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Delanee Hawkins told readers of The Mac Weekly (Macalester) that [BDSM] came to mainstream popularity after the terribly-written Twilight fanfiction Fifty Shades of Grey series.

According to Robert Kapps in WIRED, Industrial Light & Magic's John Knoll had, over the years, daydreamed his own [Star Wars] fan fiction.

Zach "Ass-hat" Schonfeld wrote Newsweek, which gained notoriety in the 1990s as a news weekly you could find on dentist office waiting room tables below Highlights and Zoobooks magazines, took the extraordinary step this week of publishing President Hillary Clinton fan fiction for The Federalist.

In 'Wishing Baby Sister Boo a Happy Birthday' for Herald Review, Kassandra Tuten wrote At 23, she still collects Monster High dolls and writes Harry Potter fan fiction, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.

The Harvard Crimson’s Charlotte L.R. Anrig wrote that Harry Potter and the Cursed Child sounds like fan fiction. Bad fan fiction. Fan fiction written by my 13-year-old self, username: “teamdramione15xoxo.”

From Kristian Wilson on Bustle: Abbi Jacobson Chats 'Broad City' Fanfiction And The Importance Of Reading.

Peter Dissinger told Student Life (Washington University in St. Louis) that, over Thanksgiving, I found my younger cousin watching "Grey’s Anatomy" before Thanksgiving dinner, so I logically asked why she was interested in the show. Turns out she writes (rather popular) fan fiction on the show; she even asked me to decipher a character’s on-screen emotions for her next scene in her adaptation of an episode she enjoyed.

In a review for The Statesman, Archita Mittra wrote, of Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them, It is a sort of film that one will like, but not scour the net for fan-fiction to read afterwards.

In 'Kate Middleton: Adult Coloring-Book Fan' for Vanity Fair, Josh Duboff wrote if that is the case, please excuse us while we update our fan-fiction-style Kate Middleton daily diary that we’ve been adding to since 2010.

For PC Gamer, Samuel Roberts wrote In the absence of a new BioShock where the protagonist walks up to a lighthouse in the game's opening moments, only for the lighthouse to actually be a spaceship (this isn't fan fiction, shut up), [Prey] looks like it'll satiate my appetite for narrative-driven stealth games.

Erie Times-News’s Nico Salvatori wrote I once wrote a bit of Holmes fan fiction myself. I will leave it to the inheritors of my estate to determine its literary merits, but I was at least following in a long tradition of Conan Doyle pastiches.

From Daily News & Analysis India: Fans of Game of Thrones are living on every single bit of information they can get from the sets of the show set up in Spain, Northern Ireland, and other parts of Europe. If that is not enough, there is no dearth of fan-theories to be discussed and fan-fiction to be devoured!

I might sleep with my socks on, but that doesn't seem so bad when you discover there's a website devoted exclusively to fan-fiction stories about covering the late musician Roy Orbison in Saran Wrap. - Shane Brown, Quad-Cities Online.

In 'Marin's 'Miss Bennet' a new Christmas classic' for San Francisco Chronicle, Lily Janiak wrote In [Margot] Melcon and [Lauren] Gunderson’s fan fiction, Mary has grown up. Still a bookworm, still lacking some social graces, she’s also become more self-aware, more articulate and as fluent with acerbic ripostes as Lizzie is in the novel.

For Impact Magazine (University of Nottingham), Matteo Everett noted most lit crit is hearsay, or unnecessarily long and drawn-out interpretations, which are essentially over-elaborate reviews bordering on fanfiction written by ‘art critics’ who are only in the field because they failed to become an author themselves.

In 'Subtext bites: The pitfalls of dishonesty in realtionships' for Willamette University Collegian, Ariadne Wolf wrote It’s one thing to watch characters in a show sigh at one another longingly, then run away for some manufactured nonsensical reason. That is the kind of thing that my fanfiction-addicted high school-aged self could really get behind. It’s really not nearly so pleasant in real life.

For The Washington Post, Christopher Ingraham engaged in some electoral fan fiction.

Finally, Searching for John Hughes author Jason Diamond told Chicago Reader’s Aimee Levitt that People are writing fan fiction about [Home Alone kid Kevin McCallister], like how he became a serial killer, and I'm like, "Yeah! Totally plausible!"


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