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In 'The Sage of Tom Brady’s Jersey' for The New Yorker, Ian Crouch wrote that The theft, and then recovery, of Brady’s jersey was like a tale of Trumpian fan fiction.

From Caitlin Mota in The Jersey Journal: Man busted by feds allegedly detailed drug operation in Reddit 'fan fiction'.

From Amanda Knox in Ballard News-Tribune: Amanda's View: Fandom and fan fiction.

In an Irish Times review of Life, Tara Brady wrote Rebecca Ferguson’s security-obsessed doctor plays awfully like Tasha Yar fan-fiction from someone who never actually got around to watching Star Trek: The Next Generation.

For The Guardian, Afua Hirsch shared that author Angie Thomas wrote her first story, a piece of Mickey Mouse fan fiction, the year she was six.

For The Telegraph, Alice Vincent explored Who divorced, who married and who took a gay lover? Love Actually: what happened next, according to fan fiction.

In 'The EPA Needs Lots of Money to Gut Itself' for The Atlantic, Robinson Meyer wrote While this proposal hints at President Trump’s governance priorities, and serves as an initial negotiating position, it mostly markets his ideological bonafides to other Republicans. It’s fiduciary fan fiction for conservatives, basically, with little chance of becoming law.

From the Philippine Star: Everyone’s a little obsessed with something. It only takes another person in the fandom circle to drive you further into it. A few YouTube binge-watching sessions and fan fiction after, and it’s already safe to declare that you’re a *insert name of obsession here* geek.

Finally, from Rebekah Lowin in Food & Wine: "Veggie hate crime." It might sound like something out of an embarrassing piece of chef fan fiction fused with an ultra-progressive children's book, but it’s actually the colloquial term for a very real, very relevant set of laws — ones that have been a serious impediment to food critics and health advocates across the country.
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