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The Electronic Frontier Foundation website featured 'The Commerce Department Has Good Recommendations For Fixing Copyright Law - But More is Needed,' in which Mitch Stoltz and Kit Walsh noted The term 'remix' has come to stand for a wide range of creative activities that are disfavored by the current copyright regime because they rely on cultural works that are owned by others. The category includes photomanipulations, fan fiction, mashups of music and video, fan edits, redubs, video game modifications, and many other forms of expression that are ubiquitous on the Internet.

In 'Should There Be a Statute of Limitations on Offensive Social Media Posts?' for GOOD, Tasbeeh Herwees wrote I can still access my terrible middle school poetry and Harry Potter fan fiction on profiles that are still live.

During an interview with The Office’s Jenna Fischer, LA Times’s Yvonne Villarreal admitted I want some fan fiction that features [new role] Rhonda and the cast of “Orange is the New Black.”

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Mangala Dilip wrote about a Con Man/Firefly [fanfic] contest for International Business Times’s Indian edition, and Tuscon Weekly’s Chelo Grubb advised readers to Write Out Your Captain Mal/Wash Fantasies.

In a piece in LA Review of Books, Benjamin Aldes Wurgaft wrote Walter Benjamin, originally a contributor to that branch of Western Marxist thought known as Critical Theory, often emerges, in the writings of the Benjamin Industry (a unique force for the production of academic fan fiction), as nothing more than a projection screen for late 20th and early 21st century academic fantasies — nullifying him as an historical presence.

Bailey Gribben wrote Fanfiction: A Legal Battle of Creativity for the RIT Reporter.

In the Storm Lake Times obituary of resident Sherry Fischer, it was noted that she participated in online fanfiction groups for two series: The Black Dagger Brotherhood by J.R. Ward and Midnight Breed Rising by Lara Adrian.

Finally, for The Daily Californian, Rosemarie Alejandrino wrote As a young, impressionable, insecure and desperate teen with a bed brimming with Care Bears and a diary full of Edward Cullen fan fiction, I idolized hurricane girls in books and movies and TV — though I had never seen one with my own eyes.
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The New York Tmes’s Michael Cooper wrote that Donizetti’s Tudor operas tend to play down the Machiavellian politics of the time in favor of the love triangles, real or imagined; they are sometimes described as a form of operatic fan fiction that superimposes British royals onto a more typical operatic plot like that of, say, Bellini’s “Norma.”

In 'Joseph Fiennes to Play Michael Jackson in 9/11 Road-Trip Show' for TIME, Nolan Feeney wrote [if the plot] sounds like bizarre celebrity fan fiction, there may be some truth to it, according to The Guardian.

In a piece for New Republic, Alex Shephard wrote Despite high-profile support from presidential candidates like Carly Fiorina, who delved into Ralph Wiggum-esque fan fiction while describing the videos at a Republican debate, [the people behind the faux Planned Parenthood sting videos] have often come across as the gang that couldn’t shoot straight and their videos have been widely debunked.

In 'Advice I Would Give My Thirteen-Year-Old Self' for The New Yorker, Alex Siquig wrote Read in your room, read outside, read on the bus, read erotica, read Viking erotica, read time-travel erotica, read dinosaur erotica, or amnesia erotica, or werewolf-on-vampire erotica, or hard-core robot erotica, or “Twin Peaks” erotic fanfiction, or D. H. Lawrence, or erotica about Scottish Highlanders, or secret-agent erotica, or C.I.A. vs. F.B.I. erotica, or maybe erotica about mountains falling in love with hills, erotica about Romulans and Vulcans, post-punk erotica . . . The important thing is to read.

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For Harper’s Bazaar (which still exists), Julie Kosin wrote that [Leonardo] DiCaprio and [Kate] Winslet maintain a rapport that's the stuff of fan-fiction dreams.

From DIY Magazine: Kanye and Kendrick - it’s a pairing previously resigned to a hip-hop Sub-Reddit’s worst fanfic.

The Daily Beacon’s Elle Johnson wrote that fanart and fanfiction are a way of continuing to bond with a movie.

And finally, for Michigan Daily, Rebecca Lerner wrote Sure, there’s some weird Poot Lovato fan fiction and the sorts of obsessive chat rooms that create phenomena like “50 Shades of Grey,” but there’s also some exceptional writing being done. So now the pit as an obsessive chatroom?
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In ‘Confronting the death of Severus Snape IRL’ for Brock Press, Steve Nadon wrote according to The Telegraph, Snape had become “Harry Potter’s most unlikely sex symbol”, being the starring subject of 47,000 pieces of fan-fiction, many of which are romantic in nature.

From Bob Hedelt in The Free Lance-Star: 'Spider-Man' fan fiction film helps budding career of young Spotsylvania actor.

For a piece for Equities on Bernie Sanders’ health care proposal, Joel Anderson wrote when a person who is a big fan of a particular creative franchise, like “Star Wars” or Twilight, they may engage in writing their own extensions of the book or movies they so love. They can fantasize about R2D2 leading his own X-Wing squadron or Jacob and Edward suddenly developing their own passionate romance and put it all down, even if it’s only for their own mollification. And that’s not at all a bad way, to me, of describing the proposal put forth by the Sanders campaign. It’s a lovely thought, but it’s not rooted in reality.

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Noelle Devoe wrote readers of Seventeen Guess there's no point in picking who should end up with who anyway since the final book of The 5th Wave series hasn't even come out yet. There's a ton of Team Ben and Team Evan fan fiction for you to enjoy on the wonderful world wide web until then..

In a review of Seussical the Musical for Hanford Sentinel, Pete Menting quoted director Bianca Ankrum "It’s kind of funny because there’s a lot of fan fiction out there and theories, that the kids would sit there and say ‘the little boy is Dr. Seuss!’"

From PhillyVoice’s Brandon Baker, answering ‘What is slash fiction?’, with the help of sociology prof Dustin Kidd: Slash fiction is a form of fan fiction, and fan fiction has been around a long time. Fan fiction is a space where fans write their own versions of existing storylines; I don’t know how far the first fanfic goes, but it’s associated with stories like "Star Trek" and fantasy novels, and it really spun out of novels initially but there became fan fiction of television shows, films and video games as well. So, slash fiction is a variant of fan fiction, but slash specifically focuses on relationships within the storyline and typically refers to male same-sex relationships. And those stories are most often authored by female fans.

Finally, [personal profile] msilverstar pointed me to a ref by Kaili Joy Gray on Wonkette: Ted Cruz believes he is many things: the reincarnation of Ronald Reagan; spokesman for Israel and all the Jewishes; an Ivy League-trained master debater genius wunderkind; and Jesus Christ hisself. Now he’s adding Great Conservative Republican Hero John (?) Kennedy to his fan-fic collection.
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Ryan Glasspiegel shared Fan Fiction About Peyton Manning Heading to the Dolphins with readers of The Big Lead.

For Entertainment Weekly, Jonathon Dornbush wrote Pearl Harbor honest trailer revisits Michael Bay's 'fan fiction version of history'.

According to Irish Independent’s Clare Cullen, Online trolls pen steamy fan fiction about local news anchors after narky on-air exchanges go viral.

For Pop Crush, Samantha Vincenty compiled Kylo Ren Fan Fiction Roundup: 7 Wild, Scary and Hilarious Tales.

More Star Wars )

For New York Magazine, Claire Landsbaum noted that those guys ‘currently occupying the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in Burns, Oregon’ have survived glitter bombs, vegan jerky, black eyes, stinging betrayals, and erotic fanfiction.

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In a review of Band of Robbers for Seattle Times, Moira Macdonald wrote The filmmakers have described “Band of Robbers” as [Mark Twain] fan fiction, and that feels about right: They don’t quite hit the mark, but it’s fun to watch them trying.

A Cambridge News piece on common tax mistakes included If you have additional income, you will need to include supplementary pages. This additional income may come from playing in a band at weekends, or perhaps your erotic fan-fiction has become a bestseller, or it could be from investments, property, shares etc.

From City Beat: the play Occupational Hazards is about an office fling that becomes the subject of fan-fiction with wildly divergent storylines.

In an Artnet News piece, Ben Davis mentioned that author David Shields is collaborating with director James Franco on a forthcoming book of Lana del Rey fan fiction.

A New York Times piece by Jennifer Kahn on piece on Applied Rationality mentioned that proponent Eliezer Yudkowsky is also the author of the popular fan-fiction novel ‘‘Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality.’’

Finally, Boston Globe’s Dugan Arnett wrote that a local turkey currently boasts a sizable Facebook following. It has been the focus of at least one Harvard-affiliated anthropological study, and it has served as the inspiration for both conspiracy theorists — some turkey-truth-ers remain convinced that there are, in fact, multiple Harvard turkeys — and for fan fiction.
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I know some of y’all will find this problematic, but I’ve been enjoying these: as summarized by Keri Blakinger in New York Daily News, Twitter pokes fun at Oregon militia with homoerotic fanfic tweets, which, according to Christian Holub in Entertainment Weekly, began when Decemberists singer Colin Meloy decided to match absurdity with absurdity by tweeting erotic fan fiction about the situation.

In ‘My Accidental Career as
a Russian Screenwriter’ for The New York Times, Michael Idov wrote On a site devoted to romantic fan fiction, an author expressed her shock after combining two of the [Londongrad] lead characters’ names into one, as is the custom among fanfic writers (Misha + Alisa = Milisa): It was the first time in her memory that the names were Russian.

In ‘How the Internet Picks Its Boyfriends’ in New York Magazine, Sulagna Misra wrote Popular fanfiction site Archive of Our Own has pairing tags that go "[main character]/you," perfect for romantic second-person fanfic.

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Daily Review’s Luke Buckmaster wrote that Sucker, which was inspired by the upbringing of comedian Lawrence Leung, bears similarities to the sort-of-real but mostly not vibe of The Family Law, which feels a little like fan fiction written by the same person it’s about.

In a piece about the origin of the ‘Mary Sue’ concept (and how Rey isn’t one) for Forbes, Erik Kain wrote that the point of the story was to spoof the worst tendencies of fan-fiction writers: To insert glorified, idealized versions of themselves into their fan fiction in unabashed acts of wish-fulfillment. And, for Metro, Sarah Deen wrote that John Boyega’s (fan-fiction friendly) turn as Finn in Episode 7 has won him scores of adoring fans who might be wanting to know where they can see him next.

From Matthew Lee in Metro: In the weirdest bit of fan fiction come to life this web producer has seen in quite a while, sexual potato Channing Tatum donned some Disney princess drag for a performance of “Let it Go.”

For Chicagoist, Rachel Cromidas wrote that Amy Schumer really is dating a dreamy furniture designer straight out of our Sex and the City fanfiction that takes place in Chicago.

For Vanity Fair, Richard Lawson wrote We shouldn’t speculate about whatever romance might be playing out between [Kate] Hudson and [Nick] Jonas, because that is the stuff of personal, private fan fiction.

Cosmopolitan’s Eliza Thompson wrote Shortly after Zayn Malik was seen clutching Gigi Hadid's cat to his shirtless chest the way you can only imagine him holding you in your dreams and fan fiction, Us Weekly reports that the pair were spotted apartment-hunting in NYC this week.

Finally, for NewStatesman, Elizabeth MInkel wrote about Star Wars, queer representation and the mainstreaming of slash.
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News that ‘Paramount Beams Producers of ‘Star Trek’ Fan Films Up to Court’ resulted in several references this past week, including, from Charles Bramesco of Screen Crush: For the most part, fan-fiction is all in good fun. Nobody can possibly fault diehard devotees of certain books, movies or TV shows for wanting to get involved in the fictional universes that capture their imagination, and if anything, perhaps they should be praised for channeling their passions into a creative, productive outlet. Excepting the fan-fiction that includes weird sex stuff (of which there is quite a bit), nobody gets hurt, and in a way, it could even be considered free publicity for the texts on which it’s based. But the low-stakes world of fan-fiction only works when it remains just that; a place for enthusiasts to share in their fandom. Once fan-fiction begins to take itself a little more seriously, and expand more aggressively, and accrue support from studios and major distributors, and, most importantly, make money, then play-time is over.

For Forbes/Tech, Paul Tassi wrote I dug [a particular Star Wars tie-in novel] so much, it was the first time (and one of the last times) I ever wrote fan-fiction (before I even knew that was a thing). I created an entire story about how (20 year-old spoiler alert) both Dash Rendar and human replicant Guri survived their supposed deaths in the final sequence, and went on to become a team of bounty hunters after Guri nursed Rendar back to health.

Captain America Director Refuses to Throw Cold Water on Your Romantic Bucky/Steve Fantasies (Joanna Robinson, Vanity Fair).

In ‘What kind of fan are you?’ for Entertainment Weekly, Madeline Boardman wrote This month on EW.com, we’re celebrating everything in the world of fans and fandoms. Whether you’re a Belieber or Directioner, Hunger Games enthusiast or Potterhead, you’re our stars for January — or rather, Fanuary. From a fan-fiction contest to an interactive bracket and a variety of submission opportunities, there are many ways for you to get involved.

In a review of Mallory Ortberg’s Texts from Jane Eyre: And Other Conversations with Your Favourite Literary Characters for Spectator, Samantha Ellis wrote It has been estimated that 95 per cent of fan fiction is written by women, and Ortberg’s book is confidently in that tradition, but it also offers the kind of geeky pleasures found in John Sutherland’s entertaining and illuminating Puzzles in Classic Fiction series; it is loving, knowing and, most of all, playful.

Regarding that pizza-loving rat, New York Magazine’s Chas Danner hypothesized Rat Law & Order fan-fiction.

In ‘6 Tips to Not Be an Annoying Couple on Social Media’ for GQ, Andrew Goble wrote you only get one opportunity a year to post a four-paragraph, five-red-wines-deep Facebook status about how your life has irreversibly changed since meeting Michelle. Even then, your Facebook status could read like bad The Notebook fan fiction. Know this before you publish.

In ‘Sherlock facts: 22 things you didn't know’ for The Telegraph, Ross Jones wrote There’s a 39-chapter romance novel; a much-viewed video super-cut, above, of Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman (or ‘Curly Fu’ and ‘Peanut’, to give them their Chinese nicknames) exchanging longing looks set to slushy music; plus, of course, the inevitable S&M scenarios. All of which may seem like fairly standard fan-fiction fare – until you remember that in China, writing such filth is a crime punishable with a lengthy jail term.

Finally, this piece in Express by Deela Debnath on The Abominable Bride mentions fanfic, but I’m staying unspoiled until after this headache goes away and I can give it the attention it deserves.
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In ‘Looking Back at 2015 in Book Publishing’ for The New York Times, Alexandra Alter wrote that, this past year, both Stephenie Meyer and E. L. James were borrowing a page from fan-fiction writers, who had already explored nearly every conceivable variation on the Edward-Bella and Christian-Anastasia romances.

In a profile of local teen author for Del Mar Times, Karen Billing wote Sahana [Kumar] is already working on the third book in the trilogy and also writes fan fiction.

From Brian Feldman in New York Magazine: Which Star Wars Couples Are People Drooling Over? The Force Awakens Fan-Fiction Power Rankings (which includes Since the dawn of Kirk-Spock slashfic (slash being, the more cultured among you already know, the genre of fan fiction focused on queer sexual and romantic relationships), no higher praise has been available to science fiction than an army of devoted fans eagerly imagining characters falling in love, engaging in cute domestic tasks, and screwing each other's brains out).

More Star Wars )

Folgerscest, Sherlock Holmes, Charles Dickens, Ted Cruz, Hermione )

An article about a 17-year-old struck and killed by a car mentions that the girl wrote her own fan fiction based on two of her favorite book series — Lord of the Rings and Twilight — and even had fans of her own. (Josh Solomon, Tampa Bay Times.)

Cosmopolitan’s Dusty Baxter-Wright wrote that Granting all The Hunger Games fan-fiction stories true forever and ever amen, Jennifer Lawrence revealed she and Liam Hemsworth have got it on off-screen.

Finally, from People: Oh my God you guys there's so much Benson/Stabler fan fiction out there. I can't look away. I'm so sorry I went down this rabbit hole. It's terrible down here.
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Ted Cruz Erotic Fan Fiction Is A Thing You Can Buy And Read Right Now, according to Dan Solomon in The Daily Post.

In ‘15 REASONS NO ONE COMES TO YOUR GIGS’ for Houston Press, Kristy Love wrote 9. DON'T SOUND LIKE YOUR INFLUENCES Are you such an exact facsimile that you sound indistinguishable from the original? If it sounds as if you’ve been writing musical fan fiction for that band, give it up.

The Guardian’s Benjamin Lee asked 45 Years director Andrew Haigh do you have any personal fan-fiction of what you think happened to the couple after the party?

Harry Potter, Detroit Lions, Star Wars (spoiler free), The Nightmare Before Christmas, US politics, 1D, Frankie Jonas, A Royal Night Out )

For Christian Post Marvie Basilan wrote Prince Harry and Pippa Middleton Dating Rumors: Two Outlets Slam Fan-Fic Theories.

San Diego Reader’s Barnaby Monk wrote Former Wu-Tang MC Ghostface Killah rocks the mic at Observatory North Park behind this year’s Twelve Reasons to Die II, a sequel to 2013’s well-received concept record Twelve Reasons to Die, itself an extension of Killah’s noms de rap “Tony Starks” and “Ironman” and a Marvel-sized storyline of gangster-rap fan fiction in which Killah saves the genre from the Mob. Okay…

For Brooklyn Paper, Allegra Hobbs wrote than the upcoming “Goths for Dogs” will also feature the first Brooklyn debut of the band’s touring show “Keys Open Doors: The Hidden Life of Laura Palmer” — a synthy piece of auditory and visual fan-fiction about the fictional murder victim from David Lynch’s television show “Twin Peaks.”

Finally, for Mesabi Daily News, in an update about the state of kids, Mark Sauer wrote No. 2 makes eye contact once or twice a day when she needs a moment’s rest from reading fan fiction on her iPad.
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Daniel D’Addario placed Poot Lovato at #15 on a list of 'The 16 Most Influential Fictional Characters of 2015' for TIME: This fan-fiction character—based on an unflattering and likely manipulated photo of pop singer Demi Lovato—is undeniably absurd.

From Rebecca Ford on Hollywood Reporter: One Direction-Inspired Fan Fiction Author [Anna Todd] Scores Unique Book Deal.

For CBS Sports, Mike Axisa wrote that Baseball America ranked [Austin] Hedges as the No. 4 prospect in San Diego's system prior to 2015, and the scouting report reads like catcher defense fan fiction.

Seventeen’s Doelle Devoe wrote that fans are pretty much making their own Insta-flirting fan fiction, maybe in hopes that they'll trick Selena or Niall into thinking they're real and spark something to happen between the two.

In a piece on the best books the writers and editors of The Atlantic read in 2015, Julie Beck wrote Carry On also has a meta-thing going with Rowell’s earlier book Fangirl, though you don’t need to be familiar to enjoy it. It stands alone, though you may be reminded of fanfiction anyway: The romance between Simon and his roommate/mortal enemy Baz feels like the fulfillment of a million Harry/Draco slashfiction dreams.

For whosay, Sarah Bellman explained How The RocketJump Team Is Using Fan Fiction To Fight Sexism In Geek Culture.

Batman v Superman, NFL, Star Wars, Hong Kong Copyright, Coldplay )

For NBC News, Carrie Dann and Andrew Rafferty wrote It's obvious that it's worth taking all the 2016 convention fanfic with a grain of salt, but it's also not entirely crazy to talk about the possibility that we head into Cleveland without a clear picture of who the nominee might be.

Finally, for Recorder Journal, Lorena Waters wrote about Fan Fic Sensibility and the Id Vortex.
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From James Knight on Classicalite: Tom Perrotta Talks ‘Leftovers’ Video Game and Fan Fiction after “International Assassin”.

For The Walk Street Journal’s China Realtime, Lilian Lin wrote Xu Yuanxiang, vice president of Beijing-based Alibaba Pictures, said in a film seminar on Friday that the company would no longer hire professional screenwriters. Instead it would gather material from online forums and fan fiction writers to compete with each other over screenwriting credit. This is a pretty interesting piece – I recommend clicking through.

In ‘Poets tuning in to TV’ for The Boston Globe, Matthew Gilbert wrote Sometimes the laughs are ironic, at the expense of TV or of viewer naivete; but there are a number of fan-fiction-like pieces that are both funny and celebratory.

A National Post piece on the best books of 2015 describes Lynn Crosbie’s Where Did You Sleep Last Night as very high-end [Kurt Cobain] fanfiction.

Una McCormack told Cambridge News that My first novel was 70,000 word fanfiction based on the works of JRR Tolkien.

Ryan Coogler told The New York Times’s Mekado Murphy that his inspiration for Creed was somewhere between fan fiction and me trying to dedicate something with my father at a time I thought I was going to lose him. [His father is better now.] For The Nation, Dave Zirin wrote Creed is to Rocky what Wide Sargasso Sea is to Jane Eyre: fan fiction elevated to high art. And, in a Sydney Morning Herald review, Jake Wilson wrote that the movie is a superior example of Hollywood's current wave of fan-fic.

Star Wars, The Leftovers, Rainbow Rowell, Batman v Superman, The Walking Dead, Anne of Green Gables )

The Wall Street Journal’s Michael Pietsch observed that Self-publishing will continue to grow, and appetites unnoticed by mainstream publishers, like the erotica explosion that began in online fan fiction, will find, well, satisfaction.

Finally, Rachel Crouch wrote about Fanfiction and Fanart: The World Beyond Fifty Shades of Grey for The Mary Sue.
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Northeast Valley News’s Tamara Juarez argued that Authors [are] wrong to take offense at fanfiction.

The Week shared that Almost everything about Star Wars: The Force Awakens is a closely held secret, so on Monday's Jimmy Kimmel Live, Kimmel engaged in what might be called fan fiction. For Montreal Gazette, Hayley Juhl wrote that, of one theory, with Indiana Jones doing double duty as Han Solo there’s all sorts of fodder for strange fan fiction here. And, in The Washington Post, Patrick Thaddeus Jackson and Daniel Nexon got meta: We can still argue about the meaning, message, and theories of politics operating in, say, a speculative-fiction franchise. But such arguments should take text, image, and other aspects of the relevant medium seriously. Otherwise what we produce amounts to bad fan fiction — bad because it rests on misleading and partial readings of the source material.

In “We’re all geeks now” for The Christian Century, Kathryn Reklis wrote that, at New York Comic Con, As I listened to fans compare references to comic books in recent films and dissect favorite characters on fan fiction websites, I wondered if anything I teach would ever inspire such passion, commitment, and communal connectivity.

From a piece in The Columbia Chronicle on being a fan: Some of those people who are considered most fanatic—the word from which fan is derived—are known as “shippers.” They want the character, actor or artist to be in a relationship with someone of their choosing, often another character, actor or artist. These shippers are known for creating fan art or fanfiction depicting the people they “ship” in a relationship together.

This was pretty well done: from Karen Hines in Calgary Herald: Fan fiction centred around Prime Minister Justin Trudeau takes a disturbing and impassioned turn.

Creed, James Bond, Gilmore Girls, Game of Thrones, Fargo, NaNoWriMo, Hey Arnold!, Hunger Games )

Victor Frankenstein, Hannibal, Doctor Who, Blur )

In a piece about (same) sex ed for The Telegraph, Kaite Welsh wrote Trial, error and some Buffy the Vampire Slayer lesbian fanfiction helped me establish the basics, but sexual health - and sexual enjoyment - shouldn't be left to experimentation and badly written porn.

A New York Times piece on the hunt for, and eventual capture of, a serial swatter, described one of the victims: She had played games since she was 6, when her father introduced her to Doom; after her parents went through a difficult divorce, she sought refuge in a ‘‘Harry Potter’’ fan site called MuggleNet, where she wrote and shared fan fiction.

Describing comedian Philip Schallberger for Willamette Week, John Locanthi wrote He's crafted erotic Matlock fan fiction.

The DUFF author Kody Keplinger told MTV’s Jocelyn Rish that, for initial beta readers, I had a couple of friends who wrote fan fiction along with me – I wrote a lot of fan fiction when I was in middle school and high school – and we were used to sharing our stories for fan fic. So when I started writing original stuff, I knew I could go through a couple of them.

Finally, from Alex Shephard in New Republic: Call it Islamophobic fan fiction: Trump is dramatizing chain letters now.
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From USA Today’s EntertainThis’s Patrick Ryan: Daniel Radcliffe and James McAvoy are HERE for your erotic fan fiction.

New Republic’s Jeet Heer opined that Ridley Scott and George Lucas have regressed to producing fan fiction of their earlier works.

In “A fan of the fiction” for The Philippine Star, Margarita Buenaventura wrote You got your books, you got your movie tie-in novelizations, and then you got fanfiction.

For Bustle, JR Thorpe shared 5 Things You Should Know About Slash Fiction.

From The Austin Chronicle: [Clay Liford is] facing the hard work of revising and polishing his latest feature film, Slash. The coming-of-age comedy follows an introverted high school freshman obsessed with writing fan fiction about the sexual relationships of fictional characters.

Rolling Stone’s David Ehrlich wrote that this year alone [Carter Burwell has] provided music for Bill Condon's fanciful Sherlock fan-fiction Mr. Holmes, Brian Helgeland's gangster biopic Legend, and Charlie Kaufman and Duke Johnson's stop-motion animation opus Anomalisa.

Star Trek, NaNoWriMo, Dickens, Game of Thrones, The Beatles, kids today, Harry Potter, Katniss/Hermione, One Direction, Obama/Trudeau, I'm A Celebrity...Get Me Out Of Here! )

Joe Craig advised young readers of The Guardian to think twice before grabbing an existing character or personality for your story. Fan fiction is great, and a wonderful way to start out as a writer. It can help you hone your skills and be a launchpad for your own imaginative journeys. But it’s not going to win a creative writing competition.

In "Huge Harry Potter fan sells herself to go to the theme park" for Metro, Jen Mills wrote Sure, it could be a hoax… but then again, there really is a fan fiction genre known as ‘Potterotica’, so tbh you just never know.

In a review of several British Royals-inspired productions for The New Yorker, Michael Schulman wrote Rendered on screen or even in prose, all this might have felt like a fan-fic edition of the Daily Mail.

The Independent Florida Alligator’s Sally Greider wrote I sat down to write wild stories about elves and fairy princesses when I was in elementary school. I discovered fan fiction in middle school and was super into it, and in high school and college I’ve toyed around with short stories that might never make it out of my computer’s hard drive but are special to me all the same.

In a piece about stress for Fox News, Kate Rockwood wrote If your sleep scenes play out like Dancing with the Stars-meets-The Walking Dead fan fiction, you may need a lot more shut-eye.

Finally, Lifestyles Editor Brooke Leonard wrote about Family Fanfiction Night for Camp Lejeune Globe.
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The announcement of a Clarissa Explains It All novel, Things I Can't Explain, by series creator Mitchel Kriegman, inspired a few fanfic refs this week. Several pieces, including a Mirror article by Alistair McGeorge, excerpted Chris Harnick on E! Online, who quoted Melissa Joan Hart: "I know the fans say they want [popular series to be revived], but then—then they're really hard on you after. It never turns out as well as the fan-fiction does, you know?" And, Kriegman spoke with Indiewire’s Liz Shannon Miller about (among other things) why he doesn't mind any comparisons between the book and fan fiction.

In a review for The New York Times, Scarlett Thomas wrote [David Mitchell’s] “Slade House” is what happens when authors start writing their own fan fiction.

For The Cornell Daily Sun, Sam Bromer wrote First, [Theodor] Adorno and [Siegfried] Kracauer are the biggest dweebs in the world for spending their Saturdays reading Kant. Second, I think that it would be hilarious if someone took this scenario and made some sort of Adorno-Kracauer soft-porn fan fiction … vast readership, please get on that. Anyway… Yeah, I'd read that.

In a Free Press (Boston University) piece about her development as a writer, Casey Mintz wrote The summer between ninth and tenth grade […] I penned my first novel. It was over 1,000 pages. I also wrote the sequel, which clocked in at a little under 700 pages. I’d send chapters as I wrote them to my best friend Hannah, and on the rare nights I didn’t write anything, she would harass me for more. We had starring roles in the book, a self-insert story about going on tour with our favorite band and falling in and out of love with various members. It was fan-fiction before I even knew what fan-fiction was.

From Alicia Adejobi in International Business Times: Niall Horan has appeared in a new book and, surprisingly, it is not One Direction fan-fic. The End Of The Day singer appears in author JK Rowling's new book Career Of Evil, which will be the third in her Cormoran Strike series.

Guh, I hate this sort of quote, but it was in WIRED which is pretty darn mainstream, so here goes: on the Geeks Guide to the Galaxy podcast, SF writer William Shunn said that The Book of Mormon is nothing if not Bible fan fiction.

NaNoWriMo, Danmei, Buffy, Foo Fighters, Game of Thrones, Supernatural, Fargo, Cathy Day and Superfrog, One Direction, Star Trek, How To Get Away With Murder )

For The New York Times’s The Learning Network, Jeremy Dean and Katherine Schulten wrote annotation is something we all do all the time and can include everything from footnotes to criticism, graffiti to fan fiction. What is social media but spaces where people annotate texts and images, the digital margins of our daily lives?

In a Spectre review for East Valley Tribune, Kaely Monahan advised readers to Insert copious amounts of James Bond-Sherlock fan fiction here.

In a piece about Eugene Comic Con for Eugene Weekly, Amy Schneider wrote Comics and fantasy realms matter to people — the X-Men fanfiction I wrote as a teenager (did I really just admit to that?) was god-awful, but it did help build my confidence as a writer because I joined a group of fans who shared my interests.

From the biography of new The Western News staffwriter Crismore Clancy: Crismore first discovered his writing dream by accident. He was on the computer one day and found the website fanfiction.net. He started an account and began writing stories based on some of his favorite works of fiction. As reviews started rolling in, he kept writing and began to build a readership.

Maybe if you live in Scranton this makes sense: Chris Kelly began an election piece for The Times-Tribune Most locals don't know Charlie Spano was a pioneer in "Star Trek" fan fiction, but his ghostwriting in Tuesday's general election can't be ignored.

In ‘The Evolution of Aziz Ansari’ for Vulture Elise Czajkowski wrote Reading [Ansari’s tumblr back in 2008] felt like an intimate experience, and for followers it established Ansari as a relatable, excited, tasteful young guy who likes LCD Soundsystem, writes Friday Night Lights fanfiction, and hates Time Warner as much as you do.

Finally, in response to a reader’s question during a webchat sponsored by The Guardian, Anthony Horowitz wrote I shall go to fanfiction.net immediately! I had no idea this was happening. And I'm very moved. It's great to think that the Alex Rider stories are encouraging people to write, as well as read.
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The story of the terminally ill man who wants to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens has been everywhere, including the detail that he writes fan fiction (Caitlin Keating, People).

In “10 Things Never to Say to a Fangirl” for Seventeen, Noelle Devoe included, at #3, "Fan fiction is so weird." Also from Seventeen: Love reading fanfic about your fave celebs and shows, books and movies? Seventeen.com will be publishing excerpts from the best Wattpad fanfic.

James Bond, D&D, David Mitchell, commenting, Marissa Meyer, The Suffers, Harry Potter, Peanuts, Neil Gaiman, Justin Trudeau, Nic Jonas )

For Ecumenical News, Karen Regpala wrote The Doctor might show up one day in 221B Baker Street and ask the Sherlock-Watson tandem to help with a mission. Later, he might have a device that can help wipe out their memories. Or, simply have a mission that does not involve too much aliens and space travel. Either way, it would work and will surely be a hit to fans, who have already dedicated a lot of time creating crossover fan fiction.

In a piece on digital book design for The Bookseller, Azim Ozakil wrote It is only with the dawn of the internet age that fan fiction really started making a stronger case for wreaders. Fan web sites abounded and fan fiction sometimes even transcended the publishing barriers to be standalone published stories.

In a piece about Fanaticon for Dothan Eagle, Peggy Ussery quoted con director Phillip Chalker: ”Maybe you’re a writer and you write fan fiction – you can meet someone who has published their own book … Once you see someone else from where you’re from do it, you go, ‘I can do that.’ It gives people a chance to pursue their passion.”

From Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Where’s a fangirl to go, not only to buy a “Captain Picardigan” but also to post her fan fic? To HerUniverse.com, of course. I’m not sure this is true…

Finally, the Concordia College news office reported that “Carissa Rodenbiker ’16, Sauk Centre, Minn., won first prize in the Sociologists of Minnesota's undergraduate paper competition” for ‘I'm Not a Girl’: Representing Masculinity in Slash Fiction.
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According to Entertainment Weekly’s Jonathon Dornbush, South Park wants viewers to submit Craig/Tweek slash fan art for this week's episode (now past). For Tech Times, Lauren Keating explained In the brand new episode, Asian girls in school draw "dreamy" pictures of Tweek and Craig, creating their very own yaoi fan fiction mangas. For those who are not familiar with yaoi (which means "Boys' Love"), it is the Japanese genre that focuses on romantic or sexual relationship between male characters.

Pride of Detroit featured Jeremy Reisman’s Detroit Lions fan fiction: Lions win shootout over Vikings 42-38.

Country Music Television’s website published Adam Pisarsky’s Zombies Down South: A Fan Fiction Story.

Boston Herald’s Mark Perigard wrote, of Wicked CIty, I swear, the character names are out of “Downton Abbey” fan fiction.

Rainbow Rowell, Twilight, One Direction, Harry Potter, Neil Gaiman, cosplay, The Book of Mormon, Terminator Genisys, Sherlock Holmes )

Waco Tribune’s Carl Hoover wrote that a modern counterpart [to extra-canonical gospels] might be fan fiction, where fans of a particular television series, movie or novel expand those stories through creations of their own, Jenkins said.

From Robert Lees in Highlander News (UC Riverside): Vin Diesel filmed his self-insert “Van Helsing” fanfiction and called it “The Last Witch Hunter.”

From Mary Emily O'Hara in Daily Dot: The lesbian community's crush on you, Abby, is no joke. Yes, we still write fan fiction about other USWNT players. But you know very well that it's not every day that we get a hero of your status—an out Olympian, a super-dyke with the strength to topple hundreds of international soccer teams and the humility to always give a shout-out to your teammates before taking any credit for yourself.

For Road Warrior Voices, Jessica Festa quoted Stephanie Yoder of Twenty-Something Travel: On my last flight I devoured The Royal We by Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan, which was fun, bubbly and had surprising depth for a book that is essentially fan fiction about the British royal family. Super entertaining for anglophiles like myself.

Finally, in ‘‘Star Wars’ Doesn’t Belong to George Lucas. It Belongs to the Fans’ for The New York Times, Manohla Dargis wrote In its narrative simplicity — its good versus evil morality, its cheerfully blank hero and bang-bang action — “Star Wars” became the ultimate toy, one that fans could spin in all sorts of directions. Its universe was at once specific and so broad that it inspired fan fiction in every imaginable form, tone and medium from comics to novels and movies.
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From Elizabeth Minkel in New Statesman: What is fanfiction, anyway?

For Korea Herald, Ahn Sung-mi wrote Web fiction -- written works of literature available primarily or solely on the Web -- began small and intimate on online community sites when people -- amateur writers -- began uploading fan fiction of their favorite stars, romance or fantasy stories for hobbies.

In ‘The Origin Stories of 5 Women in Geek Media’ for New York Magazine, Danielle Smith wrote Alisha Grauso, editor-in-chief of Moviepilot.com, a popular website dedicated to constructive writing about movies, was the panel moderator *. She began by asking the panelists how they became involved in a career in geek media. The answers varied, but the ideal recipe seems to be a little geekiness, some fanfiction stories, a handful of Twitter, and tons of hard work.

From a Bluffton Icon piece by Fred Steiner on Bluffton University Professor Dr. April Lindner, who has made a career out of ‘retellings of classic novels’: Lindner said retellings aren’t, as some critics have claimed, fan fiction, which she defined as “writing for one’s own satisfaction, or sometimes that of a small audience of fellow fans. A retelling goes a step farther, is conscious of a wider audience and of making something that can stand on its own.”

In The Advocate (Mt. Hood Community College), Emily Wintringham and Matana McIntire presented Dissenting opinions on the merits of fan fiction.

Rosewood, TPP, Star Wars, Rainbow Rowell, Pentatonix )

Jane Austen, Courtenay Taylor, Pan, House Republicans, The Walking Dead, The Haunted Mansion )

In a review of Mr. Burns, a post-electric play for Daily Student (Indiana University), Maia Rabenold wrote “The third act really feels like a fan fiction,” actor Jason Craig West said. “It’s like someone took the characters and put their own complete spin on it. It’s ‘The Simpsons’ in a way the audience has never seen before.”

From a BSC Kids piece on the New York Comic Con: When the [“Making the Impossible Possible”] panel was asked about what they enjoy reading in order to recharge, a surprising number of the authors preferred non-fiction, although science fiction and fan fiction were also mentioned.

The Baltimore Sun’s Wesley Case wrote OK, this is either wishful, bizarre fan-fiction or merely an excuse to say Tristan Wilds — actor from “The Wire” and “90210” and R&B singer under the name Mack Wilds — stars in the anticipated video for Adele’s new single, “Hello,” which debuted Friday.

For The Guardian, Stuart Heritage wrote You know, I might have got Amazon wrong. If reports by some workers are to be believed, it’s a cranky, Dickensian curmudgeon, existing as nothing more than a horrifying manifestation of the fan fiction that George Orwell once wrote about his local Argos.

Finally, from the Stillwater Current: Do you long to carry on the amazing story lines of your favorite novels, and live with your most treasured characters beyond the final page of the final chapter? That’s what fan fiction is for! Learn how to carry on your favorite story lines – and invent your own – in this engaging [library] class on extending the lives of your favorite characters. No experience necessary.
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In conjunction with 'Homer, Hagrid and the Incredible Hulk' for BBC Radio 4, Ben Hammersley wrote Fan fiction is our new folklore - a continuation of the traditions that gave us the tales of Robin Hood or the Knights of the Round Table.

From Claire Fallon in Huffington Post: Welcome To The Sex-Positive Wonderland Of Erotic Fan Fiction.

From The Week: Stephen Colbert mocks CNN for its bizarre 'fan fiction' about Joe Biden showing up at Tuesday's debate.

In a piece about the wisdom of giving children smartphones for The Straits Times, Oo Gin Lee wrote my second daughter, who is 10 this year, spends an inordinate amount of time reading anime fan fiction - stories created by fans around their favourite characters from Japanese animated shows. I worry not only about how she spends more time reading than doing her homework, but also about the standard of the grammar.

For MTV.com, Stacey Grant wrote Last month, [artist Isaiah K.] Stephens reimagined Disney characters as famous ’00 pop stars, including NSYNC and the Spice Girls, because duh. Now, he’s inspiring us to start writing fan fiction about Mulan’s adventures in Hogwarts.

Bronies, Madonna, Back to the Future, Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality, Descendants, NFL, Amy Leigh Strickland, Hunger Games, Rainbow Rowell, Donald Trump )

Zach Johnson reported for E! Online that [director John Musker said that inter-Disney-movie] crossover theory was "interesting," but ultimately added with a laugh, "It's like fan fiction." (Yeah, the tenses don’t quite work here, but they don’t work in the original article either, so.)

For The Patch, Adam Swift profiled a soon-to-be published teen author who wrote [on WattPad] under the category of fan fiction, using celebrity characters (5 Seconds of Summer).

A CNN obituary by Henry Hanks of Bruce Hyde, who played Lt. Kevin Riley on ST:TOS, noted that the character, though in only two episodes, appeared in "Star Trek" novels and other fan fiction.

In ‘Science Explains... Why Being a Fan Is Good For You’ for Inverse, Sarah Sloat wrote There’s a reason why you can find fan fiction for Star Trek, One Direction, and Rob Gronkowski.

Finally, Young Adult fantasy author Kimberly Karalius told Tampa Bay Times’s Sharon Kennedy Wynne When I was a teen, I wrote fan fiction and shared it online. Getting feedback from strangers was thrilling; it taught me to trust in my storytelling skills and feel confident in sharing my writing with the world. Plus, fan fiction is just plain fun to write. Imagining what characters do outside of the movie, book or TV series you love and being able to share that with fellow fans is such a unique and rewarding experience. And when you're ready to write your own original piece, you'll be able to jump right in!
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In an NPR review of Rainbow Rowell’s Carry On, Amal El-Mohtar wrote I'll say — not at all facetiously — that Carry On is hands-down the best Harry Potter fan fiction I've ever read, and I've read some genuinely excellent fan fiction (shout-out to GatewayGirl's Blood Magic!). Los Angeles Times’s Sulagna Misra wrote that Rowell explains in an author's note here that while one might recognize familiar elements from "Fangirl," "Carry On" is neither a book from that imaginary series nor the main character's fan fiction, but a different story altogether. For The Guardian, Elizabeth Minkel asked Rainbow Rowell's Carry On: meta-fan fiction, or simply a novel? And, for The Daily Dot, Aja Ramano wrote Carry On isn't just fanfiction; rather, fanfiction itself is never just fanfiction. This is the thing that we who write fanfiction have so much trouble getting across to people unfamiliar with the medium. Sing it!

Stephenie Meyer has gender-swapped Twilight! Or, as an AFP story published in, among other places, Hindustan Times, announced, Writing her own fan fiction: Twilight gets a ‘gender reversal’. For some reason this has really offended e.g. Eric Thurm of Paper Magazine, who, in Comparing gender-swapped Twilight fan fic to actual gender swapped Twilight fan fic, wrote This is part of a mildly disturbing trend of writers becoming famous for genre-inflected young adult series and then, with little else left in the tank, returning again and again to that same fictional universe in ways that don't always seem terribly productive, they're also damaging to the experience people had of the material in the first place. The prime offender in this respect is J.K. Rowling, whose increasingly frenzied attempts at writing Harry Potter fan fiction and asserting total authorial control over the work are basically ruining my little sister's childhood. And, for The Guardian, Mathilda Gregory wrote Gender swap is a fan-fiction trope that attempts to fix problems with the original story. The debate over whether or not Meyer’s new novel counts as fan fiction is already aflame. Can it be fan fiction if it is by the author of the original work? Is fan fiction, by definition, written by fans? No one seems to know for sure.

Marvel, Competitive Erotic Fan Fiction, Steve Jobs, Japanese Copyright Law, Literary Geocaching, storytelling )

For The Teleraph, Kaite Welsh wrote Fanfiction, once the literate nerd's dirty little secret, has spawned academic studies, bestsellers like 50 Shades (which started life on fanfiction.net as Twilight fanfic) -and conventions of its own. Because when TV and film don't give us lesbian vampire slayers, bisexual heroines or non-binary superheroes, we have to create our own.

In “More than a disability” for Baylor Lariat, Matthew Dotson wrote If you were to talk to a certain user on Devaintart.com called WhenPigsMayFly, or the same person Grey154 on fanfiction.net, you wouldn’t notice anything too obscure about him.

In “Do you even fandom?” for The West Georgian, Annierra Matthews wrote Fanfiction, fanart and fan videos are just some of the ways you can show-off your artistry.

Salt Lake City Weekly’s Kylee Ehmann interviewed Anne Jamison, who explained Why Fanfiction Is Taking Over the World.

Finally, for Digital Book World, Jane Tappuni wrote Publishers of the future will need to move more quickly and think very seriously about how they manage and license the rights in their possession. It will be a big challenge, but we can see one interesting way forward with all this: of all things, fan fiction.
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In a TIME review, Lev Grossman wrote that Rainbow Rowell’s Carry On isn’t fan fiction, but it plays off Harry Potter, using those books as a springboard to reach raw, vivid and frequently hilarious heights all its own. And, after explaining its origins (which I won't get into here), Post-Gazette’s Julie Hakim Azzam asked Does that make “Carry On” a fanfiction of a fictional fanfiction?

According to a Los Angeles Times review by Christopher Farnsworth (NBA legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar wrote a novel about Sherlock Holmes' brother (and it's good!)), ACD fans have created literary societies and published enough fan-fiction to fill several libraries.

In The Scarlet & Black (Grinnell College), Kelly Pyzik wrote With origins steeped in the amateur press movement, fanfiction and other forms of obsession outside the mainstream, “zines” are self-published, small circulation mini-magazines created in the spirit of free expression.

For The Cornell Daily Sun, Sam Bromer begins a piece on the U.S. prison system Hello, massive and fervent column audience: I know you’re probably all here expecting me to talk about something fun, like the politics of feline hook-up culture or the secret world of Insane Clown Posse slash fiction.

Creed, Stonewall, Baywatch, Halo 5, X-Files, The Handmaid's Tale, fanzines, fan films, Buffy, Bronies, Age of Ultron )

Describing a horror movie spoof he produced with friends, Rick Fike told Tribune-Review’s Mark Hofmann "It's almost like fan fiction."

Julie Miller documented the heck out of the Amy Poehler/Tom Hanks faux feud, which includes Hanks’s own Hanks-Poehler fan fiction, for Vanity Fair. In another piece, she wrote that [Amy] Schumer used the Emmy red carpet to clarify that she and [Jennifer] Lawrence are not exactly Best Friends Forever, even if the Internet has cast them as such in its fan fiction.

Finally, the Waterloo Cedar Falls Courier announced that among the fall offers at the Hearst Center for the Arts are Classes in Zen doodling and fan-fiction writing.
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It's late, so I'll be brief and do some catching up next week.

Observer’s Drew Grant presented 'Empire' Season 2 Premiere: A Fan Fiction Recap.

In ‘Lisbeth Salander: The Girl Who Survived Her Creator’ for The Atlantic, Sophie Gilbert wrote Stephen King has published his own fan-fictionesque works featuring monsters created by H.P. Lovecraft.

Daily Princetonian's Lin King observed that It would be impossible to directly identify any character in [Zadie] Smith’s story [On Beauty] as a carbon copy or fanfic replica of a character in “Howards End.”

For US Weekly, Nicholas Hautman wrote Glee star Chris Colfer has signed a new multi-book agreement to extend his Land of Stories children’s book series. But here’s the best part: the deal also includes a brand-new young adult fiction novel, titled Stranger Than Fan Fiction.

From Chris Baker in WIRED: there has never, ever been anything like Lego Dimensions, available Sunday on multiple platforms. It mixes and matches elements of blockbuster IPs with the heedless abandon of a fanfic author hopped up on Pixie Stix and Mountain Dew.

Outside Magazine’s Jay Bennett wrote that [Andy Weir’s] work ranged from a supernatural piece about death, called “The Egg,” to fan fiction set in the universe of Doctor Who. Then he tried a new format—posting serial installments about a man left for dead on the Red Planet, titled The Martian.

Finally, in ‘In memory of Terry Pratchett’ for Ames Tribune, Tracy Briseno wrote I think that fan fiction can be enjoyed as its own unique being separate from the author’s own canon of published works.


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