trudeau, Harry Potter, Hollywood Vampires, Dark Shadows, the Brontës, Bucky Barnes, Kevin Durant )

For The University Star (Texas State University), Maria Tahir wrote Besides numerous offenses of mischaracterization, the entire plot of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child reads like a fan-fiction written by a 12-year-old.

Barrow County News’s Adam Wynn wrote I find it rather prescient that the antagonist of Stephen King’s “Misery” was a psychotic shut-in who abused and mutilated the author protagonist because she didn’t like his treatment of a character that he created. Though I’m not the first to make this connection, that crazed woman reminds me a great deal of today’s fan-fiction community that feels like their perception of someone else’s character is clearly the best, or that their idea for someone else’s story is obviously streets ahead of what the initial creator had written.

From Korea Bizwire: The term Omega, derived from a fan fiction called Omegaverse, is an online slang expression used to degrade men, often by members of Megalian, a misandrist women’s web community in Korea.

Finally, for Observer, Vinnie Mancuso wrote There’s something absolutely beautiful about having a world at your fingertips that you not only feel a part of, but have some control over. It’s the reason fanfic exists, the reason some Reddit theories make more sense than the canon.
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From NPR’s Jonquilyn Hill: Election Escapism: Fan Fiction For The 2016 Candidates.

Boston Globe’s Meredith Goldstein advised You must evaluate partners as they are now, even at 18. It’s not about what they might be later — in many, many, many years. That’s just relationship fanfiction.

In an NPR piece about the closing of The Toast, Annalisa Quinn wrote It is a place for the private passion project, the riffs on favorite books, finely wrought Benedict Cumberbatch fan fiction, or a perfectly executed hit job on male entitlement.

In ‘Forget YouTube – meet ChewTube: Strangers watching millennials eat’ for The Register, Shaun Nichols wrote Cackle if you must, but in a world where people are paid money to stream themselves playing games online, or are producing and consuming erotic fanfic about turmoil in Europe, what's a bit of noodle-slurping between friends?

For Entertainment Weekly, Christian Holub shared that Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie pens fan fiction about the Trumps.

From Gabriella Paiella in New York Magazine: Finally, Some Official Justin Trudeau Fanfiction. And, from The Canadian Press’s Lauren La Rose: 'Basically Trudeau fan fiction': Prime Minister joins the Marvel Comics universe in August.

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In a review for The Omaha Reader, Ryan Syrek wrote Within the first 10 minutes of Swiss Army Man, Paul Dano rides Daniel Radcliffe like a jet ski, propelled by the power of Radcliffe’s farts. There’s zero chance that this scenario hasn’t already been thoroughly explored in "Harry Potter" fan fiction, but it’s a first for the big screen.

Vinnie Bartilucci discussed fanfic in Is fandom "entitled"? A history of fan-made material for Comic Mix.

In a piece for The Oregonian, a high schooler wrote that a fellow student would write Harry Potter fan fiction in early elementary school.

For Straits Times, Cheryl Teh wrote Ms Ng Hongwen, a 23-year-old undergraduate, enjoys both literary works and online fan fiction, and said reading offers an escape from daily life.

Author Alan Brough told The Canberra Times’s Karen Hardy I loved Star Wars when I first saw it and I adored all the novelisations which came from it. There was one called Splinter of the Mind's Eye which I remember really well … it would almost be called fan fiction now.

Mike Hill shared The Forgotten Early History of Fanfiction with readers of Vice Motherboard.

Finally, according to the Kokomo Tribune, Teens in sixth through 12th grades will discuss favorite fan fiction from 4 to 6 p.m. July 11 at the Kokomo-Howard County Public Library Main Branch, 220 N. Union St.
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The new guidelines for Star Trek fan films released by CBS and Paramount led to a bunch of mainstream media references this week. From 'Follow these rules for a Star Trek fan film - or get sued a lot' for Irish Examiner: rights holders Paramount and CBS don't want to come off as complete kill joys, saying they are 'big believers in reasonable fan fiction and fan creativity' who want to see projects around their properties from amateur filmmakers. To help stop any future lawsuits, they've put together a list of guidelines for anyone thinking of making a Star Trek fan film. It's a pretty long list and it's sure to cause some anger among fans, particularly given the fact that they'll have to use official merchandise and can't actually mention the words 'Star Trek' in the title. From Teresa Jusino on The Mary Sue, in 'CBS/Paramount Issue Guidelines for Star Trek Fan Films Because Axanar Ruined It for Everyone': this also doesn’t stop people from creating different Star Trek fan fictions. It just means that one story can’t be longer than half an hour. So stories have to be more self-contained? So what? Anthology series are all the rage these days anyway! And, "Axanar" Executive Producer Alec Peters told FOX411 he is disappointed in the studios. "While CBS and Paramount claim to want to encourage the passion of fans to produce reasonable fan fiction, the restrictions presented do just the opposite, willfully ignoring over 40 years of fan works that helped buoy the 'Star Trek' franchise through some very lean years and enthusiastically spread the magic of the franchise in more plentiful times," he told us in a statement via email. (Blanche Johnson, Fox News).

In a piece about podcast storytellers Paul Bae and Terry Miles for Vancouver Sun, Rob Shaw wrote Fans, meanwhile, are filling the show’s inbox with creative theories on major plot points as well as original artwork and even erotic fan fiction. “It’s pretty nuts,” laughs Miles. "The fan fiction is pretty extreme. Oh my god, there are adult stories about these characters that are actually very well written."

For Berkeley News, Christopher Merchant wrote about a workshop for children: [Seven-year-old] Benjamin’s story, about a mythical species of creatures called Wumps, was inspired by The Wump World by Bill Peet, a children’s book author active from the 1960s through the ’80s. The unofficial sequel may have been fanfiction, [his mother] said, but Benjamin insisted on personally writing all of the text and drawing all of the images.

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In 'How Sonic the Hedgehog Explains the Internet' for New York Magazine, Brian Feldman wrote The slashfic portion of Sonic gets weird. You might think that a running role play in which Sonic is pregnant with Shadow’s baby is an absurd escalation, but whoever runs the Tumblr called Ask Mpreg Sonic does not.

The Washington Post’s Jeff Guo somehow got from explaining that he watches TV at 1.5x to Henry Jenkins, who has studied the rise of "participatory culture" — ways in which fans take control of favorite stories through fanzines, fan art, fan fiction, and more recently, fan videos.

For Dhaka Tribune, Sabrina Fatma Ahmad wrote What follows in the wake of every great piece of popular fiction is a host of fanfic writers who fall in love with the basic world of the story, but also have their own ideas of how they want the story to play out. This is an excellent writing exercise, one which provides you the set characters and world, and isolates your “story writing” muscles and lets you work those out.

Finally, Time Riders author Alex Scarrow told BBC’s Tim Masters "I deliberately left book nine as the last of the series with the door open partly because one thing I really wanted to encourage was fan fiction […] The quality varies, sometimes it's bad and sometimes it's so good I think I need to raise my game […] Now, 18 months later, I'm coming back and thinking, 'I want to write that fan fiction now,' and write book 10 and perhaps even set up a new series."
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The biggest news of the week was that This Fanfic Predicted Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston's Romance 2 Years Ago (Isis Briones, Teen Vogue). On Refinery29, Morgan Baila invited readers to Meet FanFic Writer Who Predicted Hiddleswift Two Years Ago. Seventeen’s Hannah Orenstein asked, Is this magic? Fate? Or is Taylor secretly stealing her relationship ideas from fanfic sites? And, for The Atlantic, Megan Garber weighed in with Hiddleswift: Celebrity Romance as Fan Fiction.

From Paul Thomson on The Sequitur: Hamlet and Romeo Have Tea with Holden Caulfield: Inside Fan-Fiction.

In a piece about Me Before You for The Guardian, Rebecca Hawkes wrote It’s got a glamorous, beautiful cast – uniting Game of Thrones favourite Emilia Clarke and Hunger Games heartthrob Sam Claflin in a casting made in fan-fiction heaven.

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I really don’t want this to be a thing: TRUTH SLASH FICTION TV Pilot with Matt Doyle to Premiere at SeriesFest (Broadway World).

Alycia Debnam-Caray told Interview Magazine’s Hayley Phelan My friend asked me recently, "Do you find it weird that you are now the property of other people's imaginations?" I hadn't thought about that before, this passionate following, with fan fiction and artwork. At first it felt like an invasion of privacy, but then I realized it's nice that the character can be shared.

From Atlas Obscura: You could call Sanspareil, in the Bavarian town of Bayreuth, a fan fiction rock garden.

In a review of Ren Warom's Escapology for NPR, Jason Sheehan wrote Things get weird fast is what I'm saying. They start all purebred Neuromancer in a way that seems so familiar and so shot-for-shot that it borders on fan fiction (the low-rent hacker, the girl assassin, the sheen of neon in rain-damp Japanese-y streets), then take a quick (and tonally lurching) detour in the direction of Neal Stephenson's Snow Crash before shrugging off all homage (save a lingering Ribofunk goopiness that never goes away) and carving their own bloody, corkscrewing path.

In ‘The Art of Self-appreciation’ for The Daily Star, Marisha Aziz advised Sing. Dance. Paint. Sketch. Write fan-fiction about K-Pop singers, if that's what you feel confident with.

Finally, Peter Balestrieri, curator for science fiction and popular culture collections for the University of Iowa, told The Gazette’s Alison Gowans “Fans come in from all over the world to spend two to three days reading fan-fic they can only read at Iowa, and graduate students come from all over the country.”
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In a New York Times review of Anna Breslaw’s Scarlett Epstein Hates It Here, Marjorie Ingall wrote Scarlett has female friends who are smart and kind. She’s a writer of fan fiction, so she doesn’t treat canonical texts as gospel. Her stories are rooted in a “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”-esque TV show about a boarding school in which half the students are werewolves. But after the show ends, she begins a new narrative based on the lives of her friends, her nemeses and her crush object, Gideon.

From Mina Banaszczuk on Vice’s Broadly: 'You Won't Believe How Much I Learned': The Smutty World of Online Fan Fiction.

For Vox, Constance Grady explored Why we're terrified of fanfiction.

From Stephen Bush on NewStatesman: Harry Potter and the Minotaur’s Rage: how fanfiction got me into writing. And, for the same publication, Elizabeth Minkel wrote I’ve met a lot of people who played with other writers’ characters as a child. “I did that when I was a kid,” they tell me. “As I got older, I grew out of it.” But as I got older, I grew into it—and I went online. Same.

For Inverse, Zebbie Watson explored On 'Star Trek', 'Sherlock Holmes', And The Origins of Slash Fiction.

Bill Donahue compiled Fighting With The Fans: 4 Big Battles Over FanFic for Law360.

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For Hamilton Spectator, Marissa Stapley observed Literary fan fiction is having a moment in the form of retakes on everything from Jane Austen's "Emma" to Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet."

Author Mohit Uppal told Deccan Chronicle’s Kaavya Pillai “I have always been writing. I wrote a lot of fan fiction as a kid — oodles of Harry Potter and Enid Blyton. It’s been a form of escapism for me.”

Kimberly Chiu wrote Young Singaporean fanfiction writers read by thousands for The New Paper

Finally, regarding a recent meeting of Pope Francis and a group of vloggers, The Washington Post’s Abby Ohlheiser wrote The vloggers present cover everything from video games to beauty tips in their videos, and it might be tempting to write a little bit of fan fiction about cool Pope Francis knowing all about contouring now.


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