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From New York Magazine’s Maureen O'Connor: On this week’s Sex Lives podcast, Ella [Dawson] gets real about unprotected sex, dating with herpes, meeting a woman who has genital herpes on her inner elbow, and learning about sex from Harry Potter fan fiction.

In 'How Fandoms Can Support Black Women,' The Dickinsonian’s Aleksandra Syniec wrote that University of Alabama Professor Kristen Warner’s work mostly focuses on the casting methods of producers and the representation in movies and television shows of characters and actors of color. In her lecture, she described her work with fandoms, online communities for fans to connect and share art and fanfiction.

In a Publishers Weekly piece about the London Book Fair, Ed Nawotka and Neill Denny wrote In a session entitled "The Fountain of Youth: Fandom and the Power of YA Audiences" Watttpad’s Ashleigh Gardner, head of partnerships, noted that the company has done a deal with Turner television to adapt several Wattpad horror stories into shows. Horror—as well as Muslim romance and Riverdale fan fiction (fiction based on the CW television show)—are currently hot trends.

For The Guardian, Rebecca Nicholson wrote that a new Heinz ad campaign includes a spot of corporate fan fiction involving Don Draper.

The New York Times’s Neil Genzlinger shared that A large body of fan fiction has also been written by Buffy fans over the years, taking the characters in all sorts of directions Whedon may never have envisioned.

In a New York Times review of the new film, A. O. Scott wrote If you want a hot and haunting "Beauty and the Beast," check out Jean Cocteau’s version, or the fan-fiction-inspiring television show from the 1980s. This one is chaste and charming.

Linda Howard wrote about ''Shipping' and the enduring appeal of believing in true love' for Glasgow Evening Times: Shipping often takes the form of creative works by incredibly talented and devoted fans, including fanfiction, fan art, fan videos and music usually published online.

In a piece about a new feature for The Globe and Mail, Shane Dingman wrote that [WattPad’s Tarun] Sachdeva says that the idea came from behaviour Wattpad was seeing among the 45 million users of its main site, best known for fan-fiction that revamps popular characters into different forms of genre literature.

In ''Silicon Valley' season four predictions' for Tufts Daily, John Gallagher wrote These predictions are rooted in rigorous frame-by-frame analysis of the teaser trailer, an encyclopedic knowledge of the show’s previous seasons and consumption of truly harrowing amounts of ‘official’ Richard and Jared slash fiction.

Greenwood Democrat’s Dustin Graham was on a trivia team that included one Dale Olson (so nerdy that he writes fan fiction).

Finally, for Publishers Weekly, Ben Blatt wrote In my new book, Nabokov’s Favorite Word is Mauve, I use simple data to whiz through hundreds of classics, bestsellers, and fan fiction novels to explore anew our favorite authors and how they write. He informed readers of The Guardian that While some great authors use exclamation marks in abundance, the general trend is for professionals to use them less than amateurs. I went through tens of thousands of stories on the website FanFiction.net, where authors write their favorite stories in the Harry Potter or Tw[i]light universes. These authors, writing for fun and without editors, use exclamation marks at almost four times the rate of a novel that ends up on the New York Times bestseller list. And he told for Smithsonian’s Megan Gambino I went through the 50 authors that I looked at, as well as large samples of fan fiction, and found, not by a crazy margin but a meaningful margin, that Americans do have a higher ratio of the loud words to the quiet words.


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