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From NPR’s Andrew Lapin: A Young Writer Finds A Fan Fiction Community — And Himself — In 'Slash'. For Spectrum News, Victor Diaz wrote The coming of age drama is about young author whose erotic fan fiction creates unexpected comic-con experiences. For The New York Times, Ben Kenigsberg described the main character as a 15-year-old who writes erotic fan fiction. Village Voice’s April Wolfe wrote Writer-director Clay Liford, in his endearing comedy Slash, explores these identity crises through the burgeoning world of fan-fic Comic-Con nerds as they face the real-life and online hardships of being a teen today. And, for Film Journal, John DeFore wrote Real-world fanfic enthusiasts may appreciate the attention, but most could probably hatch a more involving tale in the time it takes to scratch "Kirk + Spock 4 Evr" into a wooden bench.

In a piece about the importance of social media to teens for The Washington Post, Julia Carpenter shared On the fan-fiction social media platform [WattPad], Tahlie collects user-submitted stories about body acceptance and shares them with more than 9,000 followers.

In a review of Life, Animated for The Guardian, Peter Bradshaw wrote that Disney movies became [the film’s subject’s] new alphabet, his building blocks for making sense of the world, and he wrote his own comic-book fan fiction about Disney sidekicks.

Regarding Harry Potter and the Cursed Child for Eugene Weekly, Amy Klarup wrote When I saw [the script] described online as “better-than-average fanfiction,” I knew I had to read it. Turns out, that description was a little too generous.

In an Elle profile of The Walking Dead’s Tom Payne, Emma Dibdin quoted the actor, regarding slashing his character with Norman, There's a lot of people putting me and him together [in fan fiction], and it's just like…okay?

In a piece commemorating 25 years of Blizzard games for PC Gamer, Wes Fenlon wrote I may have written a short and very bad fantasy novel in middle school, shamelessly ripping off the Warcraft lore before I'd ever heard the words "fan fiction."

From some bastard on American Thinker: So what do losers do when confronted with their own impotence? They write fan fiction of course! And, for Daily Caller, David Benkof wrote The popular vote totals are useful, I guess, for writers of Hillary Clinton fan fiction and trivia nights 20 years from now – but nothing more.

In 'The Age of Donald Trump and Pizzagate' for The New Yorker, Amy Davidson wrote There is no real search for “truth,” only what amounts to conspiracy fan-fiction. And, for The Globe and Mail, Tabatha Southey wrote The collected texts of Pizzagate are best described as political pedophilic fan-fiction.

In a Slant Magazine review of Burn Country, Clayton Dillard wrote Writer-director Ian Olds has no qualms about letting the film wear its influences on its sleeve; the latter half is full-on Cormac McCarthy fan fiction, ratcheting up the story's grimy conditions and violent outbursts with nothing to show for its efforts other than an attempt at capital-I important cinema by way of association.

From Jake Muncy in WIRED: Fanfic, like Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, isn’t meant to be good in a traditional sense. It’s not for an imagined audience, but for the person whose character gets to enter their favorite stories.

According to Vanity Fair’s Laura Bradley, Apparently, it’s not just rabid viewers who have been writing The Vampire Diaries fan fiction—[Ian] Somerhalder said that he and his co-star Paul Wesley (who plays his on-screen brother, Stefan) talk about how the series should end all the time.

In 'Elvis impersonator explains why he built 'Star Trek' replica in Upstate NY (photos)' for NewYorkUpstate, Geoff Herbert wrote Cawley got his hands on the "Star Trek" set blueprints when his friend William Ware Theissis, the original series costume designer, left him a copy in his will in 1996. According to StarTrek.com, he also spent years researching and refining other details with help from other Trekkies (or Trekkers), mainly intending to use it for filming a fan fiction series known as "Star Trek: Phase II."

Tumblr’s content insights manager Amanda Brennan told Alternative Press’s Maggie Dickman "Tumblr is like where you go to share your passions... When you find a space like Tumblr where you can live your life online with the people who feel that same passion, you can share your fan art, you can share your silly fan fiction, just in the same breath that you share these true emotional stories about what happened when you met the band, or the moment you got the album, your reaction."

For The Guardian, Simon Usborne wrote that, for 13-year-old lip-synching (?) twins Harvey and Max Mills, Fame has started to change family life, even if the money hasn’t – yet. The boys’ PO box address receives about a dozen items a day, including chocolates, fan fiction and artwork.

Also for The Guardian, Alice Bell wrote There’s a strong social element to a lot of climate scepticism – conversations in comment threads, debates in forums, offline meetups. There’s even climate sceptic fanfic if you know where to look.

Finally, in a Washington Post piece examining Supreme Court options for Obama, Aaron Blake wrote In the end, this is probably liberal fan fiction rather than a serious proposal. But it's notable that we've come to this point.
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