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In 'TV for hipsters: how two new shows are trying to appeal to the cool kids' for The Guardian, Megan Koester wrote Emboldened by the success of Girls and Broad City, television has recently seen a rash of programs focused on the lives of such characters: Netflix’s Love, FXX’s You’re the Worst and HBO’s Insecure at the high end, and MTV’s impressively mediocre Mary + Jane (which plays as little more than Broad City fan fiction) at the low.

In 'Who are the Antonine Maillets of the future?' for The Journal Pioneer, Natalie Pendergast wrote I wonder what form common story-telling will take in the future—if not novels and poetry, will it be chronicles of Youtube stars, web series, online fanfiction?

In a piece about writing letters to editor, Battle Creek Enquirer's Annie J. Kelley wrote, of a letter she wrote years ago, that it is obvious that her younger self had been watching a lot of "West Wing" at the time, too, which is why the letter comes off as a fan-fiction attempt of an Aaron Sorkin speech.

In 'Fantastic Beasts Finds Success' for The Cornell Daily Sun, David Gouldthorpe wrote The biggest problem with Cursed Child was that it felt more like a fanfiction than a natural extension of the series. It focused on time travel, while the original books were all mysteries.

Author Michael Chabon told Vulture’s Boris Kachka The first thing I ever wrote was a Sherlock Holmes story — a piece of fan fiction. [Moonglow] is in some ways fan fiction on Gravity’s Rainbow. And, for Los Angeles Times, Kate Tuttle wrote it was clear early on that writing was his thing. "I really just loved to read. Falling in love with a particular book, or particular authors, or in some cases a particular illustrator," [Chabon] said. “And eventually, fairly young, getting to a place where I wanted to try it myself. I think it’s very much the fan-fiction impulse, that feeling of like, 'I love this so much, there’s not enough of it, I need to make more.'"

The Washington Post’s David Weigel wrote People who depended directly on Clinton scandals and rumors — think of Ed Klein, the fan-fiction writer who drops a Clinton book every year, or Alex Jones, the one-man meme machine — have spent the last couple of weeks on stories about Hillary Clinton allegedly crying when she lost the election.

From 'First annual Chicago Podcast Festival launched in HP' by Tonia Hill in Hyde Park Herald: The genre of podcasts that are available to listeners is endless. From fan-fiction, crime, news, politics, comedy, and sports. Listeners are in control, and they can develop relationships with the hosts of their favorite shows.

Here’s a new take on the Axanar debacle! From ''Star Trek' Mockumentary Maker Boldly Resists Copyright Infringement Claim' by Eriq Gardner in Insurance Journal: "While there is no evidence of a negative market impact on Plaintiffs' Works, there is evidence of increased and continued enthusiasm for Plaintiffs' Works stemming directly from Defendants' Works because Defendants' Works provide free promotion for Plaintiffs' franchise," states the defendants' brief. "Moreover, Star Trek fans have produced and disseminated fan fiction for over 50 years, without complaint, and rather with encouragement from Plaintiffs. Plaintiffs have benefitted from the unpaid and often unacknowledged labor of fans, who have helped to maintain engagement in Plaintiffs' Works during leaner years in Plaintiffs' cycle of production."

From Wall Street Journal’s Anna Russell: A ratings smash in the U.K., the romance-heavy "Victoria," about the long-reigning queen's early years, has inspired blogs, tumblrs and fanfiction dubbed "Vicbourne."

In a Daily Star piece on 'YOUTUBER turned presenter Jim Chapman,' Jack Hardwick shared that The 28-year-old dedicated his latest Vlog to the bizarre – and frankly disturbing – world of fan fiction.

For TV Guide, Malcolm Venable wrote One of the most celebrated TV friendships ever, Alex (Justin Chambers) [and] Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) [of Grey’s Anatomy] are the fan fiction dream Tumblr was made for.

In a GQ profile of Benedict Cumberbatch, Stuart McGurk noted that, over the past few years, He's starred in Hamlet at the Barbican, in what was the most in-demand London theatre production in history (it sold out within minutes, a year in advance), but also had a fan-made play produced about him (Benedict Cumberbatch Must Die) in which a "sex-crazed celebrity obsessive" and a "socially phobic fan-fiction writer" get together and... let's leave it there.

From James Dempsey on NewsTalk: When the s*** hits the fandom: The mystery of 'My Immortal', the best worst fanfiction ever written.

Regarding industry-produced podcasts, New York Times's Rob Walker wrote Outside of download numbers, [head of media innovation for G.E.] Ms. [Alexa] Christon said, G.E. judged the success of "The Message" partly by way of "the organic groups that have sprung up" in places like Reddit, swapping plot theories and even generating fan fiction.

In 'Porpentine Charity Heartscape's New Novella is Science-Fiction About Living with Trauma, and Slime Sex' for East Bay Express, Donna Kazimarki wrote Heartscape's art often intertwines explorations and exorcisms of her experiences as a poor, abuse survivor and chronically ill trans-woman with critiques of popular culture and academic discourses. Her inspirations are found in the visceral and pulpy worlds of fan fiction, erotic literature, and dialogue between video-game characters — things seen as lowbrow by society that are revelatory to Heartscape.

Click through if 'Chinese Reality TV Show Under Fire For Inappropriate Pairing,' or the fanfic thereof, doesn’t put you off .

Finally, a note in Springfield News-Sun pointed me to this gem by Anna Wilson in Aeon, 'Full-body reading': One of the terrible secrets about attending graduate school in literature is that it can ruin your ability to read for pleasure; pick up a book, and a nasty voice whispers that you should be reading something serious – or reading something seriously. So in the classroom, I learned to put away my body. Outside of the academy, however, specifically through fanfiction, I was learning to read with it.
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