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In 'Outrageous Celebrity Sex Stories Too Hot To Be Real (Literally)' for Your Tango, Rebecca Jane Stokes observed there are celebrity fan fiction erotic stories about everyone, from Justin Bieber, Orlando Bloom and Miley Cyrus (whom you don't have to work too hard to imagine naked) to buttoned-up people like Condoleeza Rice and Louis CK.

From Cyan Abad-Jugo in Philippine Inquirer: fan fiction for you.

From Washington Post columnist Jena McGregor: [Helene Cooper’s Madame President] is not a Democrat's fan fiction of a Hillary Clinton presidency. Rather, it is New York Times journalist Helene Cooper's biography of Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, the first democratically elected female president in African history.

In 'When Harry met Fifty Shades: what makes a book popular?' for NewStatesman, Frances Wilson wrote We love being reminded of how Harry Potter was rejected a squillion times before being picked up off the slush pile at Bloomsbury, how Fifty Shades began life as online fan fiction, how nobody wanted Lord of the Flies, how Jack Kerouac’s agent didn’t “dig” On the Road, how T S Eliot thought Animal Farm “not convincing”, and how some ­benighted editor, having read The Spy Who Came in from the Cold, told John le Carré that he had no future as a writer.

In a short review of A Chinese Odyssey Part Three for South China Morning Post, Edmund Lee wrote Playing like the work of a fan fiction writer who doesn’t get the original, this boring film haphazardly recycles whole chunks of dialogue, songs and plot lines from the original 1995 films, before concluding with a dreary CGI fantasy battle.

The Atlantic’s Ed Yong references the pandemic fan-fiction of bioethicist Art Caplan.

From ‘Homebrew Club, Edmund's Oast jointly produce Belgian ale sporting local beet juice’ in The Post and Courier: Fan Fiction [is] a Belgian Golden Strong ale refermented with local beet juice.. And, for Charleston City Paper, Kinsey Gidick wrote Edmund’s Oast is getting all festive with beer, their rosey Fan Fiction.

For The Age, Joel Meares wrote The "Vlonald" courtship is unfolding like a particularly steamy chapter of global-leaders fan fiction: Two nations, both alike in dignity; two star-crossed lovers, both alike in bullishness.

For NewStatesman, Ryan Gilbey wrote by the time The Last Temptation of Christ materialised, after 16 years of thwarted attempts, it felt as ineffectual as a piece of biblical fan-fiction.

In 'Why Buffy still matters 19 years on' for Herald Sun, Wenlei Ma wrote Almost 20 years after it first aired in 1997, Buffy still inspires the kind of adulation that has spawned countless books, conferences, fan fiction and PhDs.

In a Sydney Morning Herald review of Walliams and Friend, Ben Pobjie wrote On the odd occasion – a neat boy-band piece, a shamelessly silly slice of Great British Bake Off erotic fan fiction – the show fires up, but the trend is more towards thin concepts barely propped up by the star power of Walliams and his big-name partner.

For Geek, Tony Polcano opined that Star Wars: Tales From a Galaxy Far, Far Away is Professional-Grade Fan Fiction.

For Study Breaks, Michelle Criqui answered You’ve probably imagined two fictional characters getting together, but why?

In a Rogue One review for Vulture, Abraham Riesman wrote There’s a useful literary concept that comes from the world of fanfiction: fix-it, a term for stories that “fix” the canonical version of a given tale to make it more satisfying.

Finally, The Daily Pennsylvanian’s Hyun Jin Cha quoted a freshman regarding her finals study strategy: "I went home, and I like, made like a pound of pasta. So I stocked up on pasta for the rest of the week. And I read a lot of FanFiction. And…I did some laundry. And I watched Yuri on Ice."
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