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Google News changes have limited the number of stories I can figure out how to access; so, this is less exhaustive than usual. Also, this summer is a beast, so I’ll be doing updates when I can, but probably not weekly (though I’ll try to still cover as much as I can see).

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Harry Potter’s legacy will continue in the fan fiction culture it inspired - Julia Alexander, Polygon. From Mashable: These 6 Harry Potter fan fiction trends always make us LOL. In New Statesman, Stephen Bush shared some Potter fic he wrote in the early 00’s. And, from Eleanor Margolis in New Statesman: At the age of 13, I’d never read any erotica – until I discovered Hermione/Ginny fan fiction.

For the Edmonton Examiner, Doug Johnson described local author Tim Bowling’s The Heavy Bear as [a] work of creative non-fiction [which] takes the character through a car chase and the theft of a monkey, a kind of self fan-fiction using fantastic elements to explore Bowling, the writer’s, areas of research.

GQ’s Alex Siquig opined that Most ancient Greeks didn’t have the spare time to LARP their fan-fic fantasies, but [Steve] Bannon certainly is picking up their slack.

In an Indianapolis Star piece about the recent Pokémon Championships, Domenica Bongiovanni spoke with a participant who carted in 217, a synthetic Pokémon trainer — or robot — she invented and wrote fan fiction about.

In a Nashville recap for Nashville Scene, Ashley Spurgeon wrote “What the Sam Hill is a shipper, anyway?” Scarlett asks. Whoo, good luck girl. They scroll through fans who cosplay as them, and look at drawings of fan art — there’s even manga fan art. Who wants to be the one to explain to them what slash fic is? Please let it be me. “I don’t care what some bored 15-year-old from Nebraska writes about us online,” says Scarlett. Uh, you mean your fans??

In ‘From Banana Crates to Hashtags: A Brief History of TV Fan Campaigns’ for TV Insider, Sarah Sharpe wrote For [Supernatural’s] 200th episode, “Fan Fiction,” the show created a love letter to fans and fanfic writers by putting their stories and interpretations of the show on screen—in musical form.

Finally, according to Heather Weaver for Vanity Fair, Leighton Meester and Adam Brody Do Not Have Time for Your Crossover Fan Fiction. Fair enough, as I really don’t have time for them, whoever they are.

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The New Statesman one is terribly disappointing, I wanted all the Hermione/Ginny love.

And I thought the GQ one was a bit too body-shaming to be funny. Good premise, bad execution.

Date: 2017-07-06 11:30 pm (UTC)
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Thanks so much for doing this. I hope your summer isn't too burdensome!


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