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In 'Fellowship of the Fans' for American Libraries, Anne Ford asked Getting teens more comfortable engaging with the library and librarians, more enthusiastic about the power of words, and more confident in their own abilities—can fan fiction really do all this?

For NewStatesman, Martin Robbins wrote That [a Jeremy Corbyn policy proposal] reads like a policy nerd’s civil service fan-fiction is bad enough, but it’s grammatically incompetent too.

For Canadian Lawyer, Lisa R. Lifshitz authored Star Trek fan-fiction copyright suit tests ‘fair use’ defence back in January.

From Ana Valens on Daily Dot: Remember LiveJournal, the online blogging service popular with fanfiction users during the early 2000s? Well, LiveJournal users are leaving the Russian-owned site after a new user agreement says it will ban posts about “political convictions” and “political solicitation,” which could effectively include LGBTQ content.

Regarding In the Name of the People, from Yin Yijun in Sixth Tone: Millennials Turn Anti-Graft TV Show Into Gay Fan Fiction.

For Global Times, Sophia Zhu wrote Mary Sue is a generic name for a character in a story that is absurdly popular and perfect. Mary Sue is not only the author inserted into the story, but also how the author wishes to be seen. They are often perfect to a ridiculous degree. The concept and the name Mary Sue first came out of fandom and fan-fiction, but there are also plenty of Mary Sues to be found in original fiction and media.

The Cambridge Student’s Celia Morris wrote I first discovered smut when I was about fourteen. I’d been reading what I thought was a fairly harmless piece of fanfiction, when suddenly the main character had his dick out and my whole universe imploded. Eh, for me it was Fannie Hill, encountered whilst babysitting.

From Alanna Martinez in Observer: Fan Fiction For Damien Hirst’s ‘Unbelievable’ Ancient Treasures: Who needs dystopian YA when we have the art world.

Finally, for Creativity, Alexandra Jardine shared Renault Gets an Electric Car to Write Jack Kerouac Fan Fiction via Artificial Intelligence.


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