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The Telegraph’s Rebecca Hawkes wrote If you're a fan of both Harry Potter and Doctor Who, and into fan-fiction-style mash-ups, then we've got some deeply frustrating news for you (plus a small, frail glimmer of mitigating hope).

In a review of Mitski’s Fireproof for The Yale Herald, Nicole Mo wrote Is it excessive to write 500 words about a cover of a One Direction song? Maybe, but since I have a friend who had to be physically restrained from buying a life size cutout of the blonde guy from the group, I think this is subdued by the standards of the fan fiction era.

Rachel Skidmore told Forbes contributor Morra Aarons-Mele I think the cool thing we’ve seen in the video games we’re privy to the development of is the creation of strong leading female characters. It’s also about turning your fans into creators. There’s so much fan fiction being written by women on the internet, there’s some real talent there, and it’s about the fostering that talent and finding out the original idea and character they want to create.

For Out Magazine, Hilton Dresden reported Harry Styles Tweeted Pornographic Louis Tomlinson Fan Fiction Last Night. The Sun’s Olivia Waring wrote Harry Styles’ followers in a flap after tweeted link to fan-fiction romance between him and Louis Tomlinson leads to porn site – but was he hacked? And for Mirror, Vicki Newman summarized One Direction fans baffled after Harry Styles' account tweets photos of Louis Tomlinson and link to 'Larry porn' fan fiction.

In ‘Super-scaled lightsabers are coming to Singapore’ for CNBC, Aza Wee Sile wrote The fandom around the world has spawned groups that engage in anything from costume play to fan fiction to lightsaber fight performances.

Anjuli Shere, writing in New Statesman, is not at all amused by Peppa Pig fanworks.

In ‘How the Fast and Furious franchise used cars to symbolize the American dream’ for The Guardian, Tom Bond observed that cars [are] the weapons with which they fight, delivering more car-on-car action than Transformers fan fiction.

In 'What to watch while you're waiting for 'Game of Thrones'' for USA Today, Kelly Lawler wrote If you’re looking for another fantasy where the magical and political mixes with the petty and personal, try SyFy’s The Magicians, based on the books by Lev Grossman. The series follows a group of adult magicians in what is effectively a magical grad school as they discover a Narnia-like fairytale land and the evil within it. But there is plenty of time for relationship drama that would make fan-fic writers on Tumblr proud.

Finally, Ben Goren wrote Fan Fiction: A day with imaginary Duquesne head coach Mark Titus: This is the alternate timeline we need, if not the one we deserve for Mid Major Madness,


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