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Ezekiel Kweku wrote about Liberal Fan Fiction for MTV.com.

From Forbes’s Hayley C. Cuccinello: Fifty Shades Of Green: How Fanfiction Went From Dirty Little Secret To Money Machine.

For Bustle, Emma Lord explored Why Fan Fiction Shaming Is A Feminist Issue.

Nina Huang wondered Why are legions of poorly rendered female protagonists leaping from fan fiction onto screens? for China Film Insider.

Forbes contributor Scott Mendelson wrote We are turning Hollywood into a glorified fan-fiction factory where filmmakers get to make their own versions of their childhood favorites.

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In ‘Why I decided to change my outlook on gaming’ for the johns Hopkins News-Letter, Sudgie Ma wrote When I’m watching an episode of Teen Wolf, and there’s one of those “oh God yesss YESSS they’re finally getting together” scenes, I can very easily pause right at that moment and just lose myself in some fanfiction based off the same scene for a few hours.

In 'Does this video give YOU a 'braingasm'? YouTuber murmuring mesmerisingly in Spanish is surprisingly relaxing' for Daily Mail, Harriet Mallinson wrote 'You could be reciting slutty fan fiction and satanic prayers for all I know, but whatever, relaxing as hell,' one viewer quipped.

Daily Princeton’s Yang Shao wrote that, during walks In middle school, my thoughts were on a boy I liked that had smiled at me or an online fanfiction that I had snuck out of bed to read the night before.

Finally, in 'The future of sex for Irish women' for The Irish Times, Roe McDermott wrote I wasn’t surprised to learn that many women are garnering some of their sexual fulfilment not from real people, but fictional romance or fan fiction. In fan fiction, women take pop culture characters and existing stories and then invent erotic scenes. They engage with the material and also rewrite it to fulfil their fantasies and express their desires.
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In 'How Online Fandom Is Shaping TV in 2017' for Vanity Fair, Joanna Robinson wrote "Shipping" is hardly a new TV phenomenon, and has, for a long time, enjoyed a close association with another kind of fandom—slash fiction—that focuses on the (often imagined, perceived, or extrapolated) sexual relationships between fictional characters of the same sex.

The Daily Star’s Marisha Aziz expanded upon Steps to Achieve Fanfiction Fame.

For JSTOR Daily, Erin Blakemore explored Fanfic as Academic Discipline.

From 'CBS, Paramount Settle Lawsuit Over 'Star Trek' Fan Film' by Eriq Gardner for The Hollywood Reporter: "There's never really been a trial over fan fiction before," says David Kluft, a partner at Foley Hoag who has written about Star Trek litigation. According to Christopher Mele in The New York Times, The [joint] statement said the studios "continue to be big believers in fan fiction and fan creativity" and encouraged amateur filmmakers to demonstrate their passion for "Star Trek" as long as their works were nonprofessional and met the companies' guidelines for fan films. Similarly, Santa Clarita Valley Signal’s Patrick Mullen wrote In its fan guidelines, CBS and Paramount said they are "big believers in reasonable fan fiction and fan creativity" within certain limits.

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Singapore Book Publishers Association president Peter Schoppert told Straits Times’s Olivia Ho "Young writers and readers have the whole world in front of them and are just as likely to put their energy into Tumblr poetry or fan-fiction as learning about local literature. We have to recognise that and move from there."

I’ve no clue what this means, but here’s something from Syida Lizta Amirul Ihsan in New Straits Times: LOCAL label dUCk is curated as such that it’s narrated by a persona called D. In stories and sketches that appear on Instagram, D lives in a high-rise apartment, has two close friends, Carey and Hannah, and is in a long-distance relationship. Fans assume that D is nothing more than the voice of the brand’s founder Vivy Yusof but D maintains that she exists. There’s a cute banter between both, with fans commenting, assuming and extrapolating all possibilities like they would in fan fiction.

A Zach Schonfeld piece in Newsweek about 3 Doors Down fandom’s response to the group playing the inauguration referenced the existence of Anderson Cooper fanfic.

A piece in the Bainbridge Review revealed that the winner of "the Bainbridge Symphony Orchestra’s 2017 Young Artist Concerto Competition" loves to write fan fiction and watch the Food Network.

Finally, from 'Dangerous Game: can a Calum Best vehicle with Darren Day as a Russian mob boss really exist?' (Stuart Heritage, The Guardian): "You know what they say," Best grunts 22 seconds into the trailer. "A friend helps you move, but a true friend helps you move a dead body." No they don’t, Calum. Nobody says that. I just Googled "A friend helps you move, but a true friend helps you move a dead body". It had only two results, and both of those came from a Teen Wolf fan fiction forum.
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In Copyright in Klingon for The Washington Post, David Post wrote A significant copyright tussle over the appropriate scope of “fan films” — and, by extension, fan fiction and the whole genre of “fan-generated” works — has erupted in the Central District of California.

In 'Why I Will Miss Obama-as-Dad Most of All' for New Republic, Rumaan Alam wrote When I read that Sasha Obama had a summer job at a seafood shack in Martha’s Vineyard it squared with the fan fiction I’ve composed in my mind of Obama-as-dad (and indeed, Michelle-as-mom).

Sam Sacks described Robert Coover’s Huck Out West as a sly bit of fan fiction in a Wall Street Journal review.

In 'The Best Memes of the 2017 Golden Globes' for TIME, Ashley Hoffman wrote Ryan Reynolds and Andrew Garfield shared a kiss, affording the Internet a lifetime of opportunities to share in the love between Spiderman and Deadpool via all the superhero fan fiction.

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From an editorial in The Independent Florida Alligator: much of the sci-fi culture we see today — conventions, fan fiction, online forums — was sparked by female fans.

Fanfic gets a brief mention in Colin Dickey’s Cash for Words: A Brief History of Writing for Money in New Republic.

Finally, how about a fanfic-referencing piece on guess what from Jason Murdock on International Business Times. And, for WIRED, Andy Greenberg quoted Matt Tait, a former staffer of Britain’s GCHQ intelligence agency: "it’s really hard to tell whether any of the info is actually true, or just a very exciting and expensively produced fan-fiction novel."
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In a CBC piece about WattPad, Ron Charles wrote After — a fan fiction inspired by the British band One Direction — became so popular so fast that publishing house Simon & Schuster acquired the rights, asking Todd to produce a three-volume version that has gone on to become a New York Times bestseller.

[profile] starwatcher307 alerted me to a fanfic reference in xkcd.

For Forbes, Dani Di Placido wrote Harry Potter and the Cursed Child was a well-received stage play, but the story itself reads like something found in the depths of an obscure fan fiction forum.

Forbes contributor Scott Mendelson wrote The new Star Wars movies will eventually have to wean their way off of giving the adult fans fan-fiction-y moments amid an otherwise new motion picture. Sure, Rogue One's climactic "fanfic" moment is a huge rush and a thrill, but the new films will eventually have to live and die on their own two feet.

For The Telegraph, Ross Jones wrote that various Chinese Sherlock fanworks may seem like fairly standard fan-fiction fare – until you remember that in China, writing what the authorities consider filth is a crime punishable with a lengthy jail term.

For Portland Press Herald, Elizabeth Powers wrote [My four-year-old and I] read my old favorites (such as “The Snowy Day”), silly stories (such as “Pete the Cat”), stories I find incredibly boring (like the Disney fanfiction volumes that detail the happenstance goings-on of trademarked princesses) and books on topics my daughter asks about (dinosaurs, hot air balloons).

This Boston Globe piece has a fanfic ref, but I seemed to have hit my monthly limit, and my Sunday-only subscription doesn’t seem to give me access.

From Chatham This Week’s Louis Pin: The newest Harry Potter book came out, and while it more-or-less amounts to creative fan fiction, it's a step up from the last best-selling fan fiction based on a young adult series.

Finally, in 'In 2017, publishing really needs a blockbuster' for LA Times, Carolyn Kellogg wrote although “Fifty Shades of Grey” was, at its very first imaginings, “Twilight” fan fiction, E.L. James’ erotic novel, which was 2012’s bestselling book overall, became something entirely new that launched its own fleet of hot-and-heavy followers.
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In 'Outrageous Celebrity Sex Stories Too Hot To Be Real (Literally)' for Your Tango, Rebecca Jane Stokes observed there are celebrity fan fiction erotic stories about everyone, from Justin Bieber, Orlando Bloom and Miley Cyrus (whom you don't have to work too hard to imagine naked) to buttoned-up people like Condoleeza Rice and Louis CK.

From Cyan Abad-Jugo in Philippine Inquirer: fan fiction for you.

From Washington Post columnist Jena McGregor: [Helene Cooper’s Madame President] is not a Democrat's fan fiction of a Hillary Clinton presidency. Rather, it is New York Times journalist Helene Cooper's biography of Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, the first democratically elected female president in African history.

In 'When Harry met Fifty Shades: what makes a book popular?' for NewStatesman, Frances Wilson wrote We love being reminded of how Harry Potter was rejected a squillion times before being picked up off the slush pile at Bloomsbury, how Fifty Shades began life as online fan fiction, how nobody wanted Lord of the Flies, how Jack Kerouac’s agent didn’t “dig” On the Road, how T S Eliot thought Animal Farm “not convincing”, and how some ­benighted editor, having read The Spy Who Came in from the Cold, told John le Carré that he had no future as a writer.

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In a Sydney Morning Herald review of Walliams and Friend, Ben Pobjie wrote On the odd occasion – a neat boy-band piece, a shamelessly silly slice of Great British Bake Off erotic fan fiction – the show fires up, but the trend is more towards thin concepts barely propped up by the star power of Walliams and his big-name partner.

For Geek, Tony Polcano opined that Star Wars: Tales From a Galaxy Far, Far Away is Professional-Grade Fan Fiction.

For Study Breaks, Michelle Criqui answered You’ve probably imagined two fictional characters getting together, but why?

In a Rogue One review for Vulture, Abraham Riesman wrote There’s a useful literary concept that comes from the world of fanfiction: fix-it, a term for stories that “fix” the canonical version of a given tale to make it more satisfying.

Finally, The Daily Pennsylvanian’s Hyun Jin Cha quoted a freshman regarding her finals study strategy: "I went home, and I like, made like a pound of pasta. So I stocked up on pasta for the rest of the week. And I read a lot of FanFiction. And…I did some laundry. And I watched Yuri on Ice."
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Late and short; I'll catch up next weekend.

In ‘The erotic fan fiction of 'Slash' provides a coming-of-age tale for the social media age,’ a review for Los Angeles Times, Katie Walsh wrote In taking on this fan fic world, Liford could have gone for the cheap, stereotypical laughs, but with the nuanced performances from Marks and Johnston, the film is a respectful analysis of burgeoning sexuality, the sometimes embarrassing missteps that come along with figuring it out, and exploring that all through fiction. And, from James Roberts in Glide Magazine: Slash fiction is the kind of thing you only hear about if you’ve descended so deep into a rabbit hole of hardcore internet nerdity that you dream in meme and speak in the kind of language suitable for forming coherent thoughts in 140 characters or less. Even then, most of us only know of slash fiction as the brunt of jokes, not as something to be considered with any seriousness.

The Washington Post’s Annys Shin wrote that the paper’s review of Star Wars in 1977, though prescient, underestimated the enduring appeal of Darth Vader, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Luke Skywalker, not to mention the intensity of fan devotion that to this day fuels clubs of grown men and women who build “life-size” R2-D2 models, countless gigabytes of fan fiction and billions of dollars in toy sales.

For Star Observer, Matthew Wade wrote WHILE each member of British pop group Little Mix identifies as straight, there has been a proliferation of queer fan fiction written about them since they shot to stardom five years ago.

In a piece about fictional detective ‘Prodosh C. Mitter, a.k.a. Feluda’ for The Hindu, Diptakirti Chaudhari wrote A great tribute to this 50-year old legend would probably be fan fiction about his mother: a feisty student in pre-Independence Bengal getting embroiled in a story of intrigue and mystery and meeting her future husband as they both solve a case involving, maybe, the Kohinoor and the Chittagong Armoury Raid, or both.

In ‘J.K. Rowling Almost Introduced an Intriguing Weasley Cousin to the 'Harry Potter' Story’ for Teen Vogue, Greg Seals wrote Though this lost Weasley cousin didn't make it to the page, she'll no doubt live on in the hearts and fan fiction of Harry Potter fans everywhere.

Finally, for CNET, Laura Hautala wrote While you're thinking about all the accounts you have out there, ask yourself why you even have them. Are you still using that wedding planning website, five years after your nuptials? No, I didn't think so. Delete that account! Have you fallen out of the habit of posting Harry Potter fanfic on that one goofy website you loved 10 years ago? Delete that account too!
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From NPR’s Andrew Lapin: A Young Writer Finds A Fan Fiction Community — And Himself — In 'Slash'. For Spectrum News, Victor Diaz wrote The coming of age drama is about young author whose erotic fan fiction creates unexpected comic-con experiences. For The New York Times, Ben Kenigsberg described the main character as a 15-year-old who writes erotic fan fiction. Village Voice’s April Wolfe wrote Writer-director Clay Liford, in his endearing comedy Slash, explores these identity crises through the burgeoning world of fan-fic Comic-Con nerds as they face the real-life and online hardships of being a teen today. And, for Film Journal, John DeFore wrote Real-world fanfic enthusiasts may appreciate the attention, but most could probably hatch a more involving tale in the time it takes to scratch "Kirk + Spock 4 Evr" into a wooden bench.

In a piece about the importance of social media to teens for The Washington Post, Julia Carpenter shared On the fan-fiction social media platform [WattPad], Tahlie collects user-submitted stories about body acceptance and shares them with more than 9,000 followers.

In a review of Life, Animated for The Guardian, Peter Bradshaw wrote that Disney movies became [the film’s subject’s] new alphabet, his building blocks for making sense of the world, and he wrote his own comic-book fan fiction about Disney sidekicks.

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Tumblr’s content insights manager Amanda Brennan told Alternative Press’s Maggie Dickman "Tumblr is like where you go to share your passions... When you find a space like Tumblr where you can live your life online with the people who feel that same passion, you can share your fan art, you can share your silly fan fiction, just in the same breath that you share these true emotional stories about what happened when you met the band, or the moment you got the album, your reaction."

For The Guardian, Simon Usborne wrote that, for 13-year-old lip-synching (?) twins Harvey and Max Mills, Fame has started to change family life, even if the money hasn’t – yet. The boys’ PO box address receives about a dozen items a day, including chocolates, fan fiction and artwork.

Also for The Guardian, Alice Bell wrote There’s a strong social element to a lot of climate scepticism – conversations in comment threads, debates in forums, offline meetups. There’s even climate sceptic fanfic if you know where to look.

Finally, in a Washington Post piece examining Supreme Court options for Obama, Aaron Blake wrote In the end, this is probably liberal fan fiction rather than a serious proposal. But it's notable that we've come to this point.
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Delanee Hawkins told readers of The Mac Weekly (Macalester) that [BDSM] came to mainstream popularity after the terribly-written Twilight fanfiction Fifty Shades of Grey series.

According to Robert Kapps in WIRED, Industrial Light & Magic's John Knoll had, over the years, daydreamed his own [Star Wars] fan fiction.

Zach "Ass-hat" Schonfeld wrote Newsweek, which gained notoriety in the 1990s as a news weekly you could find on dentist office waiting room tables below Highlights and Zoobooks magazines, took the extraordinary step this week of publishing President Hillary Clinton fan fiction for The Federalist.

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For Impact Magazine (University of Nottingham), Matteo Everett noted most lit crit is hearsay, or unnecessarily long and drawn-out interpretations, which are essentially over-elaborate reviews bordering on fanfiction written by ‘art critics’ who are only in the field because they failed to become an author themselves.

In 'Subtext bites: The pitfalls of dishonesty in realtionships' for Willamette University Collegian, Ariadne Wolf wrote It’s one thing to watch characters in a show sigh at one another longingly, then run away for some manufactured nonsensical reason. That is the kind of thing that my fanfiction-addicted high school-aged self could really get behind. It’s really not nearly so pleasant in real life.

For The Washington Post, Christopher Ingraham engaged in some electoral fan fiction.

Finally, Searching for John Hughes author Jason Diamond told Chicago Reader’s Aimee Levitt that People are writing fan fiction about [Home Alone kid Kevin McCallister], like how he became a serial killer, and I'm like, "Yeah! Totally plausible!"
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In 'TV for hipsters: how two new shows are trying to appeal to the cool kids' for The Guardian, Megan Koester wrote Emboldened by the success of Girls and Broad City, television has recently seen a rash of programs focused on the lives of such characters: Netflix’s Love, FXX’s You’re the Worst and HBO’s Insecure at the high end, and MTV’s impressively mediocre Mary + Jane (which plays as little more than Broad City fan fiction) at the low.

In 'Who are the Antonine Maillets of the future?' for The Journal Pioneer, Natalie Pendergast wrote I wonder what form common story-telling will take in the future—if not novels and poetry, will it be chronicles of Youtube stars, web series, online fanfiction?

In a piece about writing letters to editor, Battle Creek Enquirer's Annie J. Kelley wrote, of a letter she wrote years ago, that it is obvious that her younger self had been watching a lot of "West Wing" at the time, too, which is why the letter comes off as a fan-fiction attempt of an Aaron Sorkin speech.

In 'Fantastic Beasts Finds Success' for The Cornell Daily Sun, David Gouldthorpe wrote The biggest problem with Cursed Child was that it felt more like a fanfiction than a natural extension of the series. It focused on time travel, while the original books were all mysteries.

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Regarding industry-produced podcasts, New York Times's Rob Walker wrote Outside of download numbers, [head of media innovation for G.E.] Ms. [Alexa] Christon said, G.E. judged the success of "The Message" partly by way of "the organic groups that have sprung up" in places like Reddit, swapping plot theories and even generating fan fiction.

In 'Porpentine Charity Heartscape's New Novella is Science-Fiction About Living with Trauma, and Slime Sex' for East Bay Express, Donna Kazimarki wrote Heartscape's art often intertwines explorations and exorcisms of her experiences as a poor, abuse survivor and chronically ill trans-woman with critiques of popular culture and academic discourses. Her inspirations are found in the visceral and pulpy worlds of fan fiction, erotic literature, and dialogue between video-game characters — things seen as lowbrow by society that are revelatory to Heartscape.

Click through if 'Chinese Reality TV Show Under Fire For Inappropriate Pairing,' or the fanfic thereof, doesn’t put you off .

Finally, a note in Springfield News-Sun pointed me to this gem by Anna Wilson in Aeon, 'Full-body reading': One of the terrible secrets about attending graduate school in literature is that it can ruin your ability to read for pleasure; pick up a book, and a nasty voice whispers that you should be reading something serious – or reading something seriously. So in the classroom, I learned to put away my body. Outside of the academy, however, specifically through fanfiction, I was learning to read with it.
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Harvard Law Today announced the appointment of 'Rebecca Tushnet, a leading First Amendment scholar,' who helped found the Organization for Transformative Works, a nonprofit dedicated to supporting and promoting fanworks, and currently volunteers on its legal committee.

In 'The Fate of Reading in a Multimedia Age' for LA Review of Books, Sabrina Ricci wrote The average reading time [on Wattpad] is 30 minutes per day, and the most popular genres are romance, teen fiction, and fan fiction.

From BuzzFeed’s Bim Adewunmi: Why "The Walking Dead" Has Become Fanfiction’s Muse.

From Marty Rosen in Louisville Eccentric Observer: A few years back, when "Fifty Shades of Grey" made the leap from fan fiction to hit novel, I read a few of the excerpts that popped up online. My conclusion: Stupidity is not erotic.

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According to The Daily Dot’s April Siese, @mikepence has already tweeted a hodgepodge fanfiction depicting Pence and Trump as star-crossed lovers.

For a piece on nasal fetishes for The Sun, Josie Griffiths shared the on-line anonymous comment "About 3-4 years ago I actually stumbled upon some sneeze fan fiction and I was in heaven."

Live Science senior writer Tia Ghose said, of a sample of machine-assisted prose, This is no Ray Bradbury — or even Spock fan-fiction.

Daily Californian’s Neil Lawrence wrote My interest in queer history once approached an obsession. It grew naturally out of the fertile ground of my childhood archaeology fixation and my early adolescent fan fiction phase.

Finally, in 'Stephenie Meyer's great chemistry with Jeremy Renner' for USA Today, Jocelyn McClurg wrote that Meyer wrote [Bourne Legacy] fan fiction for [production partner Meghan] Hibbet’s birthday.
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In a piece about Hong Kong politician Yau Wai-ching for TIME, Nash Jenkins wrote Her parents kept a strict moratorium on television watching, so instead she read — Chinese classics from the imperial dynasties, mostly. She studied these works at Lingnan University, and wrote pieces of fan fiction exploring their themes, particularly what she recognized as their latent homoerotic subtexts.

From Meghan Morris in The Post (Ohio University): Fan fiction provides as an outlet to fans to express original ideas.

The Daily Tarheel published 'a list of things you can do to show kindness this week' which included Write fanfiction about your friend and their political idol. (Jenni Ciesielski, Rachel Jones, Sarah Vassello)

In a piece on new apps for Albany Student Press, Diego Cagara recommended Pocket, which lets you save an intriguing article, story or even a piece of fanfiction that you want to spend time reading but you may not have the time to do it at that moment. I think I’ve had this capability in some form since, um, 1993…

In 'Oxford professor Carolyne Larrington on Game of Thrones and how the hit HBO series might end' for Herald Sun, Bernard Humphreys wrote "There’s a lot of storylines he needs to tie up," she said, but she is sure that whatever happens, Martin’s mythical Westeros will not be destroyed by war, politics, dragons or monsters, and that the author will leave his imaginary land with a future, perhaps to be perpetuated in other forms, such as fan fiction. (If you hit a paywall, try googling the quote.)

The Boston Globe’s Dugan Arnett noted that There have been, over the past few months, election-inspired podcasts and election-inspired performance art, election-inspired Twitter parody accounts and election-inspired fan fiction.

For The Franklin News, Christina Ramey wrote If you look at them closely, sports fandoms and TV show fandoms are not as different as you may think. Both consist of a large group of people who share a common interest or love for something that, to them, is very enjoyable to watch. Sports teams have their fantasy football leagues, talk shows and ESPN to satisfy them. Fandoms have fan-run Instagram accounts, fan art, fan fiction and conventions to satisfy them.

In a review of a recent comedy show for Washington Free Beacon, Blake Seitz wrote The emcee’s opening riff set the tone. She had been “raised pretty religious” in a Christian household, she told us, but fell away from the faith and now couldn’t understand why so many people wanted to use the Bible—”the best-selling fan fiction in history”—to take away her rights as a “queer” and “really big feminist” who also “hates kids.”

Finally, according to Daily Dot’s Gavia Baker-Whitelaw, Some of the best writing about the 2016 election was fanfiction.
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Washington Post theater critic Peter Marks wrote Costume meetups like Comic-Con are, in a fundamental sense, efforts to satisfy the modern craving for endless juvenile escape, a Perpetual Halloween, and the online explosion of another enthusiast’s delight — fan fiction — signals an urge to coexist nostalgically in the same space forever with the fictional object of one’s affections.

In 'Prince Harry, Meghan Markle spotted together at Toronto Halloween party, spies say' for The Hamilton Spectator, Shinan Govani wrote In terms of fan fiction, there was more than enough: World's Most Eligible Bachelor meets slightly older, biracial, Pippa-lookalike divorcee who can make a mean Ina Garten chicken (it's true!), has done humanitarian work in Africa (just like Harry!), began her career as a briefcase model (Deal or No Deal!) and once toiled as a professional calligrapher (what's not to like about a gal with Grade-A cursive skills?).

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From The Week: On Monday's Daily Show, Trevor Noah ran with that and created post-apocalyptic fan-fiction about the end of President Trump's first term.

In 'New York Comedy Troupe 'Blogologues' Perform #NastyWoman And #TrumpBookReport Tweets Tonight' for Forbes, Dana Feldman wrote Bits plucked from the internet and brought to life in the show include Craigslist Missed Connections, Yelp reviews, Tinder, OK Cupid profiles, fan fiction, Twitter, Tumblr and of course, Trump vs. Clinton.

The Simmons Voice’s Kaydee Donohoo wrote Don’t believe me that the semester is even worse than I’m imagining? Yes, you can point to the stressful things that you’ve been doing. What about the fun things that you’ve stopped doing? Realize how your lack of free time has taken some of the color out of your schedule. Used to write fan fiction? When was the last time you opened up a word doc for fun? When was the last time you watched something without feeling so guilty you didn’t even enjoy it?

Finally, in 'Strange origins of Frankenstein the creature and the book about him' for The Australian Financial Review, Frances Wilson wrote The similarities between Rowling and Shelley extend no further than the backstory. Despite the wilderness that is Harry Potter fan fiction, Rowling has held fast to her authorial control and kept her many-headed Cerberus on a leash. Unprotected by copyright, Shelley saw none of the profits when, five years after her book was published, a dramatisation by Richard Brinsley Peake called Presumption: or, The Fate of Frankenstein, kick-started the Frankenstein industry.
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A number of celebrity media sources, including Gabrielle Chung on Celebuzz, discussed What Zayn Malik Thinks of One Direction Fanfiction. Singer Zayn Malik found reading One Direction fan fiction to be "unnerving", but says he enjoys fan art (The New Indian Express).

In a review of '"Six Swans," a clever mixture of Drake’s Six God nickname and Sufjan’s "Seven Swans" album' for Eagle News, Luke Janke wrote Along with the album, the Tumblr user also wrote a 20-part fan fiction series featuring the two artists’ budding romance and has also made a fan video of Stevens and Drake getting married at the Canadian border with Beyoncé and Rihanna in attendance.

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In a review of Jack Reacher: Never Go Back for The Weekender, Mike Sullivan wrote This unwanted sequel is like bad Jack Ryan fan-fiction written by your father’s drinking buddy after he hit his head on the curb.

The Guardian’s Claire Armitstead interviewed Naomi Alderman: After university she briefly worked as a PA at a children’s publisher, then talked her way into a job editing publications for an international law firm, which sent her to its New York office. There she became involved in fan fiction, after receiving "a call from God" to attend a Buffy the Vampire Slayer conference in Nashville, Tennessee, "which changed my life by making me think of this show I loved in new, critical, ways."

McPherson Sentinel’s Patricia Middleton profiled local author Alyson Holman, who gained experience writing one chapter at a time when she wrote stories for Fanfiction.net, focusing on her favorite characters from "Sherlock," "Thor," "Avengers" and "Stargate: Atlantis."

In 'Daisy Ridley responds to Rey being called a 'Mary Sue'' for Entertainment Weekly, Devan Coggan wrote The term has its roots in fan fiction, where it’s usually used to describe a character that’s just thinly-veiled wish fulfillment, or the author inserting a perfect version of themself into a world they love.

Finally, from Kevin Harley on GamesRadar: Is it just me, or should we stop using 'fan fiction' as a catch-all putdown?
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In 'What's The Point of LGBT Literature?' for University Times, Lauren Guy wrote Though our society is growing ever more liberal, with Tumblr pages dedicated to Sherlock fanfiction and representations of queer communities now becoming mainstream, being an out member of the LGBT community is a long way away from a safe position to hold.

In a review of Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, The Ithican’s Jake Leary wrote It seems as though screenwriter Jane Goldman is writing a tedious X-Men fan fiction, which isn’t surprising considering her previous work includes the vastly superior “X-Men: First Class” and “X-Men: Days of Future Past.”

Manila Bulletin’s Angelo G. Garcia profiled Anna Todd, Fan fiction writer turned published author [who] shares how her love for books and boy bands started her career in publishing.

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Christian Science Monitor’s Zhai Yun Tan wrote that Copyright issues over famous film franchises can be a touchy issue, especially when increasingly large-production fan fiction intersects with studio-produced blockbusters.

For Teen Vogue, Lauren Duca wrote that Less than half of this country is being provided with adequate sex ed, and more than half of them are exposed to a mix of facts and biological fan fiction.

In 'Twitter has a negative vibe and a nebulous purpose - no wonder nobody wants to buy it' for The Telegraph, James Quinn wrote It has also enhanced our awareness of the banal. From the dissemination of some questionable fan fiction surrounding a fictitious love affair between two of the members of One Direction to endless Gifs (that’s a hard G, for those not in the know) of Ed Balls’ dancing the Paso Doble dressed as a medieval knight, Twitter comes into its own when it is able to pass comment on the simply bizarre.

From David Kluft on JD Supra: 10 Copyright Cases Every Fan Fiction Writer Should Know About.

From Bilge Ebiri in LA Weekly: Lesbian Pickpocket Fan-Fic: Park Chan-wook on His Lush Adaptation The Handmaiden.

Finally, in a piece for Press Herald, Michael Berry reported that short story author Charlie Jane Anders referred to her adaptation of "The Mouse, the Bird and the Sausage" as basically 'Adventure Time' fanfic.
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From a The Swanee Purple (University of the South) piece by Frances Marion Givhan on a recent '"Litter"ature'-focused gathering: The members of the Writing House requested that attendants bring a piece of badly written literature to read, which ended up including excerpts from fanfiction, poetry, and one particular shampoo bottle.

In 'Quit Calling Them My "Internet" Friends' for GOOD Magazine, Tasbeeh Herwees wrote my parents prohibited me from MySpace, monitored my AIM chats, supervised my NeoPets accounts. But this didn’t stop me from posting Green Day-inspired political poetry to my FictionPress page or penning short stories about Harry Potter for FanFiction.net under an anonymous screenname (LibyanPrincess92, if you must know).

In 'Examining Celebrities in the Age of Internet,' Washington Square News’s Hailey Nuthals wrote Facts, fanfiction and speculation are all compiled to form the most complete portrait possible of their favorite celebrities in 2016.

From Nathan Smith in Knoxville Mercury: Backward ‘Slash’: Coming-of-Age Flick Offers a Half-Hearted Defense of Fan Fiction.

In a piece about really, really, really being into Lost, Chris Silvini noted that the show premiered back in the days where downloading shows was in its infancy and the idea of streaming seemed like something ripped from the pages of Star Trek fan-fiction.

For The Weekender, Mike Sullivan wrote that Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children is Based on a gimmicky Ransom Riggs young adult novel that tied eerie Victorian photographs into a story that played like a barely reworked first draft of a Steam Punk/X-Men fanfiction novella.

Check, Please!, Demi Lovato, James Bond, Pitch Perfect, Southside With You, Heartland, Twilight, Cursed Child )

Sequim Gazette Reporter’s Matthew Nash wrote that local author Calinda B.’s "Meeting With My Maker" a paranormal romance, comes out Oct. 24 online with preorders available at Amazon or Barnes and Noble. Her science fiction tale "Night Whispers" comes out Dec. 2 online, too. Her Kindle World Book "A Twist of Love," a romance fan-fiction based on Melissa Foster's "The Remingtons" series, also comes out this year on Amazon.

In a profile of author E.K. Johnston for Waterlo Region Record, Jeff Hicks shared that The Laurier-schooled forensic archeologist had many occupations while she honed her writing craft with a slew of fan fiction projects over the last 15 years.

Been wondering what happened with ClintonKaine.com? According to CNET’s Laura Hautala, The former fan fiction site no longer features a cartoon portraying Hillary Clinton as a wizard much like Harry Potter. Instead, you'll find links to news stories and commentary that criticize and critique the Democratic presidential candidate.

Finally, in 'Margaret Atwood explains why she rewrote Shakespeare' for The Globe and Mail, J. Kelly Nestruck wrote In Hag-seed, the prisoner-actors offer up a series of possible aftermaths to The Tempest – a succession of chapters I suggest reads like Shakespeare fan-fic. "Of course, much of what we think of as classical literature is fanfic," Atwood notes, quite correctly. "We have the Iliad. We have Chaucer’s Troilus and Cressida. And then we have Shakespeare’s Troilus and Cressida."
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From Ram Sarangan in The Indian Express: Fanfiction: A billion-word phenomenon.

According to The Frisky’s Kelly Kanayama, Romance fanfiction about Rihanna and the French president is now a thing that exists.

For Financial Times, Matt Trueman wrote By grouping plays by their extremities, in-yer-face theatre risks reducing them to the shocks they spring. They start to sound like warped Friends fan-fiction: The One Where Someone Shits Onstage, The One With the Cannibalised Baby.

For The Inquisitr, Chanel Adams explored How Taylor Swift’s Love Life Has Turned Into Fanfiction. And, for Vanity Fair, Kenzie Bryant wrote Of course, if you ask Swift and Hiddleston, or Styles and Tomlinson (and somebody did), they would say that it’s not harmless; that it disrupts their lives. But for the majority of people, it’s ultimately a way to get more bang for your buck out of your stars—a fan fiction that involves a really good twist and a never-ending thread—at a minimal cost.

Wonder Woman, Sherlock, Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, Doc Martin, Hamilton, A Chinese Odyssey Part Three, Antonin Scalia, Star Wars, Cursed Child,  )

In a piece about what it’s like to have a winning football team – a VERY winning football team – for The Specturm (North Dakota State University), Benjamin Norman wrote It’s as if God decided to write some fan-fiction about some nobodies at NDSU, and then published it for craps and laughs.

For The Film Stage, Mike Mazzanti reported that Fan Fiction is Brought Vividly to Life in Trailer for SXSW Hit ‘Slash’.

In ‘Being a young obsessed fan once is part of who you are now’ for Herald Sun, Alice Clarke wrote I can’t imagine what it would have been like in the days when Star Trek fans were exchanging printed magazines of fan fiction.

Wired’s Clive Thompson wrote if you really want to explode the possibilities of a mode of communication, you have to make it easier for amateurs to get in. There are more of them, and they have the time to try crazy stuff. When scientists and researchers created the web, many of them figured it would be for formal, professional communication. Then GeoCities came along, and everyday people barged online—creating sites for bands and fan fiction and diaries. They paved the path for blogging.

Christine Laskodi listed 11 TV SlashFic 'Ships That Never Sailed for TV Fanatic.

From The Federalist’s David Harsanyi, regarding last week’s POTUS debate: I don’t care if [Lester] Holt writes Ronald Reagan fanfic in his spare time, he consistently let Hillary off the hook.

Finally, in ‘A "Harry Potter" religion? Count us out’ for Indiana Daily Student, the Editorial Board reminded readers that Fan fiction fills the Internet, hundreds of thousands traverse The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios and many waited in line at midnight release party when Rowling contributed to a spinoff play in July, “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child,” then went on to pan some podcast for being boring.


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