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Ezekiel Kweku wrote about Liberal Fan Fiction for MTV.com.

From Forbes’s Hayley C. Cuccinello: Fifty Shades Of Green: How Fanfiction Went From Dirty Little Secret To Money Machine.

For Bustle, Emma Lord explored Why Fan Fiction Shaming Is A Feminist Issue.

Nina Huang wondered Why are legions of poorly rendered female protagonists leaping from fan fiction onto screens? for China Film Insider.

Forbes contributor Scott Mendelson wrote We are turning Hollywood into a glorified fan-fiction factory where filmmakers get to make their own versions of their childhood favorites.

For GQ, Jack Moore noted Kellyanne Conway’s invention of massacre fan fiction.

For Digital Trends, Lulu Chang wrote It started as fan fiction itself, so it only makes sense that 50 Shades of Grey has a few imitations of its own. If steamy romance doesn’t really get you going, then perhaps you’ll be entertained instead by the tech-centric parody that EL James’ hit novel has spawned. Meet @50NerdsOfGrey, a Twitter account that turns raunchy writing into something else entirely.

Capilano Courier managing editor Carlo Javier shared some fan fiction involving Emilia Clarke.

In a short piece on Beware the Slenderman for News Review, Conrad Nystrom noted that he was cultivated by the online “creepypasta” community (which specializes in horror fan-fiction and memes).

For The Mirror, Jo-Anne Rowney, Matthew Challis, and Aodhan Gregory wrote The Last Jedi has already sent fans into a frenzy trying to work out what it means, but for a franchise like Star Wars there are thousands of theories relating to fan fiction, actor slip ups and computer games to trawl through. And, from Scott Meslow in GQ: You wonder what George Lucas’ third Star Wars trilogy might have looked like if he had ever gotten around to making it. Now, if Lucas were to publish the details of that plan, it would be deemed non-canonical—the equivalent of alternate-universe fan fiction when compared to Disney’s Episodes VII, VIII, and IX.

In a review for Riverfront Times, MaryAnn Johanson wrote I can say that Lego Batman is one of the most beautiful and outrageously funny instances yet of the mash-up, fan-fiction fan culture that has developed around the merry playfulness of geeks. And, on Daily Dot, Sarah Weber wrote In a deliciously self-aware move, Batman refuses to "ship" himself and Joker (a nod to fanfic writers who have long understood the chemistry between archenemies).

From Sarah Seltzer on Flavorwire: The Sweetest Debut: Elan Mastai on Spiderman Fan-Fic and 2016 as Dystopia.

In ‘Why I decided to change my outlook on gaming’ for the johns Hopkins News-Letter, Sudgie Ma wrote When I’m watching an episode of Teen Wolf, and there’s one of those “oh God yesss YESSS they’re finally getting together” scenes, I can very easily pause right at that moment and just lose myself in some fanfiction based off the same scene for a few hours.

In 'Does this video give YOU a 'braingasm'? YouTuber murmuring mesmerisingly in Spanish is surprisingly relaxing' for Daily Mail, Harriet Mallinson wrote 'You could be reciting slutty fan fiction and satanic prayers for all I know, but whatever, relaxing as hell,' one viewer quipped.

Daily Princeton’s Yang Shao wrote that, during walks In middle school, my thoughts were on a boy I liked that had smiled at me or an online fanfiction that I had snuck out of bed to read the night before.

Finally, in 'The future of sex for Irish women' for The Irish Times, Roe McDermott wrote I wasn’t surprised to learn that many women are garnering some of their sexual fulfilment not from real people, but fictional romance or fan fiction. In fan fiction, women take pop culture characters and existing stories and then invent erotic scenes. They engage with the material and also rewrite it to fulfil their fantasies and express their desires.
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