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According to Jeremy D. Goodwin in Boston Globe, [the play] “RoosevElvis” aims to playfully reclaim elements of American myth and masculinity. But it’s more like fan fiction (make that, fan historical fiction) for history and pop culture nerds — Teddy Roosevelt donning boxing gloves to obsessively punch at projected images of buffalo, Elvis Presley karate-chopping pizza boxes in half.

For Bloomberg View (as reprinted by Chicago Tribune), Stephen Carter wrote A good way to decide whether a work based on another should truly be called creative is to borrow Abigail Derecho's term "archontic." Derecho, writing about Internet fan fiction, uses the word to describe a new creation that enlarges a source text without violating its boundaries. "Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead" would be archontic in this sense. So would "The Wind Done Gone."

For CNN Philippines, Carina Santos reported on Slash and subversion through #RP69FanFic.

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From Joshua Preston for the Georgia Tech News Center: In a new study, Georgia Institute of Technology researchers have found one group of fan fiction writers that has created a successful online community, which might serve as a model to help make the future social web markedly different from today’s landscape.

Finally, Elspeth Reeve had an interesting piece on RPF in New Republic: Rule 34 of the internet holds: If you can imagine it, there is porn of it online. It’s slightly different for the famous: If you can imagine it, there’s porn of you doing it..
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In a Christian Science Monitor review of Scarlett Epstein Hates It Here, Katie Ward Beim-Esche wrote Scarlett’s a BNF (big-name fan) in the show’s fan community, thanks to her popular fan fiction pieces (“fanfics”). When the network yanks “Lycanthrope High,” Scarlett and her fellow BNFs are crushed. Determined to preserve the fanverse, they decide to carry the torch with spin-off pieces.

Alexandra Petri wrote Fan fiction, Young Han Solo and the State of the ‘Star Wars’ for Washington Post’s ComPost.

For USA Today, Cara Kelly wrote The 2016 presidential campaign has provided the most mind-boggling blending of political fan fiction and real events.

AOL Sports asked "Kansas City Chiefs second-year wide receiver [and Star Wars fan] Chris Conley" What was the impetus of your fan-fiction film?

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In 'Young Adult fantasy writer launches novella' for Trinidad and Tobago Newsday, Janelle De Souza wrote Even as a teenager, [author Desari-Ann Howard Gibbs] and her secondary school friends would write a lot of fan fiction.

Ryan Syrek kind of garbles the history, definition, and shifting baggage of the 'Mary Sue' label in a generally interesting Omaha Reader piece.

The Spectrum’s Matthew Jacobson wrote that While adding his own spin on established characters at a fan fiction website several years ago, [local comic writer Jared Gifford] met up with other comic book enthusiasts who eventually introduced him to independent publishers.

In a review of the Kindle Oasis for WMUR’s website, Heather Kelly wrote Available in three shades of distressed leather, the magnet covers work great and snap on nicely, but they look incredibly stuffy. On the plus side, they might trick people into thinking you're reading lyrical prose or important nonfiction while you're really downing Beyoncé fanfic.

Finally, Luther College News’s Claudia Elvidge wrote What makes this massive outpouring of creative energy [surrounding Homestuck] so fascinating to me is how little creators knew they could expect in return for their fan creations. Although there are more ways to support artists online than there used to be, nobody spends days on fanart for a modern fandom thinking it'll be hung in a museum one day. Nobody writes a fanfiction several hundred thousand words long thinking it'll be published and sold in Barnes & Noble. Nobody learns to sew, apply body paint, and parade around in-character in a cosplay thinking their creation will end up in a runway show. So much of what is created for fandom is created simply because of personal interest in an original work and a desire to channel the passion they feel for it through some medium.
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[personal profile] elmey pointed me toward a fanfic-ref-heavy piece on Cassandra Clare by Penelope Green in The New York Times.

Beyonce’s Lemonade has inspired fanfic; the world noticed, and, thus, so did I. For Refinery29, Morgan Baila compiled Your Complete Guide To The Beyoncé Fan Fiction You Need To Read To Believe. From Jessica Goodman in Entertainment Weekly: Beyoncé Lemonade fan fiction author speaks out: 'I've been having so much fun'; and, from Jessica Goldstein in ThinkProgress: When Beyoncé Gave Us ‘Lemonade,’ This Fan Fiction Writer Made ‘The Lemons.’ For The Verge, Kaitlyn Tiffany wrote The Lemons is hilarious Beyoncé fan fiction, aware of its own absurdity. Vulture’s Dee Lockett wrote Of Course the Guy Behind the Greatest Beyoncé-Jay Z Fanfic The Lemons Is Amazing. And, finally, for Ebony, Adrienne Samuels wrote This Beyonce fan fiction-writer knows how to get the people going. And laughing.

For The Washington Post, Caitlin Dewey wrote about Imagine, and 'imagines': a sparkly splinter sect of traditional fan fiction that is devoted entirely, and unapologetically, to teenage girls’ celebrity fantasies. And CBC Books reported Two Canadian writers included in new Wattpad fanfiction anthology.

Rocket Miner’s Lisa Romero shared that Theater, fan fiction and fandom terms became part of everyday language at our house when my younger daughter became involved with those topics. Confusion occasionally reigned.

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From Alice Clarke in Herald Sun: The worthless children who murdered 12 of their fellow students and a teacher at Columbine High School in 1999 said in the videos they left behind that it would be “one for the history books”. They were sadly right. They now even have their own fandoms on Tumblr, with presumably broken people writing fan fiction and making fan art about murderers.

In ‘Korean series faces sanction for TV kiss’ for Manila Bulletin, Jonathan M. Hicap wrote Block B became a guest on the TV program’s March 26 episode and in a portion dealing with a fan fiction, the two members kissed. The KCSC received complaints from the public over broadcasted contents, specifically that the scene was “inappropriate” for supposedly promoting homosexuality among the youth.

Finally, for Times Higher Education, Karen Shook spoke with André M. Carrington about Star Trek and race, fan fiction and graphic novels, and life-changing works by Alice Walker, Toni Morrison and Ray Bradbury.
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For USA Today, Eileen Rivers wrote that Cruz's struggling rival John Kasich was desperate enough to fan fiction Jesus during a visit to a matzo bakery, according to comic Samantha Bee.

In ‘Dead/evil lesbians trope is killing off all my favourite TV characters’ for Herald Sun, Alice Clarke wrote It’s just something we expect now, and we latch on to subtext and go for fan-fiction relationships over canon ones because it’s so rare a lesbian couple will be well written, let alone survive the episode, that hope is just folly.

In a review of a local coffee shop, The Daily’s Amy Wong wrote Whether it be the center for gathering in television shows like “Friends,” or the romantic background of poorly written fan fiction, coffee shops have been popularized for their intimate ambience.

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In a review for Sydney Morning Herald, Jenna Clarke wrote It was revealed this year that [Dennis] Jensen, a former defence analyst and research scientist turned embattled WA MP, had written some X-rated, armed forces fan fiction. Now all 198-pages of the sexy war thriller, The Skywarriors, are available online via Amazon for $6.51.

Stuttgart Daily Leader’s Shea Higgerson wrote when a show ends without a character dying I can’t help but wonder what that character is doing in the fiction world. It’s like their world just ended with no resolution and I don’t get to find out what happens next. Even if the main problem in their world has been solved, surely they must be doing something. But books and shows can’t last forever. I supposed this is why some people write fan fiction, which is something I’ve never ventured into and I probably won’t.

In ‘Change how you read nonfiction’ for The Shorthorn (University of Texas), Alex Purcell wrote Whether it’s a book about the Civil War or an erotic fan-fiction about Han Solo, many people mistakenly read different styles through the same means.

Noah Berlatsky implored readers of The Dallas Morning News: Don’t knock fan fiction.

In Daily Cal, Miyako Singer wrote New College Me was confident, cool and had definitely never read Dramione fanfic.

For The Indian Express, Pratik Kanjilal wrote It is possible that the successful authors of the day after tomorrow will be those who go with the flow and blend well with the data churn, instead of trying to stand apart while yelling, “Look at me! Read me!” They could be collaborative and derivative elements of a creative cloud — fanfic writers already are.

Finally, from Jack Moore in GQ: If anyone needs me, I'm going to be writing MJ, Jeter, Tiger fanfic for the rest of the day.
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In 'The Ianto Shrine: The Cardiff landmark that commemorates a man who never was' for CityMetric, Ed Jefferson wrote Thanks to the magic of the internet, it’s not hard to find obsessive fans of almost anything these days (there’s even Thomas The Tank Engine fan fiction where the trains turn into people and... kiss).

From a Donal Lynch piece about Jeff Greenspan for The Independent: He recently made a series of posts about an encounter with Republican primary candidate Marco Rubio in Miami in the 1990s. "Marco told me he was a top" Greenspan quips. "but he flip-flopped on the issue." The campaign have dismissed his sexual claims as fan fiction. "Au contraire" Jeff says. "I was no fan."

In 'Allie Martineau aspires to write and illustrate children’s literature' for The Beacon, Emily Gabert quoted the MCLA Junior “From first grade onward, I would just fill notebooks. […] The plots went like crazy, and it was mostly like Disney fanfiction [now that we call it that]. It kind of evolved from there and I’ve always been doing it. I can’t stop.”

A Sports Illustrated description of a Jimmy Kimmel segment: [Chris] Evans admits that even a big star like himself gets a little nervous around the greatest Patriot of all, Tom Brady, and then shares a little fan fiction about his ideal meeting with the quarterback.

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From ‘Backlash over Dead Lesbian Syndrome’ for The Straits Times by Alison de Souza: [The 100 actress Alycia] Debnam-Carey says the reaction from outspoken fans to developments such as these has been instructive for the creators of these characters as well as the actors who play them. "One thing that has been a little confronting is the realisation that you don't own a character. It does become other people's and it's hard because your face is on it and you are part of it, portraying it. But at some point, there is a line where it stops being yours, where other people create fan fiction or dress up themselves," she says. "So you are attached to it and they see you as that character, but it's not completely yours."

In a review of The People V. O.J. Simpson for The Federalist, Ellie Bufkin wrote The first few episodes of this series show the prepubescent versions of the reality TV stars in an almost fan-fiction prequel universe of “Keeping Up With The Kardashians.”

When she was 11, The Times Herald’s Katie Bambi Kohler wrote mainly silly stories about corrupt CYO referees and what can only be classified as “Thorn Birds” fan fiction.

Noah Berlatsky wrote In defence of fan fiction for Daily Life.

Finally, According to Guan [Xiaokun], as Batman v Superman is only the first of DC's films to include multiple superheroes, the Superman and Batman CP has not yet gained as much traction among the homoerotic fan fiction community as Disney-owned Marvel's superhero couples, but she predicts DC superheroes will catch up soon. Warner Bros, which owns all big-screen copyrights for DC's superheroes, is set to launch a series of multi-hero films following this one featuring the Justice League. (Yin Lu, Global Times)
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In The Wall Street Journal review of Glen Weldon’s The Caped Crusade, Michael Saler wrote Mr. Weldon maintains that the advent of fan fiction (“fanfic”) since the late 1960s, and more recent costume play (“cosplay”), represent a repudiation of the sanctimonious solemnity he imputes to earlier fandom. Yet both these activities originated much earlier.

In ‘A few words about the faux Rembrandt’ for The New Yorker, Peter Schjeldahl wrote There’s a handy word for the mingled passion and haplessness of the ginned-up painting: fan fiction.

From Constance Grady on Vox: Hamlet, The Divine Comedy, and 3 other pieces of classic literature that are also fan fiction.

In ‘Peabody teen signs on to fan fiction’ for Boston Herald, Gayle Fee quoted the young author: “I had never heard of [Wattpad] and I had never heard of fan fiction either. […] It’s writing that could be based off a movie like ‘Twilight’ or a TV show or a band. Some people make the characters in their book the real people and others just use their names.”

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For Quad-Cities Online, Noah Berlatsky wrote Marvel cinematic universe is all fan fiction.

For Polygon, Allegra Frank wrote about What games can learn from fan fiction websites about representing sexuality.

In a profile of visiting author Jeramey Kraatz for Odessa American, Ruth Campbell wrote Comic books also turned him into a writer because when comics end, it’s usually a cliff hanger, so Kraatz would write about what he thought would happen next. Those entries in a spiral notebook got longer and longer. Then Kraatz said he started writing fan fiction.

Finally, according to Inlander’s Dan Nailen, This year's Get Lit! festival features writers creating some erotic fan-fic of their own about mythical monsters, like those found in Lord of the Rings and Where the Wild Things Are.
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Spencer Kornhaber explored Kylo Ren/Rey fanfic in 50 Shades of Rey for The Atlantic. And, in 'John Boyega loves the whole Finn/Poe bromance as much as you do' for USA Today, Brian Truitt wrote Folks have written fan fiction and done all sorts of artwork with these two space pals, sharing them online and on social media.

In a Buffalo News review of a festival of one-act plays, Ben Siegel wrote In “Shoot the Weatherman,” a two-hander by actor Mike Randall, a disgruntled lawyer (Mike Starzynski) takes an unimpressed weatherman (Timothy Patrick Finnegan) for hostage. It would seem Randall, noted Channel 7 meteorologist by day, had fun writing this subversive fan fiction.

Regarding tumblr for The Daily Trojan (USC), Erika Lee wrote Whether it’s a community for those who identify as LGBTQ to discuss their shared experience, fandoms of One Direction to make gifs or memes about the latest music video, an audience for anime fan-fiction writers, poets or a forum for those recovering from mental illness or addiction, there’s something for everybody. Or, as Marie Boran wrote in Irish Times, It’s the birthplace of most memes, eye-wateringly bad fan-fic, endless Friends GIFs and teenaged snark.

In a piece about The University at Buffalo’s Sci-Fi & Fantasy club, Kori Hughes wrote [student Kerry] Brooks said the "bad fan-fiction reading event," where volunteers can read excerpts from bad fan-fiction pieces, is one of the club’s most anticipated events.

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In an Irish Times piece on ‘Astonishing Sod [James Thomas]: the king of Twitter comedy’, Una Mullally wrote Why the Long Joke? tumbles into life with discarded Star Wars fan-fiction ideas, warped and fragmented short stories such as Edgar Allan Poe at a music festival, hypothetical one-liners (“Surely the Big Smoke started in the sticks?”), woozy off-kilter haikus, discordant horoscopes, a cautionary tale about cocaine, an almost nonsensical list of romantic gestures, facts about space, classified listings of Atari video games for sale – “Thom Yorke Winter Olympics (1993)” – and tweet-sized interventions: “‘This reminds me . . . Nope. I got nothing.’ – newborn baby.”

In 'Britney Spears’s Leonardo DiCaprio #tbt Brings the 90s Roaring Back to Life' for Vanity Fair, Katey Rich wrote Before you go revise your Britney-Leo fan fiction from the last millennium, it’s worth noting that this photo is probably not from their respective heights of 1999—both look a bit older, for one thing, and Leo’s Red Sox cap suggests this could be from around 2005-2006, during the filming and release of The Departed.

Finally, regarding the usefulness of a college degree in information and media studies, Erik Dohnberg told Canadian Free Press’s Linda Nguyen "I can write a hell of an essay on Star Trek and Star Wars fan fiction but really, that's irrelevant to practical skills. I'm a good writer but that's about it."
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In a Sydney Morning Herald review of Catherine Lowell’s The Madwoman Upstairs, Kerryn Goldsworthy wrote This is an imaginative, intelligent, and often witty fanfic, using the genre to explore ideas about the Brontes and their work, as well as the contemporary fetishism about their belongings and their home.

Ryan Teague Beckwith reported on How Washington, D.C., Became the Capital of Fan Fiction for TIME.

For USA Today, Natalie DiBlasio shared "Siri and Liam spotted together" and other #AppleEvent fan fiction.

Half Bad author Sally Green told Warrington Guardian’s David Morgan "I have fan fiction from all over the world and that is probably the thing that has stunned me more than anything. I find it incredibly flattering that people take the time to get so caught up in the story and love the characters so much that they want to write their own stories. I’m amazed.”

From Pakistan Today: Not satisfied with merely making images, people have taken to writing fanfiction about “former 1 direction singer Zayn Malik” and “Bollywood diva Deepika Padrone.”

[Frank Bures for] MinnPost asked [author Tom] Bissell about separating truth from fact, about the idea of Jesus, and about seeing the Apostles as a kind of fan fiction.

For The Atlantic, Carmen Petaccio, who I think I’d kind of hate, wrote, of recent Marvel and DC Comics movies, The animating energy of both enterprises recalls the worst of Internet fan fiction, or children bored with their action figures.

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In ‘What to Watch Friday’ for The New York Times, Joshua Barone wrote that last year’s remake of “Point Break,” which has the look of X Games fan fiction, is streaming on iTunes.

In a profile of local poet Rachel Mindell, Missoula News’s Sarah Aswell wrote that, under her guidance, the Montana Book Festival added events like a rejection letter open mic session and a Nancy Drew erotic fan fiction reading.

BBC’s The Why Factor spoke with Francesca Coppa about fanfic.

Finally, World-Herald’s Micah Mertes wrote that Breaking the rules [of board games] is a form of creative expression, in a sense, like remixing a song or writing fan fiction.
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Variety carried a Joe Leydon review of Slash, An engaging comedy-drama about adolescent outsiders who dabble in fan fiction while inventing themselves. And, for NewNowNext, Dan Avery wrote “Teen Wolf” Star Michael Johnston Dives Into Gay Fan-Fic In New Indie Movie “Slash”.

The Jakarta Globe reported Miles Films Holds Fan-Fiction Contest for 'AADC' [(Ada Apa Dengan Cinta?)] Fans.

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Salem News’s Will Broaddus wrote about Ashley Royer, a Peabody teen [who] turns online [Five Seconds of Summer] work into a book deal. ("I used their names, but it had absolutely nothing to do with them. Now their names have been changed for the published version.")

Winston-Salem Journal’s Arika Herron wrote about a young spelling bee winner who is also working on a piece of Star Wars fan fiction, in which he has created his own universe called the Rapoport Quadrant.

From Jamie Loftus in Paste Magazine: Heel to Face: The Hellish Big Show Fan Fic No One Asked For.

In a review of The Young Messiah for The Layman, Kathy Larson wrote The concept of The Young Messiah fits well into a world obsessed with trilogies, prequels, and reboots. Based on Ann Rice’s bestselling novel, Christ the Lord: Out of Egypt, this story of what life may have been like for Jesus at age 7 is kind of like a prequel to Risen. Or more accurately, like fan fiction of the Gospel. Like Smallville, we get to go back and explore what our hero may have been like when He was first discovering His powers, complete with parents who struggle with how much to tell Him about who He really is.

Finally, in a review of Bee Rowlatt's’s In Search of Mary: The Mother of all Journeys, about 18th century adventuress Mary Wollstonecraft, for Daily News Analysis India, Gargi Gupta wrote In sum, In Search of Mary… is a fan's homage to a seminal feminist icon, and like all such fan fiction, is best read as a palimpsest of how some texts acquire an afterlife.
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According to Matt Prigge in Metro, 'The Young Messiah' is Jesus fan fiction without any imagination.

From Brooke Profitt in The Lantern (Ohio State University): The Fan Studies Student Association at OSU is a student organization dedicated to studying and discussing fandom. Fandom is a subculture composed of fans that feel a passion and common interest toward a movie, book or book series, television show, celebrity or other subjects. This passion is commonly expressed through fan fiction, role-playing, fan videos, languages and other mediums.

From Wayne Alan Brenner in Austin Chronicle: Shipping & Handling: Coming-of-age comedy Slash peeks into the world of erotic fan fiction.

In a review of "the Jenner sisters’ mobile game Kendall and Kylie" for New York Magazine, Kevin Fanning wrote I’ve played KKH [(Kim Kardashian Hollywood)] every day since it came out. I’ve written two books of fanfic set inside the game. I love that game with all my heart and will go to the grave defending it. But it only took about five minutes of playing KKgame before I realized, with a slowly dawning horror, what an ancient, old person’s game KKH actually was.

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The Salem News’s Amanda Ostuni wrote about local reaction to JK Rowling’s most recent stories, set in 17th century Massachusetts. Elizabeth Peterson, director of the Witch House and Pioneer Village in Salem, thinks Rowling's work could inspire Salem students to read and write, perhaps create fan-fiction based on the short stories.

Victoria Aveyard told Manila Bulletin that, as a young child, as soon as she could read, I immediately started writing my own little terrible stories that I never finished, that never went anywhere, that were awful. And I just kind of grew from that. It became a habit. I wrote a lot of fan fiction.

For NewStatesman, Elizabeth Minkel observed that Harry Potter fanfiction is ripe with queer characters, gender- and racebent characters, characters with disabilities, frank discussions of class, and nuanced depictions of wizarding communities from all over the world, things people might have been looking for in the text that they couldn’t find.

Bill Brownlee told readers of Kansas City Star that An inspiring role model for budding authors, [Cassandra] Clare honed her craft writing fan fiction based on the Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings series.

Finally, Duke Chronicle’s Bron Maher offered up Obama-Trudeau: a fanfic.
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'Of Course' Luke Skywalker Is Gay, Confirms Mark Hamill, Echoing Thousands of Fan-Fiction Prayers (Charles Bramesco, Vanity Fair).

For Christian Today, Czarina Ong wrote that [Alice] Neaves [holds] that erotica has been a "firm pillar" in the porn industry for many years, disguised as "romance" novels or "fan fiction."

For The Globe and Mail, Russell Smith wrote the proponents of the reading habits of kids today hold that Dystopian speculative fiction and celebrity-based fan fiction are grounded in the here-and-now and accessible to everyone.

In ‘How This Ex-Googler Plans to Turn You into a Movie Director’ for Fortune, Valentina Zarya wrote that a new app, Evertoon, which will be available on iTunes on Wednesday, has been in beta testing for the past few months, and [Niniane] Wang says it already hosts about 2,000 videos. Most of these videos offer commentary on current events, such as the Oscars or the Super Bowl, but they also include fan fiction using characters from popular films or series like Harry Potter or Twilight.

In 'Standford researchers using Wattpad stories to inform artificial intelligence' for The Globe and Mail, Shane Dingman quoted researcher Ethan Fast: In some sense, the bias of super old stuff is worse than the dramatic bias of poorly crafted fan fiction. And these amateur writers are actually more focused on mundane details that we would find useful than the great works of literature.

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In a New York Times review of a new dance showcase, Andrea Mohin wrote In the end, the program resorted to the ultimate crowd-pleaser — in the parlance of fan fiction, “shipping” — with a pas de deux from Angelin Preljocaj’s 1994 ballet “Le Parc,” in which the ballerina clasps her partner’s neck and is spun, mid-kiss, until her feet fly into the air.

Nina Ricciarelli shared Confessions of a fan fiction writer with readers of The Journal (Queen’s University).

Brock Press’s Steven Greenwood asked Can you tell the difference between James Joyce and a piece of infamous Harry Potter fan-fiction?

Finally, from Katie Collins on CNET: Harry Potter fiction or iPhone weaponry? The 'dormant cyber pathogen' at the heart of Apple vs. FBI.
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In ‘Conspiracy theories require open rebuttal’ for Lakeshore Advance, Shannon Gormley wrote in the United Kingdom, the socialist Labour leader and presumed Da Vinci Code fan fiction author thinks Illuminati members are building a New World Order.

Maggie McLean wrote The fellowship of fanfiction for The Aquinian.

In a piece about teaching about copyright law for The Consumerist, Mary Beth Quirk quoted author Cory Doctorow: "Making a rule that’s fit for purpose — a rule that Warner can use to license out Harry Potter to Universal for the Harry Potter Theme Park — means that you are going to make a rule that is never going to be fit for purpose for a 12-year-old who wants to make Harry Potter fan fiction," he says.

From Laura Fraine in Chronicle Live: A copywriter by trade, [local author] Hazel [Osmond] started off writing short stories for competitions and then got hooked on fan fiction before having her first novel, Who’s Afraid of Mr Wolfe, published in 2011.

GRRMartin, Anna Todd, Star Trek (lots), Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Sword of Destiny, X-Files, Naomi Novik )

Harry Potter (lots), Tom Hiddleston, P&P&Z, King Arthur )

In a review of ‘Arches, Balance and Light’, a play about architect Julia Morgan, David Templeton wrote In her somewhat convoluted play-within-a-play-within-a-play, now running at Ross Valley Players, [Mary] Spletter has done a bit of both, blending solid, historical reality with some juicy, fanciful "fan fiction," resulting in an entertaining if shaggy-doggish fantasy romance.

For USA Today, Jocelyn McClurg wrote that [Louis] Bayard believes Dickens and Poe and their ilk would be flattered by the ultimate in fan fiction. We’ll never know. (Bayard is the author of Mr. Timothy, which reimagines Tiny Tim of Dickens' A Christmas Carol all grown up and rooming in a brothel, and The Pale Blue Eye, which stars Poe as a detective.)

From the Financial Review’s Department of Just Not Getting It, with a brief fanfic mention: Too bad they've made us hooked on the internet.

Finally, in ‘Registration of blogs, a draconian move’ for The Malaysian Insider, Hafidz Baharom wrote There is a need to win back trust, surely, but stopping people from writing blogs which could vary in topics from fan fiction to just keeping track of daily deeds, food pictures and restaurant reviews?
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In a New York Times review of Kayne West’s The Life of Pablo, Jon Caramanica wrote that a certain line is both tacky and hilarious, a piece of celeb-slash-fiction that’s both casual boast and extravagant provocation (if only, right?).

From BuzzFeed’s Karen Onojaife: How Writing Fanfic Introduced Me To Myself.

Tom West wrote a nice piece about his involvement in reddit fanfic for The Michigan Daily.

In 'Writing is the best diet' for The Stanly News & Press, staff writer Marina Shankle wrote Lately, I have been working on a fan-fiction story just for fun (fan-fiction being a genre of story based on an existing story from a book, film, TV show, video game, etc.), and I have been enjoying myself so much that I have really cut back on those unhealthy afternoon snacks.

In 'The secret lives of Tumblr teens' for New Republic, Elspeth Reeve wrote You can start as many Tumblrs as you like, one for each slice of your personality, whether that’s gymnastics fandom (how I got into Tumblr) or Barack Obama-Harry Styles slashfic (it exists) or akoisexual identity (when your feelings of sexual attraction fade once they’re reciprocated).

For The Observer (Notre Dame and Saint Mary’s), Alexandra Lowery wrote In case you were wondering, convincing your single friends to go see a movie titled “Pride and Prejudice and Zombies” on Valentine’s Day takes a little more effort than you might expect. I was mostly met with a lot of blank stares, and my roommate even inquired if it was a movie that was currently playing in theaters, obviously shocked that anyone could get real Hollywood funding for something that sounded much more like bad fan fiction than an actual screenplay.

From Kirsty McCormack in Express: 'Dickensian is like brilliant fan fiction' says Peaky Blinders actress Sophie Rundle.

According to Scott Beggs in Vanity Fair, It’s no big surprise that there’s Hannibal/Clarice romantic fanfic.

Finally, in a book review for The Scarlet & Black (Grinnell College), Chase Booth wrote If dark fan fiction is your thing, if you’re tired of reading bad scholarship or if you’re looking for a short read, [Cormac McCarthy’s] “Outer Dark” is one of the few novels that will stick with you afterwards and beg for future rereading.
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For E! Online, Billy Nilles predicted that NBC's James Burrows Special Is Going to Inspire a Lot of TV Crossover Fan Fiction.

Tallahassee Democrat’s Mark Hinson is giving up Writing fan fiction based on the erotic exploits of Barney Fife and Thelma Lou in Mayberry for Lent.

In 'Does the producer behind the feminist tweets live up to his message?' for New York Post, Elisabeth Vincentelli wrote The excerpts read like assembly-line fanfiction by people whose knowledge of women is mostly theoretical.

From Kayli Burt on Den of Geek!: Pride and Prejudice: A History of Onscreen Fan Fiction, featuring the nugget When most people hear the words "fan fiction," they think of Fifty Shades of Grey.

For Vulture, Jackson McHenry wrote In the kind of pairing of funny and handsome, but approachable white movie stars that the bulk of slash-fiction is built of, Paul Rudd and Steve Coogan will play a married couple in An Ideal Home.

Roshni Nair dives into the wacky, wonderful fan fiction universe pivoted on India's longest-running TV show (DNA India).

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Mangala Dilip wrote that shippers […] weave their fantasies into a world of fan fiction for International Business Times’s India edition.

In 'In defense of pretentiousness' for The Guardian, Dan Fox wrote Think about what gets you out of the house at weekends. Is it dirt-biking or brewing craft ales? Maybe bird-spotting, kickboxing, visiting medieval churches, or attending cosplay conventions dressed as Harry Potter. Perhaps it’s art appreciation, bread baking, five-a-side football, astronomy, philately, writing erotic fan-fiction, playing soldiers from the comfort of your couch in Call of Duty, metal-detecting, larping, running, playing darts, keeping goldfish, reading up on Middle East politics, […] or watching old silent films. Whatever it is you do, I’ll bet you’d never think it pretentious. That’s because you do it, and pretension never self-identifies.

In a review of Empire of Imagination, a biography of D&D creator Gary Gygax, for Christian Science Monitor, Cecilia D'Anastasio wrote Author Michael Witwer, who pays tribute to “the Good Lord” in the acknowledgments, composes a sort of fanfiction around Gygax’s life, complete with scenes depicting him fishing for bass on Lake Geneva and undercover Army Intelligence agents infiltrating his gaming circle (“fanfiction,” I say, because a FOI request to Army Intelligence yielded no official corroboration).

Finally, in 'What are your kinks?' for Columbia Chronicle, Zoe Eitel wrote The themed fan fiction smut for those with more alternative kinks or specific wants include works with "mpreg," or male pregnancy; those in which one of the characters is a ghost; hybrid, aka a person who is half-cat with a real tail and fuzzy ears; and ABO—alpha, beta, omega dynamics—in which characters exhibit certain characteristics of wolves or werewolves including having heats.
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The Electronic Frontier Foundation website featured 'The Commerce Department Has Good Recommendations For Fixing Copyright Law - But More is Needed,' in which Mitch Stoltz and Kit Walsh noted The term 'remix' has come to stand for a wide range of creative activities that are disfavored by the current copyright regime because they rely on cultural works that are owned by others. The category includes photomanipulations, fan fiction, mashups of music and video, fan edits, redubs, video game modifications, and many other forms of expression that are ubiquitous on the Internet.

In 'Should There Be a Statute of Limitations on Offensive Social Media Posts?' for GOOD, Tasbeeh Herwees wrote I can still access my terrible middle school poetry and Harry Potter fan fiction on profiles that are still live.

During an interview with The Office’s Jenna Fischer, LA Times’s Yvonne Villarreal admitted I want some fan fiction that features [new role] Rhonda and the cast of “Orange is the New Black.”

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Mangala Dilip wrote about a Con Man/Firefly [fanfic] contest for International Business Times’s Indian edition, and Tuscon Weekly’s Chelo Grubb advised readers to Write Out Your Captain Mal/Wash Fantasies.

In a piece in LA Review of Books, Benjamin Aldes Wurgaft wrote Walter Benjamin, originally a contributor to that branch of Western Marxist thought known as Critical Theory, often emerges, in the writings of the Benjamin Industry (a unique force for the production of academic fan fiction), as nothing more than a projection screen for late 20th and early 21st century academic fantasies — nullifying him as an historical presence.

Bailey Gribben wrote Fanfiction: A Legal Battle of Creativity for the RIT Reporter.

In the Storm Lake Times obituary of resident Sherry Fischer, it was noted that she participated in online fanfiction groups for two series: The Black Dagger Brotherhood by J.R. Ward and Midnight Breed Rising by Lara Adrian.

Finally, for The Daily Californian, Rosemarie Alejandrino wrote As a young, impressionable, insecure and desperate teen with a bed brimming with Care Bears and a diary full of Edward Cullen fan fiction, I idolized hurricane girls in books and movies and TV — though I had never seen one with my own eyes.
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The New York Tmes’s Michael Cooper wrote that Donizetti’s Tudor operas tend to play down the Machiavellian politics of the time in favor of the love triangles, real or imagined; they are sometimes described as a form of operatic fan fiction that superimposes British royals onto a more typical operatic plot like that of, say, Bellini’s “Norma.”

In 'Joseph Fiennes to Play Michael Jackson in 9/11 Road-Trip Show' for TIME, Nolan Feeney wrote [if the plot] sounds like bizarre celebrity fan fiction, there may be some truth to it, according to The Guardian.

In a piece for New Republic, Alex Shephard wrote Despite high-profile support from presidential candidates like Carly Fiorina, who delved into Ralph Wiggum-esque fan fiction while describing the videos at a Republican debate, [the people behind the faux Planned Parenthood sting videos] have often come across as the gang that couldn’t shoot straight and their videos have been widely debunked.

In 'Advice I Would Give My Thirteen-Year-Old Self' for The New Yorker, Alex Siquig wrote Read in your room, read outside, read on the bus, read erotica, read Viking erotica, read time-travel erotica, read dinosaur erotica, or amnesia erotica, or werewolf-on-vampire erotica, or hard-core robot erotica, or “Twin Peaks” erotic fanfiction, or D. H. Lawrence, or erotica about Scottish Highlanders, or secret-agent erotica, or C.I.A. vs. F.B.I. erotica, or maybe erotica about mountains falling in love with hills, erotica about Romulans and Vulcans, post-punk erotica . . . The important thing is to read.

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For Harper’s Bazaar (which still exists), Julie Kosin wrote that [Leonardo] DiCaprio and [Kate] Winslet maintain a rapport that's the stuff of fan-fiction dreams.

From DIY Magazine: Kanye and Kendrick - it’s a pairing previously resigned to a hip-hop Sub-Reddit’s worst fanfic.

The Daily Beacon’s Elle Johnson wrote that fanart and fanfiction are a way of continuing to bond with a movie.

And finally, for Michigan Daily, Rebecca Lerner wrote Sure, there’s some weird Poot Lovato fan fiction and the sorts of obsessive chat rooms that create phenomena like “50 Shades of Grey,” but there’s also some exceptional writing being done. So now the pit as an obsessive chatroom?
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In ‘Confronting the death of Severus Snape IRL’ for Brock Press, Steve Nadon wrote according to The Telegraph, Snape had become “Harry Potter’s most unlikely sex symbol”, being the starring subject of 47,000 pieces of fan-fiction, many of which are romantic in nature.

From Bob Hedelt in The Free Lance-Star: 'Spider-Man' fan fiction film helps budding career of young Spotsylvania actor.

For a piece for Equities on Bernie Sanders’ health care proposal, Joel Anderson wrote when a person who is a big fan of a particular creative franchise, like “Star Wars” or Twilight, they may engage in writing their own extensions of the book or movies they so love. They can fantasize about R2D2 leading his own X-Wing squadron or Jacob and Edward suddenly developing their own passionate romance and put it all down, even if it’s only for their own mollification. And that’s not at all a bad way, to me, of describing the proposal put forth by the Sanders campaign. It’s a lovely thought, but it’s not rooted in reality.

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Noelle Devoe wrote readers of Seventeen Guess there's no point in picking who should end up with who anyway since the final book of The 5th Wave series hasn't even come out yet. There's a ton of Team Ben and Team Evan fan fiction for you to enjoy on the wonderful world wide web until then..

In a review of Seussical the Musical for Hanford Sentinel, Pete Menting quoted director Bianca Ankrum "It’s kind of funny because there’s a lot of fan fiction out there and theories, that the kids would sit there and say ‘the little boy is Dr. Seuss!’"

From PhillyVoice’s Brandon Baker, answering ‘What is slash fiction?’, with the help of sociology prof Dustin Kidd: Slash fiction is a form of fan fiction, and fan fiction has been around a long time. Fan fiction is a space where fans write their own versions of existing storylines; I don’t know how far the first fanfic goes, but it’s associated with stories like "Star Trek" and fantasy novels, and it really spun out of novels initially but there became fan fiction of television shows, films and video games as well. So, slash fiction is a variant of fan fiction, but slash specifically focuses on relationships within the storyline and typically refers to male same-sex relationships. And those stories are most often authored by female fans.

Finally, [personal profile] msilverstar pointed me to a ref by Kaili Joy Gray on Wonkette: Ted Cruz believes he is many things: the reincarnation of Ronald Reagan; spokesman for Israel and all the Jewishes; an Ivy League-trained master debater genius wunderkind; and Jesus Christ hisself. Now he’s adding Great Conservative Republican Hero John (?) Kennedy to his fan-fic collection.
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Ryan Glasspiegel shared Fan Fiction About Peyton Manning Heading to the Dolphins with readers of The Big Lead.

For Entertainment Weekly, Jonathon Dornbush wrote Pearl Harbor honest trailer revisits Michael Bay's 'fan fiction version of history'.

According to Irish Independent’s Clare Cullen, Online trolls pen steamy fan fiction about local news anchors after narky on-air exchanges go viral.

For Pop Crush, Samantha Vincenty compiled Kylo Ren Fan Fiction Roundup: 7 Wild, Scary and Hilarious Tales.

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For New York Magazine, Claire Landsbaum noted that those guys ‘currently occupying the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in Burns, Oregon’ have survived glitter bombs, vegan jerky, black eyes, stinging betrayals, and erotic fanfiction.

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In a review of Band of Robbers for Seattle Times, Moira Macdonald wrote The filmmakers have described “Band of Robbers” as [Mark Twain] fan fiction, and that feels about right: They don’t quite hit the mark, but it’s fun to watch them trying.

A Cambridge News piece on common tax mistakes included If you have additional income, you will need to include supplementary pages. This additional income may come from playing in a band at weekends, or perhaps your erotic fan-fiction has become a bestseller, or it could be from investments, property, shares etc.

From City Beat: the play Occupational Hazards is about an office fling that becomes the subject of fan-fiction with wildly divergent storylines.

In an Artnet News piece, Ben Davis mentioned that author David Shields is collaborating with director James Franco on a forthcoming book of Lana del Rey fan fiction.

A New York Times piece by Jennifer Kahn on piece on Applied Rationality mentioned that proponent Eliezer Yudkowsky is also the author of the popular fan-fiction novel ‘‘Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality.’’

Finally, Boston Globe’s Dugan Arnett wrote that a local turkey currently boasts a sizable Facebook following. It has been the focus of at least one Harvard-affiliated anthropological study, and it has served as the inspiration for both conspiracy theorists — some turkey-truth-ers remain convinced that there are, in fact, multiple Harvard turkeys — and for fan fiction.
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I know some of y’all will find this problematic, but I’ve been enjoying these: as summarized by Keri Blakinger in New York Daily News, Twitter pokes fun at Oregon militia with homoerotic fanfic tweets, which, according to Christian Holub in Entertainment Weekly, began when Decemberists singer Colin Meloy decided to match absurdity with absurdity by tweeting erotic fan fiction about the situation.

In ‘My Accidental Career as
a Russian Screenwriter’ for The New York Times, Michael Idov wrote On a site devoted to romantic fan fiction, an author expressed her shock after combining two of the [Londongrad] lead characters’ names into one, as is the custom among fanfic writers (Misha + Alisa = Milisa): It was the first time in her memory that the names were Russian.

In ‘How the Internet Picks Its Boyfriends’ in New York Magazine, Sulagna Misra wrote Popular fanfiction site Archive of Our Own has pairing tags that go "[main character]/you," perfect for romantic second-person fanfic.

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Daily Review’s Luke Buckmaster wrote that Sucker, which was inspired by the upbringing of comedian Lawrence Leung, bears similarities to the sort-of-real but mostly not vibe of The Family Law, which feels a little like fan fiction written by the same person it’s about.

In a piece about the origin of the ‘Mary Sue’ concept (and how Rey isn’t one) for Forbes, Erik Kain wrote that the point of the story was to spoof the worst tendencies of fan-fiction writers: To insert glorified, idealized versions of themselves into their fan fiction in unabashed acts of wish-fulfillment. And, for Metro, Sarah Deen wrote that John Boyega’s (fan-fiction friendly) turn as Finn in Episode 7 has won him scores of adoring fans who might be wanting to know where they can see him next.

From Matthew Lee in Metro: In the weirdest bit of fan fiction come to life this web producer has seen in quite a while, sexual potato Channing Tatum donned some Disney princess drag for a performance of “Let it Go.”

For Chicagoist, Rachel Cromidas wrote that Amy Schumer really is dating a dreamy furniture designer straight out of our Sex and the City fanfiction that takes place in Chicago.

For Vanity Fair, Richard Lawson wrote We shouldn’t speculate about whatever romance might be playing out between [Kate] Hudson and [Nick] Jonas, because that is the stuff of personal, private fan fiction.

Cosmopolitan’s Eliza Thompson wrote Shortly after Zayn Malik was seen clutching Gigi Hadid's cat to his shirtless chest the way you can only imagine him holding you in your dreams and fan fiction, Us Weekly reports that the pair were spotted apartment-hunting in NYC this week.

Finally, for NewStatesman, Elizabeth MInkel wrote about Star Wars, queer representation and the mainstreaming of slash.
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News that ‘Paramount Beams Producers of ‘Star Trek’ Fan Films Up to Court’ resulted in several references this past week, including, from Charles Bramesco of Screen Crush: For the most part, fan-fiction is all in good fun. Nobody can possibly fault diehard devotees of certain books, movies or TV shows for wanting to get involved in the fictional universes that capture their imagination, and if anything, perhaps they should be praised for channeling their passions into a creative, productive outlet. Excepting the fan-fiction that includes weird sex stuff (of which there is quite a bit), nobody gets hurt, and in a way, it could even be considered free publicity for the texts on which it’s based. But the low-stakes world of fan-fiction only works when it remains just that; a place for enthusiasts to share in their fandom. Once fan-fiction begins to take itself a little more seriously, and expand more aggressively, and accrue support from studios and major distributors, and, most importantly, make money, then play-time is over.

For Forbes/Tech, Paul Tassi wrote I dug [a particular Star Wars tie-in novel] so much, it was the first time (and one of the last times) I ever wrote fan-fiction (before I even knew that was a thing). I created an entire story about how (20 year-old spoiler alert) both Dash Rendar and human replicant Guri survived their supposed deaths in the final sequence, and went on to become a team of bounty hunters after Guri nursed Rendar back to health.

Captain America Director Refuses to Throw Cold Water on Your Romantic Bucky/Steve Fantasies (Joanna Robinson, Vanity Fair).

In ‘What kind of fan are you?’ for Entertainment Weekly, Madeline Boardman wrote This month on EW.com, we’re celebrating everything in the world of fans and fandoms. Whether you’re a Belieber or Directioner, Hunger Games enthusiast or Potterhead, you’re our stars for January — or rather, Fanuary. From a fan-fiction contest to an interactive bracket and a variety of submission opportunities, there are many ways for you to get involved.

In a review of Mallory Ortberg’s Texts from Jane Eyre: And Other Conversations with Your Favourite Literary Characters for Spectator, Samantha Ellis wrote It has been estimated that 95 per cent of fan fiction is written by women, and Ortberg’s book is confidently in that tradition, but it also offers the kind of geeky pleasures found in John Sutherland’s entertaining and illuminating Puzzles in Classic Fiction series; it is loving, knowing and, most of all, playful.

Regarding that pizza-loving rat, New York Magazine’s Chas Danner hypothesized Rat Law & Order fan-fiction.

In ‘6 Tips to Not Be an Annoying Couple on Social Media’ for GQ, Andrew Goble wrote you only get one opportunity a year to post a four-paragraph, five-red-wines-deep Facebook status about how your life has irreversibly changed since meeting Michelle. Even then, your Facebook status could read like bad The Notebook fan fiction. Know this before you publish.

In ‘Sherlock facts: 22 things you didn't know’ for The Telegraph, Ross Jones wrote There’s a 39-chapter romance novel; a much-viewed video super-cut, above, of Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman (or ‘Curly Fu’ and ‘Peanut’, to give them their Chinese nicknames) exchanging longing looks set to slushy music; plus, of course, the inevitable S&M scenarios. All of which may seem like fairly standard fan-fiction fare – until you remember that in China, writing such filth is a crime punishable with a lengthy jail term.

Finally, this piece in Express by Deela Debnath on The Abominable Bride mentions fanfic, but I’m staying unspoiled until after this headache goes away and I can give it the attention it deserves.


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