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Rachel Broderick wrote about When Fan Fiction Stops Being Fiction for Niagra News (Niagra Community College).

In 'Childwise report says print reading declines in teen years' for The Bookseller, Charlotte Eyre wrote According to 'The Monitor 2017' report from Childwise, which surveyed 2,000 young people in the UK, 9-16 year-olds spend half an hour reading printed materials such as books, comics and magazines every day, and half an hour reading online content like blogs, fan fiction and online magazines.

Advice from The Tiger News’s Richard Joques: As juicy as that fan-fiction or "50 Shades of Grey" book was, sex is going to be nothing like that.

In The Atlantic, Megan Garber wrote professed sympathy for Melania Knauss Trump—the projecting, the concern-trolling, the presidential fan-fiction-ing—is part of a long-standing narrative in pop culture: the cheeky but also insistent assumption that the new first lady is the sad and sleepy heroine of a decidedly modern fairy tale.

In 'Appoquinimink high school senior publishes first novel' for Middletown Transcript, Laura Pugh shared that the author began the story her freshman year at Appoquinimink High as more of a fan fiction book, drawing from the web series Red vs. Blue. However, as time went on, Rupertus began to develop the idea even further, giving the story an entirely new twist.

For New Statesman, Anna Leszkeiwicz wrote that a scene in Apple Tree Yard feels like the erotic fanfiction of a political hack who has spent far too much time at the Houses of Parliament.

NYU Local’s Madison Murray went looking for proof that internet personality Cameron Dallas exists and found only incredibly graphic self-insertion fanfiction.

From The Seahawk’s Savanna Shackleford: Hogwarts is more than just about Gryffindor, and sorting people into houses is more than just a fan fiction game.

In a Seattle Weekly review of Claudia Rowe’s The Spider and the Fly, Paul Constant wrote Her first letter from [serial killer Kendall] Francois clumsily evokes The Silence of the Lambs—Hannibal Lecter’s quid pro quo with Clarice Starling—in a way that practically feels like fan fiction.

From a Kelly Jensen interview by Nadya Sarah Domingo for Teen Vogue: When you read fanfiction by young fans, be it about Doctor Who, Supernatural, Star Trek, or Star Wars, you see just how smart the writers are.

Finally, from '17 People Reveal the Things Their Significant Others Hid from Them Until Way Later in the Relationship' compiled by Maria Yagoda for People: "Her knack for writing sexual fan fiction about members of 5SOS and One Direction."
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