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In 'Breaking Elgar’s Enigma' for The New Republic, Daniel Estrin wrote Padgett’s theory of secret codes and subterfuge might easily be categorized as Da Vinci Code fan fiction if it were not for one historical fact: Elgar was a master of cryptography.

MTV's Ira Madison III wondered What kind of Game of Thrones fan fiction has [Kellyanne Conway] been reading that she’s just throwing "massacre" around like it's free Sephora samples at the mall?

In 'How the CW Mastered the Superhero Rom-Com' for Vulture, Abraham Riesman wrote The only other place you’ll find rom-comminess among superheroes is in the vibrant world of fanfic and other fan-created media, where shootouts regularly take a back seat to smooches.

From H. Perry Horton on Film School Rejects: 'Tears in the Rain' is 'Blade Runner' Fan Fiction Done Right.

In 'The hilariously unsexy social media life of 50 Shades author EL James' for The Telegraph, Alice Vincent wrote in less than a decade she's nurtured the kind of career most published authors would dream of, let alone fan-fiction-writing hopefuls.

In a Forbes review of a recent episode of Training Day, Merrill Barr wrote the show feels more like a piece of TV fan fiction than it does a continuation of the movie that took audiences deep into the heart of Los Angeles’ criminal underbelly.

Regarding a recent episode of The Young Pope for Vulture, Nicole Cliffe wrote As Pius wraps up his address, he coolly pokes one Prada-clad shoe out from under his voluminous robes, and waits. Everyone is very “oh no way, is this happening?” until James Cromwell’s Spencer makes the first move. He carefully stands, removes his hat, and places it gently on his chair before kneeling at Pius’s feet and delicately kissing his shoe. Andrew follows, slightly roguishly (I haven’t looked, but I imagine the slash fic for those two is amazing), and then it’s time for a hesitant Voiello.

For Hollywood Reporter, Natalie Jarvey wrote Toronto-based Wattpad has popularized online fan fiction in the United States and Canada and claims a global audience of 45 million users.

Columbia Spectator’s Michelle Waters shared I read a lot of age-inappropriate Harry Potter fan fiction as a preteen, so my ideas about dating and sex are pretty warped.

Forbes contributor Kristina Killgrove wrote, of a recent episode of Bones, in the many subplots, Brennan gets annoyed with the voice of her audiobook, Aubrey finds and turns in his dad, Fisher used to write fan-fic to Brennan, and Saroyan gets spidered.

Finally, from Rebecca Keegan in Vanity Fair: Hello from Los Angeles, where we’re feeling a wave of "TOLDJA!" nostalgia, keeping an eye on the Viola Davis category backlash, and writing fan fiction about Daniel Day-Lewis walking through a cemetery.
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