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Not exhaustive, but it's been that kind of summer...

HBO’s upcoming Confederate generated some recent refs. For The New York Times, Roxane Gay wrote I Don’t Want to Watch Slavery Fan Fiction. Emily Yahr wrote in The Washington Post that The backlash about the idea of “slavery fan fiction” was immediate, and many wondered what HBO was thinking — particularly because “Game of Thrones” has come under fire for its portrayals of race and violence. And, For Chicago Tribune, Nina Metz noted There are a number of reasons — thoughtful, well-researched reasons — why people are objecting to a premise that sounds like slavery fan fiction.

In response, in National Review, Kyle Smith wondered Are Robert Harris’s novel Fatherland and Philip K. Dick’s The Man in the High Castle "Nazi fan fiction" because they imagined what life would be like had Germany won World War II? (Why yes, yes they are.)

To address Why would anyone spend such resources creating what could potentially end up as futuristic antebellum South fan fiction, Vanity Fair’s Yohana Desta reported on a Vulture interview of the show’s creators.

In a Los Angeles Times editorial 'Let's not trash 'Confederate' before it's even made,' the paper’s editorial board wrote The show has not even been written — and probably won’t appear on a TV screen for two more years — but it has already fueled outrage that’s stretched from opinion pages to Twitter, with critics deriding it as “slavery fan fiction” by two white male writers.

For The Telegraph, Tim Stanley wrote HBO's 'slavery fan fiction' Confederate is the work of liberals with the noblest of intentions – but it's still a bad idea.

And, for The Souix City Journal and other papers, Esther Cepeda mused Our entertainments hold much power over us and a great capacity to shape our perceptions to the world around us. It’s only natural to be concerned that a project like “Confederate” could end up playing like high-brow Confederacy fan fiction.

There was actually quite a bit more, but you get the picture. The common thread relevant to this round-up was the use of ‘fan fiction’ pejoratively, though more in the sense of glorifying its subject than of being poorly executed.

In 'What would happen if Hamlet were a girl in the Internet age?' for The Washington Post, Celia Wren wrote that The Elsinore-prowling man in black becomes Elsie, an Internet-roaming teenage girl in black, in "To Tell My Story: A Hamlet Fan¬fic," an ingenious, if sometimes strenuously jokey, new play by Alexandra Petri. (Petri is a writer for the paper who’s produced more than her share of fanfic fanfic refs over the years.)

In a New Yorker review of Ben Blatt’s Nabokov’s Favorite Word Is Mauve: What the Numbers Reveal About the Classics, Bestsellers, and Our Own Writing, Dan Piepenbring wrote American writers of Harry Potter fan fiction are actually more liable to use “brilliant” than their British counterparts, who employ the word with native agility.

From Daily Mail’s Kelby Vera: 'It was a little bit disrespectful': Louis Tomlinson finally addresses fan-fiction romance Larry Stylinson...as he debuts new tattoo 'in honor' of Eleanor Calder.

For Screen Rant, Becky Fuller proclaimed that John Boyega Approves of Finn/Poe Fan Fiction.

Windy City Gridiron’s Patti Curl shared Windy City Fan Fiction: The Final Chapter.

For The Canadian Press, Lauren La Rose wrote The Canadian online storytelling platform Wattpad has proven to be a popular hangout for passionate readers eager to embrace the work of new writers, particularly when it comes to fan fiction tales inspired by pop stars, actors and literary characters.

Cosmoploitan’s Lilian Min wrote that This Jeopardy Love Story Is The Stuff of Fan Fiction.

From Ashley Eady for The Wrap: Bruce Willis ‘Death Wish’ Trailer Blasted as ‘Alt-Right Fan Fiction’.

Finally, The Macalope produced Wishful thinking: Alexa fan fiction for Macworld.
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