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The Washington Post's Alyssa Rosenberg argued that The temptation to effectively write fan fiction about Ivanka Trump and especially Melania Trump, who despite their relationship to the president are much less accessible to the press, appears even more irresistible. And I argue back that trying to figure out people from less than complete evidence, based on our own biases, is what humans DO. We can try to be enlightened; we can try to separate our conclusions from reality, we can let our working models be updated, but we can’t stop making them, nor should we.

'Actress Claims Conservative Site Stole Her Photo to Create 'Fake News' Persona' by Gene Maddaus for Variety is an especially amusing read, though the fanfic reference is a minor part of the whole thing.

Lauren Sarner shared How To Make Money Writing Fan Fiction with the readers of Inverse.

For Bustle, Sadie L. Trombetta explored Why Fanfiction Is A Good Thing For Writers And Readers.

In 'Copyright Law Versus Internet Culture' from Electronic Frontier Foundation: Here are just a few ways remixers are taking culture into their own hands: * Fan fiction – Kirk and Spock can be gay and Uhura can captain the Enterprise, or that boa constrictor from the zoo scene can become Harry’s familiar instead of taking off for Brazil.

In a review of Michael Faudet’s Dirty Pretty Things for The State Times (SUNY Oneonta), Taylor Price wrote There are too many small mouths and dirty knees. It’s not sensual; it’s in poor taste. I remember thinking of bad fan-fiction while reading it through the first time.

From Alice Clarke in Herald Sun: How Fifty Shades coaxed nerds out of the Twilight via fanfiction.

In 'Have You Seen Paul Ryan? Wisconsin Voters Take Out Craiglist Ad, Billboard' for Observer, John Bonazzo wrote An unidentified voter posted a Missing Persons ad in the Lost and Found section of the Madison, Wisconsin Craigslist page called "Have you seen our speaker?" The page, which is illustrated with photos of Ryan working out, says that he is "addicted to power" and "answers to the name Paul." "He is a yuge fan of working out in the House of Representatives gymnasium, penning Ayn Rand fanfiction and lecturing poor people on the advantages of being born into wealth," the page reads.

For Bustle, Emma Oulton presented Harry Potter Fanfiction Stories For People Who Don't Usually Like Fanfiction.

In a brief recap for The Omaha Reader, Mason Shumaker shared It didn’t take long for some random Walking Dead fan with a YouTube channel to re-edit the episode to make it appear as if the hero watched all of his friends bludgeoned, which is such morbid fan-fiction that it’s almost impressive.

From ABS-CBN Sports: The red-hot Ateneo-La Salle rivalry especially in sports has been there for ages, and only time can tell when a truce between the top UAAP schools will come about. But it already seems to be the case for recent UAAP women’s volleyball graduates Alyssa Valdez and Mika Reyes, who played for the blue and green teams, respectively. The two both left the collegiate league last year, with two and three titles trophies respectively amassed in their playing years. They were big sports rivals as much as they were sports superstars back in the day, a competition that even got many fans choosing sides, writing fanfiction, and even arguing about their idols online.

In an ode to Jason Eady's 'Barabbas' for NPR, Jim Allen wrote the song is more than just the theological equivalent of fan fiction.

The New York Times asked readers to Share Your 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' Fan Fiction.

From 'Emmerdale fans praise the soap for highlighting the issue of homophobia in prison' by Katie Fitzpatrick for Manchester Evening News: Danny [Miller] and his co-star Ryan Hawley, who plays Robert, have won the hearts of viewers with their portrayal of couple affectionately known as Robron, who have prompted fan art and fan fiction.

Washington Free Beacon’s Madeleine Weast wrote that HillaryBeatTrump.org's website, along with its Twitter and Facebook accounts, promotes fake news stories, or fan fiction, that liberals wish were true.

According to 'Buffalo Grove student represents Illinois in arts competition' in Chicago Daily Herald, she is also president of the school Book Club, volunteers at her local library and plays the violin in the school orchestra. She has also penned pieces on the website FanFiction.net that have garnered more than 800,000 followers.

For The West Australian, Chloe Fraser wrote Musical comedy, Dr Felicity Rickshaw’s Celebrity Sex Party, is also returning by popular demand. Presented by Holland St Productions, the award-winning musical is about a shy office worker and her raunchy internet alter-ego Dr Felicity Rickshaw, who is an acclaimed author of celebrity fan fiction.

For Winnipeg Free Press, Debbie Patterson described Margaret Atwood’s Hag-Seed as a reimagining of The Tempest as part of the Hogarth Shakespeare Series — kind of like Shakespeare fan fiction by brilliant writers.

Fanfic got a mention in The Internet’s Impact on Creativity: Your Thoughts, compiled by Rosa Inocencio Smith for The Atlantic.

Finally, from Popular Science’s Rachel Feltman: NASA wants the internet to get hype about these new exoplanets[:] You can basically read fanfiction about them.
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